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Plan II Honors Standards and Admission Criteria

Strictly speaking, there are no specific “requirements” to apply to or get admitted to Plan II Honors, however an applicant must be admissible to the University of Texas at Austin to be considered by Plan II Honors. See UT application requirements.

Plan II Honors Program Evaluation Criteria

20% = Essay A

20% = 3 Short answer responses

  • What does the applicant say and how the applicant say it?

  • Grace & style, command of language, logical argument

20% = Personal achievement:

Outside of the classroom activities (clubs, religious activities, sports, music, Scouting, arts, student government, community/volunteer activities, internships, work, etc.)
  • length and level of commitment

  • breadth, as well as depth, of interests

  • leadership positions held by the applicant

  • awards & honors

  • service to the community and/or dedication to volunteerism

  • work experience

20% = All quantitative scores and data:

(SAT or ACT(required), SAT II, AP, IB, class rank and GPA, etc)

20% = Breadth & Range: the “Plan II-ness” of the applicant

  • most subjective criteria

  • broad interests: HS course choice & non-academic choices

  • personal statement & Plan II short answer essay

  • What will the applicant bring to the Program?

  • Will the applicant make the best use of what the Program has to offer?

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