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It’s possible to combine Plan II with any other major, degree or honors program at UT (with a few exceptions)  The 30+ credit hours the Plan II  Honors degree plan leaves available as elective hours makes it possible to incorporate the degree requirements for other majors and easily fit it into a four-year course of study.  A dual-degree program is, most often, a five-year commitment however. 

In addition to double-majors and dual-degrees, Plan II Honors students may also combine Plan II with other honors programs at UT.  Plan II Honors students  combine their Plan II major and Business majors with the Business Honors  Program, Plan II and their Engineering major with Engineering Honors, Plan II and their Natural Science major with Dean’s Scholars, and Plan II and their Computer Science major with Turing Scholars.  Applicants may apply to  Plan II Honors and to Liberal Arts Honors, but may not participate in both programs.  However, majors combining Plan II and the honors track in  another major in the College of Liberal Arts may participate in some courses offered through the Liberal Arts Honors Programs.

Difference between Plan II Honors and Liberal Arts Honors

The differences between Plan II Honors and the Liberal Arts Honors programs are numerous, as are the similarities. The two programs are equally distinguished and can both boast of many of the brightest and most talented students at the University of Texas at Austin. Plan II and LAH could be considered sister programs, sometimes sharing information, faculty and a few special events. But the purpose and design of the programs are quite distinct. Size-wise, the programs are similar. Plan II seeks an entering freshman class of about 175 each fall. LAH invites about 120 to 130 entering freshmen.

Plan II is an honors program, but also a major in the College of Liberal Arts.  Plan II, as a major, has specific degree requirement courses which are open only to Plan II majors. Major requirements are constituted of core curriculum courses (humanities/liberal arts; sciences; social sciences; math; and fine arts). Plan II is often regarded as the better fit for the student who is looking to study broadly across disciplines and/or focus on a specific discipline or career training (combining other majors and/or degrees with the Plan II major), while still pursuing a broad arts and sciences education. 

Liberal Arts Honors (LAH) seeks to admit students who have a strong commitment to a liberal arts education. LAH is not a major however.  LAH students have majors in any/every department in the College of Liberal Arts. 

Students can apply to both Plan II Honors and Liberal Arts Honors, may be accepted to both, but cannot enroll in both programs.  They must chose one or the other.

For more information on the various freshmen honors programs at UT, please see the Undergraduate Admissions page:

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