Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

HillCo Partners

Fall 2017

Position: Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

A “Day in the life,” at Hillco partners is very unpredictable, which makes it much more interesting in my opinion. At Hillco partners, you are provided with a free parking spot, which I have come to find out that not all internships offer this. You may have to walk a block or two to work, but free parking is free parking. This internship provides you with very ample supervision, but does not make you feel like you are being babysat. Your two supervisors will be located in the two offices right next to the intern office, which makes it very convenient. There are some common responsibilities that interns are expected to always take care of. Interns are expected to keep both kitchens nice and tidy, as well as keeping up with the dishwasher and making sure the sinks are kept empty of dishes. We also oversee the restocking the drink refrigerator and the snack cabinets. We also are in charge of making sure both conference rooms are clean and ready daily as well as making sure the work room is also clean. The most important thing in the work room is to make sure there is plenty of copy paper available. Those are the day to day things that always happens, but as for the rest, it is very unpredictable. One day you might be working on some sort of project for a partner, and the next day you might be running errands in your car or going to the capitol. Some days you might be sent to a live meeting to take notes, or asked to watch a live meeting online and do the same. This internship has unexpected twists and turns, and I really enjoyed that aspect of it. I am a person who likes routine, and this took me out of my comfort zones a lot of times helping me to be more comfortable in situations that I would rather not be in. One thing I realized while working here is that people notice more of you than you think and the people in the office do talk about you. So, if you aren’t putting your best foot forward here the entire office will eventually have the same feeling about you, so make everything you do the best you can do it.

Spring 2017  

Position: Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Junior

A day in the life of being an intern at Hillco Partners can really vary depending on the day. Hillco Partners is located at 9th and Congress, and they do provide you a free parking spot. You might have to walk a couple of blocks, but free parking is free parking. You will also have your own email that I have connected on my phone. A lot of times I will have received emails with projects that are waiting for me before I get to work. But, as for day to day routine, things can really vary depending on the day. There are some days where I don’t even get a chance to sit down because I am running errands for different people in the office. From running to the Capitol, to running errands in your car, there usually are a lot of different types of errands to run depending on the day. Your everyday responsibilities include multiple little tasks. It is expected that the kitchen refrigerator is always fully stocked with coke products and water. It is also expected that the dishes and the dish washer be kept up so that there are no dirty dishes visible, and so the dishes are taken out and put away in a timely manner. Interns are also responsible for keeping the work room organized and cleaned, the most important thing in the work room is to make sure the copier is always full of paper. There are also other tasks that you will be assigned here and there that require a more focused type of work. I have enjoyed this internship because it is a little unpredictable, which keeps it a little more interesting. There are definitely times when it has been a little repetitive, but there is usually something going on to liven then week up. The most important thing I try to do is keep the executive assistants in the office happy. They are truly the ones who can make or break this experience. They can either talk highly of you or talk about how they do not care for you. Their opinions make a very big difference and the other people in the office trust their opinions. No matter how ridiculous you might think the task is, always do it with a smile. Your time at Hillco Partners will be a truly positive experience you remember this.


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