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Requesting Latino Studies Co-Sponsorship

About Co-Sponsorships: 

In addition to organizing events in collaboration with our campus and local community, Latino Studies at UT also believes in uplifting our partners’ efforts through financial co-sponsorships.

Latino Studies can provide funding support for an activity or event via an inter-departmental transfer of funds or through a University check. We place a high priority on co-sponsoring events that include an educational component and thatbenefit both the mission of Latino Studies, as well as the public mission of The University of Texas at Austin.

Because of past confusion, we’ve found it necessary to clarify that a co-sponsorship by definition means that Latino Studies isnotthe host of the event and can only contribute financial support. Unless otherwise agreed upon, co-sponsorships do not include staff or promotional support.

Reserve Venue Space:

Alternatively, you can request Latino Studies support in the form of venue space. While both Black Studies and Latino Studies use the multi-purpose space in the Gordon White Building for department events, it is occasionally available to reserve. If it’s space alone that you’re seeking and no financial support, you can email Luis Guevara at to inquire about the space’s availability.

Reviewing Requests: 

Latino Studies leadership meets monthly to review co-sponsorship requests, so please allow at least one month from the time of submission before inquiring about the status of your request.


  • Any student organization, department, or community entity may request an event co-sponsorship.
  • Requests that are solely for funding must be submitted at minimum five (5) weeks prior to the scheduled event or function.  
  • Room reservations do not require a form and may be requested directly to Luis Guevara at
  • Only complete requests will be considered and are subject to the administrative and accounting rules of The University of Texas at Austin. There is no guarantee that requests will be granted.

How to Apply: 

If you or your organization would like to seek a co-sponsorship from Latino Studies, please complete the Sponsorship Request Form.

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