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Welcome to LGBTQ Studies at UT!

Grayson and Lisa 2019

LGBTQ Studies Associate Director, Grayson Hunt (left) and Director, Lisa Moore (right).

Founded in 2017, LGBTQ Studies is a program of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies. LGBTQ Studies works in conjunction with organizations such as the Gender Sexuality Center, PEFSA (Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association), the President’s Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Initiatives, student LGBTQ groups, the Provost's Council on LGBTQ+ Access, Equity and Inclusion, and other campus and community partners. Our mission is to support teaching and learning about LGBTQ+ people and issues and to work towards a gender-inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly campus.

PEFSA (Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association)

African & African Diaspora Studies

Mexican American & Latina/o Studies

Native American Indigenous Studies