Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

RBC Wealth Management

Fall 2017

Position: Financial Intern
Student: Economics Senior

A day in the life of Financial Intern at RBC Wealth Management begins with everyone’s favorite part of Austin: the traffic. A solid piece of advice I will begin with is to invest into a scooter or motorcycle that allows you to quickly navigate traffic as for the RBC office is in the heart of sixth street, just off Guadalupe. Once at the office, it is important to log-in to your computer quickly and to check your emails for the day, for not only is there important data regarding financial advice from corporate office, on Wednesdays and Fridays you will have a full day worth of missed emails as you only work three days a week including Monday. After catching up on the financial news, it is equally important to check the Bloomberg Terminal on your computer for financial news elsewise. These two tasks are of utmost importance, as your interactions with others in the office, clients on the phone, and your methodology in preparing and binding financial reports will all depend on your knowledge of this advice.

Daily duties around the office are extended to answering telephones from clients, preparing and binding financial reports and summaries for clients, filing reports and client papers, and guiding clients who stop by to their respective financial advisor. It is also expected that you complete a rigorous onslaught of courses related to financial training, primarily KYC (know your customer) regulations. In totality, the workload as a financial intern at RBC Wealth Management is more than manageable and you are provided with time to work on your school work as well. You will gain a great deal of experience and insight into the daily lives of not only financial advisors, but financiers of all kinds via your emails, Bloomberg Terminal, and your interactions with visitors to the office who represent other companies.

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