Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Social Gear

Summer 2016 

Position: Marketing/Analysis Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship has two major part of responsibilities. First part is about marketing. Marketing is very interesting and it challenges me a lot. SocialGear is a company doing the business that combine Groupon, Facebook, and Twitter and lots of social media. You can find high quality and good deal for things to do around you. For marketing part, I need to go out and talk to different companies and sign the contract with them, let them sell their business, usually activities like archery, horseback riding through our website. As an international student, my English is not as good as native speaker. However, the more time I go out and talk to people, the more I get confidence with my English. There is also down part of this job, since we are not “big name” company, because SocialGear just started up a year ago, when new go out and talk to people, most of them are not interested at all. It takes lots of patience and times to maybe sign only contract with certain company. Some company will just deny you by saying “we do not need another way to sell our business”, or some company will ignore you. However, as more and more you talk to other companies, they slowly know that you are sincere and want to cooperate with them. Some of them will give a try and most of them stay with us after the trial contract.

Second part is my favorite part and this is also why SocialGear is a very unique company. When consumer sign up with our website, we have the right to access their basic information. Such as age, gender, and others. When they bought some tickets, or business through our company, we have their basic data. Later, if other companies want to ask data of their consumer, we offer free analyze report, including age distribution, gender percentage and more. And that is why most the company likes us, and stay with us after their trial contract finished. Also, it is very useful as economics major student to start to learn how to arrange large amount of data and how to write report about it.

In conclusion, I learned a great deal of having internship with this company.

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