Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Texas Athletics Sustainability Department

Fall 2019

Position: Sustainability Studetn Assistant 
Student: Government & Sustainability Studies

As Sustainability Student Assistant with the Texas Athletics Sustainability Department I helped work towards Texas Athletics’ goal of achieving zero waste at all athletics events by 2020. My main responsibilities were centered around game days. There were several shifts we would rotate through, each game we would have a different shift. Some had to do with getting trash out of the stadium and into the correct dumpster. Other shifts involved educating fans about sustainability and what they can do to help UT reach its zero waste goals as well as what they could do to live more sustainable lives.

The day following the football games, we host a “sort” where volunteers come and physically sort through the trash we collected from the football game the previous day. As a Sustainability Student Assistant, we were each responsible for a group of volunteers that we would oversee and assist. This meant signing them in and out, regulating their breaks, as well as sorting through the trash with them and answering questions about what goes into each waste stream (“does this shoe go in the recycling, compost, or landfill?”).

We also had the opportunity to come in and work in the office during the weekdays. We would either work on our own projects related to sustainability or we would help with administrative and logistical tasks, especially in preparation for game day. Examples of these tasks include updating the Texas Athletics Sustainability Department’s social media, working on producing reports outlining our waste diversion rates thus far, and drafting communication with other Athletics departments, the university, and our sponsors. During office hours we would also help work on recruiting and organizing volunteers for both game days and Sunday sorts.

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