Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Internal Revenue Service

Spring 2016 

Position: Criminal Investigation Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My typical day at the IRS office is pretty similar every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I start off each morning by arriving at the office at 8:30 and get settled by organizing my desk and sorting and responding to any emails that I may have. Around 9:00 I check the mail and distribute it. By 9:30 I start my rounds seeing if any of the agents have any projects for me to complete. Usually by 10:00 I will have all of the projects for the day, I prioritize them by the most important and which ones will get done quickest and which ones will take more than one week to complete. Usually all of my projects consist of downloading information from databases that different banking institutions send on CD’s.

The IRS computers do not allow these applications to be installed so I usually go down to the Task Force room for a couple of hours and sort through data and print whatever I think is necessary for the case. This includes printing pictures of deposit statements, money orders, and checks. After I complete all of the printing and sorting of the different bank accounts I head back upstairs and organize all of the paperwork into folders and file them into my desk.

I usually take my 30 minute lunch after I complete my work in the task force room which ranges anytime between 11:30 am- 12:30 pm. After lunch I go to the USDA office to pick up any paperwork from the attorneys that are working on criminal investigation cases. Once I return to my desk I recheck my emails and then start going over the print outs from the bank accounts I had previously filed away, I then create detailed spreadsheets of each of the accounts containing all of the credits and debits and notate any suspicious activity that I may see. After creating all of the spreadsheets I upload them onto database where the agents can easily access the information and examine the spending patterns. My day then ends at 4:30 after I send in all of my compiled data to each agent concerning their respective case.

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