Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce

Spring 2015 

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: Economics Junior

This past semester, I interned at Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce Headquarters. The office is located on West 6th. I liked this because it is very close to campus, yet in a very business professional part of the city. Going from a youthful, business professional setting, to campus made my days go by very quickly.

A typical day at my internship would go as follows: I would get to the office around 8a.m. Most of the people in the office don’t come in until 9 a.m., so it’s very quiet for the first hour of work. This was nice because it allowed me to get everything together before others came in. During that time I would make coffee, grab breakfast for a snack and read over my emails. I would follow up with any outstanding emails I had with SUSTA, customer service or people in the office.

Being Stubbs’ liaison with the Southern United States Trade Association resulted in me needing to be in constant contact with the accounting, sales, marketing team and international brokers. It was my job to contact each department to obtain necessary documentation for SUSTA expense reimbursements. I would typically need to be in constant contact with our brokers and international printers via e-mail and phone calls. My responsibilities for SUSTA were critical to its success. These tasks were difficult but rewarding.

After I took care of those responsibilities, I would then work on other tasks. These tasks would be uploading/altering website material or sending out vital trade show/demo materials. Some tasks would be as simple as counting and sending coupons, while others would be as complex as setting up, cooking, and organizing a recipe development photo shoot. For this position, you need to have extensive cooking experience. Most of the website editing I did concerned recipes. I needed to understand what sauces would work with what recipes, and then create these recipes for everyone to try.

My other responsibilities were in customer service. I took care of customer service phone calls. This is a very important and time consuming responsibility. I needed to have very extensive and accurate knowledge on the brand and every single product that Stubb’s sells. Dealing with the public is also something that one would want to take into accountbefore applying for an internship at Stubb’s.

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