Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Regarding Cancer

Fall 2017

Position: Cancer Intern
Student: Psychology Senior

Regarding: Cancer’s office is located in a building on the East side of Austin near the interstate highway. This is where meetings are usually held, and this is where interns will go if they need to have direct contact or discuss something urgent with Regarding: Cancer leadership. However, most of the work done for Regarding: Cancer is done remotely. The benefit of this internship is that since most of the work is done remotely, timing is usually pretty flexible and works well with your school schedule. There are occasional meetings in which you must go directly to the office, but for the most part it’s a great internship for students. Assignments and workloads are varied depending on the tasks you are given. For example, towards the beginning of the semester I was working on a volunteer manual and flyers, while towards the end of the semester I was working mainly on cancer inventories. My days looked quite different for both of those tasks. For the volunteer manual, I would carve out a piece of my day where I could just use the template and type for quite a while. For the cancer inventories, I would spend time researching the cancer for a while, understanding its causes and its treatments, how it was staged and why, and the various regions in which it could occur. The research often took much longer than the inventory itself. Once, all the information was in one place, it was relatively easy to put together the inventory. It was also important to check the inventory to make sure it was broad enough to cover all aspects of the cancer, but also specific enough to prevent it from providing helpful information. Thus, inventories took much longer, but the workload and the type of work does change from task to task. It also made the work more interesting and prevented it from becoming too repetitive.

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