Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Perception Software

Spring 2016 

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

A day in the life of my internship is coming to work and seeing friendly, familiar faces there that all want you to succeed. Each person in the office with a wealth of knowledge that is just waiting to be tapped. I think the best part of my internship was the mentoring that I received. When I felt lost, I could ask questions. When I started things on my own, I could get affirmation. And when I did well, I received praise for my hard work. I never felt attacked by anyone and anytime there was reprimanding needed, it was done cordially and privately, towards the act and not the person.

Each day I come in having some idea what I need to get done that day. From there I check my emails and begin to prioritize my tasks. I quickly finish simple menial tasks as in updating our WordPress plugins or automating an email just so I can feel like I’ve begun my day. Then comes the writing. I write a lot of things throughout the day like emails, blog posts, social media posts, white pages, data sheets and much more. There will always be multiple drafts. I don’t think there is anyone who writes that would be satisfied with their first draft. I send my drafts around the office to certain domain experts there to make sure everything checks out and then we’re good to blast it.

sometimes we have meetings, which means things are happening around the office. Other times meetings are set between a group of people I’m working with and these are the best. I always get to talk about pertinent issues within the project with my coworkers.

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