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Summer 2019

Position: Growth Marketing Intern
Student: Psychology Senior

MealPal is a lunch subscription platform that offers its subscribers lunch for less than $6. There are two subscription plans for lunch; subscribers can buy either a twelve pack of meals or a twenty pack of meals to use throughout a thirty-day cycle. Restaurants on the platform choose a signature dish to provide each day to their users. Lunches are not customizable, but this is how MealPal is able to keep costs so low for their customers. In return, customers are able to skip the line at the restaurant and be back at their office within minutes.

As a growth marketing intern, you will be tasked with growing the local market through a variety of marketing techniques, including distributing printed marketing materials and hosting “lunch and learns” at various offices throughout the city. Because the platform is disruptive in nature, lunch and learns are one of the best ways the company is able to educate consumers on what MealPal is and how it works. Interns bring free lunch from our partners to these companies around the city and give a five-minute presentation explaining MealPal. At the end of the event, participants are offered 50% off of their first month. In addition to hosting daily lunch and learns, interns will experiment with other marketing channels. As a team, you will think of and execute other means of growing the user base, and test and track the performance of these tactics to decide which ones work best.

Growth marketing interns are also tasked with being liaisons between restaurant partners and the MealPal headquarters. Every week, you will be given a group of restaurants within walking distance of each other. During these restaurant visits, you will test out the MealPal software to ensure correct function, and you will note any issues or complaints from the restaurant owners and workers. After completing these visits, all responses will be recorded into a master document and relayed back to the Partners Team. This internship will help grow your public speaking, team working, leadership, and time management skills. In addition, this start-up environment will help expose you to the fast-paced environment of the tech industry.

Position: Growth Marketing Intern
Student: Human Dimensions of Organization Junior

Working for the start-up MealPal was one of the most interesting and unique internships I’ve ever come across. When I was interviewing for the internship, it was described to me that in the beginning we would be handing out flyers, but as it progressed we would stop and move on to larger more important duties, like planning work events and lunch and learns. Then eventually we would even lead and present the MealPal pitch to other companies. This was true to an extent, but I feel it needs to be known that all of those elements I just described soon all happened within one day. It sure enough became the daily routine.  We would have to flyer in the early morning, plan the lunch and learn mid-morning, and then go to other companies and present MealPal to them at lunch time. After all of that we would have meetings or start prepping for the next day’s activities.

A typical day in the life at MealPal for me was one that was long and strenuous, but also very fun and exciting. We start out by arriving at 7:30 am, but for some even early, because we all had clock- in at 7:30, leave our desks, and take our flyers out to the most popular subway stops in New York City for the morning rush hour. We split up into four or so teams and all spread out across New York with 200 flyers per person, each having our own individual discount code on them. We were all in competition with each other, all trying to get the most ‘subs’ (subscribers) in a day. After flyering until 9:45 we would all head back to the office and start working on our lunch and learns for the day. We had an intern planning document where our boss, Sarah, wrote out our day in an excel doc. On a typical day I might be leading or assisting in a lunch and learn. For example, one day we got to host a lunch and learn at Rebecca Minkoff, it was very exciting for me personally. The way it works is that you communicate with someone in their office offering a free lunch, they then give you the okay, time, and date of when MealPal can come. We then pick up numerous amounts of food from at least three restaurants on MealPal. Then come bring the food to the office, give a short pitch/presentation of MealPal then let them eat and sign up! It is a lot of fun doing these because you get to explore New York and get to see a variety of different offices and work environments. After that we typically are then on our own to get our pre-paid MealPal lunches that we’ve ordered and then head back to the MealPal headquarters for more flyer printing, and next day MealPal lunch and Learn prepping. It is nice because since we have such an exhausting early morning we are released at 4pm every day.



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