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The Linguistics department has the following resources and special projects:

The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America is an NSF- and NEH-funded project. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Joel Sherzer. Dr. Anthony Woodbury is the Co-Principal Investigator.

The Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA) is a constituent of the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies at UT. It promotes research on Latin American indigenous languages by and with speakers of those languages and their communities. It sponsors a bienniel Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America and periodic symposia. CILLA is directed by Dr. Nora England.

The Romani Archives and Documentation Center is the largest collection of items documenting the Romani people and culture in the world. It consists of over 25,000 books, monographs, bound articles, papers and letters, prints, transparencies, photographs, audio- and video-recorded material, framed and unframed prints and documents as well as many other non-media items. It is established and maintained by Dr. Ian Hancock.

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