Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Law Office of Vi Nanthaveth

Spring 2015 

Position: Legal Intern
Student: IRG and Government Senior  

My internship was working for an immigration attorney in Austin. She runs a solo law firm so this allowed the internship to be very hands on. When you first come in in the morning you will check the voicemails and faxes from the evening before. You will then begin calling potential clients to schedule consultations. This is essential as this is how we bring business in to the firm. You will also collect the mail, scan documents to the attorney, and add appointments to the calendar.

At the beginning of your internship, the attorney will leave you assignments. This will range from filling out documents to calling clients for updates on their cases. As time goes on you will become more comfortable and able to discern what needs to be done without specific assignments. Other duties may include calling various government agencies, most commonly United States Citizen and Immigration Services or the National Visa Center. This requires practice and you will eventually become much more confident in dealing with representatives of these agencies.

Aside from working in the office, you will also have a chance for mentorship with the attorney. She often takes interns to lunch where you will get to know her better. You are also able to ask her about any of the cases and let her know what you are interested in. This leads to opportunities for you to work more in your area of interest and gain valuable experience.

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