Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2016 

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: IRG Sophomore

Uscriptives is a company that partners with physicians who endorse our brand and recommend our vitamin supplements to their patients. We are a national company that first and foremost believes in genuinely making our consumers feel better before we set out to profit from our products.

At the Uscriptives department of ZT Wealth, my day starts off at 10 AM. I am immediately greeted by my supervisor as I walk in. Afterwards, I usually work on projects that my supervisor assigns for me for about an hour. Projects I’ve worked on include designing social media campaigns for the company, reading over the company’s presentations to make sure that they are easy to understand, and researching market trends. Later, the company has a staff meeting at my supervisor’s office. We often discuss topics such as sales, work schedules, and sales meetings scheduled for the week. After the staff meeting, I usually find myself shadowing lunch and learn meetings at medical clinics with physicians. At these meetings, interns are encouraged to ask questions and engage in conversation with physicians. After lunch and learn meetings, my work day is usually over at 1 PM.

My responsibilities as an intern mainly revolve around observation and exposure. The main purpose of this internship is to introduce interns about how modern businesses operate. That being said, my responsibilities as an intern are to really understand what happens in the back end of a business by designing marketing campaigns, as well as observe what happens on the front end of a business by shadowing sales meetings.

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