Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2016  

Position: Customer Success Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

A RigUp internship is far different than any other internship I have ever had or heard of. As a RigUp intern you work hand in hand with the employees not beneath them. When you first arrive at work you will spend a few minutes getting settled at your desk. You are free to enjoy the breakfast tacos that are delivered daily or maybe you decide to grab a cup of coffee. Once you are properly fueled for the day you will jump right into the tasks for the day. Though there are days that special tasks will be given to you on a normal day you will be collecting or uploading compliance documents, managing all of the RFQ’s (Request For Quote), and fixing any problems that our customers may experience. When working on compliance interns call vendors and figure out who the best point of contact is and then make sure that they receive the document request and if necessary follow up with the vendors who have failed to upload the proper documents. Managing RFQ’s is what most of your time will be spent on. When an operator submits an RFQ they provide a list of vendors that they would like to receive pricing from. Initially interns must determine who at the individual companies will handle the RFQ. Once the RFQ begins to approach the submission due date interns call the person who are handling the RFQ and make sure that they are aware of the approaching deadline and make sure they did not have any problems or questions that would prevent them from submitting pricing. On top of these two things interns are constantly tasked with fixing any issues any of our users are having. Most of these problems are simple usability issues in which the user cannot figure out how to upload documents or pricing. RigUp interns are encouraged to examine the workflow and look for ways to increase functionality of our product.

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