Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2019

Position: Software Engineer Intern
Student: Asian Cultures and Languages & Advertising Senior

This fall I worked on various projects on Pingboard Org Chars web app. This app helps companies manage their employee information, corporate structure with a tree-like org chart, and sharing out-of-office statuses with ease. It is built with React, ES6 an Ruby on Rails.

I worked on several small bug fixes, features in mainly the frontend part. Two big projects are: implementing a homepage redesigning that lists all hiring roles in the company and handles expired session tokens by renewing tokens silently in the background for the user. 

The homepage redesign project is more product-based. I volunteered to implement API endpoints that lists all hiring roles. I referred to other backend codes and learned recursive SQL commands. Hiring roles are organized in a tree-like org chart structure so extracting them with associated departments is quite tricky. I wired everything up in Rails. For the frontend, I redesigned several components and implemented calling backend API at the proper timing. I spent quite a lot of time on improving accessibility, responsiveness and compatibility. 

The other project is more technical based. I need to catch 401 errors on API response, sending renew token request and resent all failure requests. I used a promise to let all failed requests wait to renew token request. In this way, I made sure that the code will only send renew token requests once when catching multiple 401 errors. 

The development process is like this, as a developer, I'll pick up a Trello card created by the product managers and familiarize myself with related knowledge. Sometimes, Ill go to the product managers for clarification. I'll then start on implementing this. After that, I'll write tests if possible. Then I'll create pull request on Github and ask other developers to do a code review. I'll document what has changed and why, QA lists, open questions, etc. Other developers will make comments and I will make changes accordingly. 

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