Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2017

Position: Marketing Intern position
Student: Rhetoric & writing Junior

Content Marketing Interns are responsible for assisting with social media assignments, like posting on their accounts or helping with minor graphics. You make calls to try to get businesses to subscribe with FloSports so they can show live events at their location. You can assist with their website, like proof reading and making sure all links work. Content marketing is a very broad title. You do whatever you have skills in or rather be doing. If you like to talk to people, they will probably have you going to events and talking to people to get them to subscribe to FloSports. If you like designing, they can have you assisting on graphics for different verticals and their social media accounts. If you like writing, they can have you writing posts for their website or social media accounts, or helping with creative ways to say things in their emails that would draw people in and make them want to subscribe to watch a certain event. Whatever you want to do they can find something for you to do that will go well with what you are learning in school.

You can expect to be showing up at their headquarters or any of their other locations and talk with you point person. The point person is the person who will be giving you assignments to do. They are also the person you go to for any questions you may have. They are not strict on you always being on time or having to be their every single day. Everybody talks mostly through email. The deadlines are not crazy unless they tell you they absolutely need it asap. You can find yourself getting you worked checked and commented on via email by multiple people before they use your stuff for publication. Their feedback is not harsh but rather straight forward, which you should be able to take criticism well anyway.

Part II: What I have learned about the type of work environment that FloSports have is how they have a very chill and fun environment. However, at the same time, they are really working and getting stuff done. So, even though you may see them yelling at the TV or tossing a football around here and there you can see them sitting back down and putting that football down a couple of minutes later to get their assignments done. I definitely like the fact that you can wear sweats to this job and it seems acceptable because you are working with a bunch of formal athletes. You can still see their other talent and how smart these people are when they get on these assignments and come up with unique ideas and strategies. I am sure not every workplace is like this but it is cool to know how you can embrace all the fun things going on around you and keep yourself entertained and still handle your business. I think that kind of job setting is the best because you know you can go to work and not be bored out of your mind the entire time. That has definitely helped me realize how I would like to work in a setting like that. I do not want to be bored the entire time because you tend to not do as good on assignments when it is like that.

FloSports are having more locations built in Austin, but considering how the two locations I work between now, they are going to keep the same entertaining surroundings. At their headquarters they have a workout area and TVs where they watch live events; at the ATX factory location they have a game room area where you can play ping pong, watch TV, or sit in the massage chairs (which I personally love). So, I definitely see why places like Google have that entertainment in their workplace, you tend to be more willing to do better work when you are not bored out of your mind and running to social media to remain sane.

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