Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Detour Productions

Fall 2016  

Position: Detour Film Productions Office Intern
Student: English Sophomore

This semester I interned with Detour Filmproductions. This internship is run under the famous actor, director and writer, Richard Linklater. This company is his personal production company within Austin Film Society. This internship is a great place to start for aspiring film or television writers, directors or producers.

Here is a day in the life of my internship experience. I am the only intern scheduled from Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm. I come in and sit at the main desk by the entrance. Kirsten is the intern supervisor so she usually gives you something to do during your shift. Since she’s been away with Linklater filming his new feature film, the interns communicate with each other about things that Kirsten has instructed us to do.

Our jobs as interns are to take care of the small details so that the “big fish” do not have to worry about them. So since the crew has been gone, every week I mail off a package with the accumulation of mail throughout the week. We interns, pick up mail, make deposits, and make sure the office is in tiptop shape for the other crewmembers that are helping with the project.

On a slow day, I do homework and if I’m lucky I’ll answer a few calls that come to the office. It is essential that you have a car when interning here because there will be some days where Kirsten will send you to pick up supplies for the office and other menial tasks that require reliable transportation. 

This internship is a great experience and is a good way to network, which is a huge part of this business.  You get a chance to read scripts and get familiar with filmmaking. By having the right attitude and mindset, this internship would be very beneficial to the aspiring filmmaker. 

Summer 2016 

Position: General Staff Assistant
Student: Sociology Senior

Detour Filmproduction is located on the north eastern side of Austin at, what used to be a runway for the old Austin Airport. Now, the area houses multiple trailers and portable offices. Most of the offices are related to the entertainment industry in Austin, such as the video game company Rooster Teeth or the Austin Film Society. Detour’s office is small and compact. Most of the time, there are only 2-3 people here. The company is run by it’s only two official employees: director, Richard Linklater, and his assistant, Kirsten McMurray. There is also an extra room containing a full editing suite that is often times rented out to local editors.
The job title of my internship was “General Staff Assistant.” Throughout the entire day, I would sit by the entrance at the front desk and answer the phones. Every phone call that would come into Detour would pass through me first. It was my job to direct the call to the appropriate party or take a message. My other job was to keep the office clean and, occasionally, do dishes. The most important role that the intern plays is in keeping a general presence within the office. By succeeding in this allows Richard and Kirsten to better focus on their own tasks. In between answering the phone and cleaning, I would read scripts and provide coverage in the form of a plot, synopsis, and logline. In addition to this, I also run errands to pick up mail downtown or drop packages off with Fedex.

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