Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2015 

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Economics Senior

MEDA has been the perfect place for me to experience a real corporate internship. I have continued to learn and grow exponentially with every week here, from the first one reading about the products, to the last one, when I made my final presentation.

Even when I started just grasping information about the products and the specific regulations to the pharmaceutical industry, I attended various status calls for different product campaigns, so that made up what could be called a regular day in my internship. As my expertise in the field increased and I started getting assigned bigger projects, these status calls stopped being just “new” meetings to fill a day and sometimes even seemed to be time obstacles getting in the way of the bigger projects.

However, this was only a good sign that I was getting busier in my role, and the flexibility of the work environment allowed me, just like any other employee, to prioritize my duties per my own criteria. Even for somebody who already had good time management and prioritization skills from college, this first-hand corporate experience in MEDA was extremely valuable in that regard as well.

Another somewhat routine activity was the Friday respiratory team meeting. This is where all members of the marketing department for the respiratory products would touch base on their different projects with the director. As the weeks went by, I would see myself discussing bigger projects, like the creative design of a customer relationship system, for example, or the product resource database that I built in my last weeks. For all of these, I would get huge support by all my coworkers and supervisors.

If there is something about MEDA that always stood out to me, it was the people. While my process of learning and getting more important tasks over time went quite smooth, my adaptation to the team was almost immediate. The people in the marketing department made me feel comfortable in my workplace from day one, and that I think is a very unique asset that the company showcased this summer.

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