Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Northwestern Mutual

Spring 2018

Position: Financial Representative Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Before being officially hired, interns are asked to reach out to people in their lives about their personal experiences with financial planning and learn from them about their view of the industry. In addition to these 5 meetings, interns are required to build a list of about 100 prospective clients or other people that could help introduce you to future prospects. Hired interns are then put through a week-long training program; a course on insurance products, financial utilities and Northwestern Mutual philosophies. Before officially becoming a financial representative for Northwestern, you must become a licensed agent with the State of Texas. The General Lines Licensing Exam isn’t difficult but requires a lot of studying for about 3 days leading up to the exam.

Working at Northwestern Mutual is not stressful or overly demanding because you are able to build your business on your own terms. Mentors have expectations about your activity level however, including: how many phone calls you make, meetings you keep and prospects you obtain from meetings. The expectation is that just have a conversation with people close to you to practice prospecting them and listening to their goals. Eventually you will need to invite prospects to the office for a meeting where you sit and listen during the meeting with a veteran agent. The joint work partners will handle all the first meetings until you feel comfortable running some of them. If the prospective client decides that they are interested in a policy, the joint work partner will initiate underwriting and a you two will split the commission if everything goes smoothly.

Fall 2017

Position: Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Northwestern prides itself in having an internship program that ranks top 10 in the United States. They guide and motivate interns to manage their time, build their own business, and mold into responsible working adults. After three interviews, hired interns are put through a week-long training program; a crash course on the world of wealth accumulation and financial utilities. Before officially being a financial representative for Northwestern, everyone must be a licensed agent. Northwestern’s crash course as well as their variety of study resources will have you well prepared to take your General Lines Licensing exam. 

After these preliminary steps, interns are on their way to becoming successful financial representatives. They earn commissions and a two-hundred-dollar stipend twice a month ($400 a month) upon attending two development meetings a week. Development meetings are biweekly meetings that take place in the office; these times and days are set based on the schedule of all the interns. If you are unable to attend, you may join in over the phone or you may watch the recording of the meetings and give proof of watching.

The commission earned is based off of your activity as a financial representative. By all means they do NOT expect you to be an expert financial representative immediately or even during the course of your internship, and you are encouraged to build your own business on your own terms. At first you are expected to just have conversation with people close to you to practice representing them; once you feel comfortable enough to make moves as a representative you can invite them to the office for a meeting where you sit and shadow a meeting with a veteran agent and the prospective client. Your job at this point is done, the veteran agent will take the reigns. If the prospective client decides on a policy, you and your co-rep will spit the commission on that policy.  


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