Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2017

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Anthropology Junior

Insitome was a very atypical internship opportunity. As a start up in its infant stages of production, there was no formal job listing. There was very little information on their website, so I simply contacted the company information email requesting more information and offered my services as an undergraduate student in Anthropology who happened to be here for the summer with no plans other than coursework. From what I could tell, the past work of the CEO seemed very relevant to my degree, and within a few days, I got an email back directly from the CEO, Dr. Spencer Wells, requesting a resume.

In addition to the world famous population geneticist Spencer Wells, the company includes a small team of scientists and developers. Insitome is a consumer genomics experience designed to provide customers with personalized stories about their traits and DNA. From ancestry to metabolism, one saliva sample can tell you endless information about the history of your DNA as well as mankind’s. On paper, this may not seem like the work for an anthropologist. One of the most important components of the platform, however, is the historical content, and that’s where I come in. With academic knowledge of the history and evolution of humanity as well as my pragmatic communication skills, I have spent the last few months directly contributing to the writing and editing of the application content and trait stories. In such a small office environment, my supervisors allowed me to explore and create in any area of production of my choosing. If you’re exploring still unsure of your technical interests, I’d recommend a small office or a start up to allow yourself to explore several interests at once.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence in business interactions as well as social interactions as well over the course of this internship. Moral of the story: just go for it. Career fairs, while great for gaining networking experience, do not always have the highest success rates for hiring. While people may say, “it’s all about who you know”, but it’s also about how you present yourself and the opportunities you take.

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