Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Environment Texas

Spring 2016 

Position: Policy Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior

This semester I served as a policy intern for Environment Texas, the Texas state chapter of Environment America, a non-profit environmental advocacy group. I worked closely with the state director and deputy director Luke Metzger and Sara Smith, respectively, and received assignments from both. I also participated in conference calls with other chapters of Environment America, as well as, coalition meetings with other environmental and public advocacy groups.

My workload at Environment Texas consisted of synthesizing research, attending coalition meetings with other organizations, creating content for Environment Texas’ website and intra-coalitional memos, and collating contacts for an inter-organizational database. The work was primarily self-paced and I was, for the most part, allowed to select the campaigns and issues that I worked on. Sara and Luke also gave me latitude in determining what role I could take in those campaigns whether that was organizing, research, or public outreach.  For this semester I worked on hydraulic fracturing, climate change, and water issues across Texas; on those issues I wrote informal responses to amicus briefs, submitted comments on EPA and state proposed rules, and propose regulation to be forwarded by our coalition of public interest groups.  

While all of that may sound like boring office work there were plenty of opportunities to get out of the office: over the course of my semester I was able to attend several press conferences in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. I also frequented the capital to deliver letters or packages and use the Congressional reference library. We often attended meetings at other offices downtown including Public Citizens and Sierra Club. I worked fifteen hours a week over three days. Environment Texas holds office hours nine to five and Sara and Luke were flexible about the times I could come in to work.

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