Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

U.S. Department of Labor

Summer 2016 

Position: Student Legal Intern
Student: History Freshman

Intern with the U.S Department of Labor. Within that branch, I intern specifically with the agency known as the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP). What does my daily routine consist of? It depends on whether I’m upstairs working with the regional office or downstairs working with the district office. Anyway, no matter what floor I’m on for the week, usually have to be at my internship by 8-8:30 A.M. The internship itself lasts all day till about 4-4:30 P.M essentially 8 hours a day. I’m required to work three days of the week so, a grand total of around 24 hours each week. Most work about 95% of it is done on the computer. You walk in, say good morning to your supervisor, and turn your laptop on. First thing I do is check my work email to see if I got anything. A supervisor will then come and ask you to complete a project of some sort; it varies. Downstairs, it ranges from creating and implementing statistical data into PowerPoints (data reflects current goals for each quarter and expected goals by the end of the fiscal year) to more hands on work such as assisting the office secretary in setting up events. Though, most of your work downstairs is on the computer. Upstairs, work is mostly done on the computer as well. The works upstairs involves helping the Administrative Officer with requisitions, reconciliations, and simple acquisitions. Also help, the Program Manager by organizing and employee files for each district. You usually get an hour of for lunch. Then it’s back to work. All of the supervisors here are very understanding and flexible even if you aren’t finished with a project, and it’s time for you to leave, they will insist that you go home and pick up on it the following day. Very supportive work environment. Other co-workers are very nice and will not hesitate to help you even if it distracts them from their work for a few minutes. Overall a very great learning experience not only in office management, but in the field of federal government itself.

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