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Academic Advising is a resource available to you year-round, please don’t hesitate to connect with us in person, via email, phone, or Skype at any time of the year. 

Monday, January 14 | 9:00am - 12:00pm, 2:00pm-4:00pm*
Tuesday, January 15 | 9:00am-4:00pm*
Wednesday, January 16 
     Walk-In | 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:00pm-2:30pm*
     Skype | 9:00am-2:00pm (advance appointment required, see below)
Thursday, January 17 | 9:00am-4:00pm*
Friday, January 18 | 9:00am-4:00pm*

*Sign-up for Advising ends 20 minutes before the end times noted above.

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WHAT WE DO: The Plan II Academic Advisors are here to help students with academic decisions, goal setting and planning.  We want to work with each student to create an academic plan incorporating both coursework and enrichment activities beyond the classroom such as study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, etc...   We can assist students to select their courses each semester in preparation for registration, connect with opportunities across the UT campus and beyond, understand UT policies, and provide referrals to other UT resourses as needed.  

HOW TO CONNECT WITH YOUR ADVISOR: To see one of the Plan II Academic Advisors simply stop by the Plan II Office during walk-in advising hours and sign in at the front desk.   The student receptionist will let the Advisors know you are here. Have a seat in the office and wait for one of the Advisors to come out and get you.  Advisors see students in the order in which they signed up. Please do not walk back to their offices on your own without being called as they must protect the privacy of other students and their information.

SKYPE ADVISING: The Plan II Honors Program is now offering advising sessions via Skype. This service enables students to talk to an Academic Advisor from any location with an internet connection and is an ideal way to connect for students who cannot visit the Plan II Office in person. Skype advising sessions will be held on Wednesdays; advanced appointments are required and space is limited, if you would like to schedule a Skype advising session please email Melissa Ossian.

On rare occasion, the Plan II Academic Advisors are out of the office or unavailable during the hours posted above due to meetings, appointments, trainings, etc...  Our goal is to be accessible to all Plan II students for advising and to make the experience relatively painless; please feel free to contact either Academic Advisor via email if you are unable to meet with one of them during walk-in hours (please include your UT EID on all email correspondence).  Plan II Academic Advisors see most students on a walk-in basis and typically do not make appointments.


Spring 2019 Registration Announcements

Course Descriptions

Detailed course descriptions for all Plan II TC and SS classes, and other cause offerings from the College of Liberal Arts, can be found at the following website:

Advising Resources

The Advising Resources page on the Plan II website is where you can find approved course lists for Non-US History, Plan II Fine Arts, Degree Checklists (be sure to look at the correct catalog based on your first semester at UT), the Plan II Science Substitution Guide, and many other useful planning tools:

Junior Seminar (T C 358) Registration Policy

To ensure that students can register for the classes they need to progress in their degree plan, registering for multiple topics of T C 358 (Plan II Junior Seminar course) in the same semester is prohibited. Students who register for more than one section of T C 358 in the same semester will be dropped.  Once everyone has had a chance to register for at least one T C 358, if seats remain open students may then attempt to register for an additional course.  An announcement will be posted in Plan2News when and if students may register for additional T C 358 courses.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY T C 358 sections fulfill the Junior Seminar requirement.  T C 325 and T C 330 DO NOT fulfill the Plan II Junior Seminar requirement.  

  • Special Note regarding Study Abroad Maymesters:
    • LAND USE ISSURES IN COSTA RICA - students planning to apply to the Plan II Maymester in Costa Rica may enroll in the associated Jr. Seminar section (42305) and required LA 119 section unique (30040) for this program. Students who enroll in the Jr. Seminar and LA 119 courses who are not accepted into the Maymester program will be dropped from the courses in January.  Students may enroll in a full course load (12-17 hours) in addition to the 3 hour TC 358 and 1 hour LA 119 course as Maymester courses are not counted against total registration hours.  Plan II third-year students only may enroll in a second TC 358 in addition to the Maymester course.
    • EXPLORING UK EDUCATION – students planning to apply to Dr. Reddick’s Maymester may enroll in the associated Jr. Seminar as soon as it is added to the spring 2019 schedule (coming soon); if not in time for early registration, accepted students may add the course in January during the add/drop period.

Philosophy (PHL 610QB) Registration Policy

Students taking the second half of Plan II Philosophy (PHL 610QB) this spring must register for the same professor. Switching sections midyear is typically not permissible, please try to work out any time conflicts by adjusting your other planned courses. Contact a Plan II Advisor if you need further assistance.

Modes of Reasoning (TC 310) Registration Policy

Professor Lewis’s version of TC 310 focuses on Medical Problem Solving.  The course has a prerequisite of credit for or concurrent enrollment in a Chemistry and Calculus course.  The Chemistry course should be intended for Pre-Health students or those pursuing a Natural Science Major; CH 301 or higher level. Students not meeting both prerequisites will be dropped from the course. 

Honors Social Science (SS 302) Registration Information

Detailed Honors Social Science course titles were not published on the online course schedule, the SS 302 topics offered during the spring 2019 semester are as follows:


  • 42165 – Prof. Aiken – Reproductive Health: From Human Biology to Public Policy
  • 42165 – Prof. Gregg – Classical and Contemporary Social Theory


  • 42170 – Prof. Domjan
  • NOTE: Students who have already taken an introductory PSY 301 course either at UT or another institution will not be permitted to enroll in this section of SS 302; students who have credit by exam for PSY 301 will be allowed to enroll.


  • 42175 – Prof. Keating

Detailed course descriptions for all three SS 302 sections can be found here:

Spring 2019 Natural Science Pairings

Students wishing to take either a non-majors level Biology course (to pair with Plan II Biology, BIO 301E) or a non-majors level Physical Science course (to pair with Plan II Physics, PHY 321) toward the completion of the UT Core requirement of six natural science hours in one subject should consider the following courses for spring 2019:

  • BIO 301G – Genetics in the 21st Century
  • PS 303 – Introduction to Physical Science I: Mechanics and Heat

TC 302 First-Year Signature Course Information

First-year students should enroll in the TC 302 course they received in the course lottery at orientation this past summer.  If you are unsure of which professor/section you received in the lottery, please contact a Plan II Advisor.

TC 127 Civic Viewpoints with Professor Lee Walker

Explores civic engagement and innovative solutions for societal justice. This course is open to all Plan II students regardless of classification and can be taken more than once. The course is a lecture series featuring Austin community leaders, focusing on areas of education, healthcare, human rights, and civic engagement. Professor Lee Walker leads each session, which includes an engaging lecture from the week’s speaker and a period of question-and-answer from the audience.  The class meets Monday evenings 5-7pm on the following dates January 28; February 11, 25; March 4, 25; April 1, 15, 29; and May 6, the unique to enroll is 42260.  NOTE: UT Austin classroom assignment pending, enrolled students will be notified of the classroom location on main campus before the first class meeting of the spring 2019 semester.

About Professor Walker: Raised in Three Rivers, Texas, Lee Walker graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics (class of 1963) graduating Phi Kappa Phi (top academic 10% of his class), receiving NASA and National Science Foundation (NSF) funding for his post graduate work in nuclear physics (theoretical cosmic ray research).  He was named Honorable Mention All Southwest Conference Basketball Team his senior year.  Lee received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1967.  He served as the President of Dell Computer Corporation through its formative years.  After leaving Dell in 1990 for health reasons, Lee was asked to teach at the University of Texas at Austin.  The success of his “Elements of Entrepreneurship” and “Not for Profit Excellence” courses in the Graduate School Business Management Department earned him best teaching award three times.  Currently, Lee teaches freshman courses “Pathways to Civic Engagement” and “Civic Viewpoints” in the Plan II Honors Program.  Lee serves on several boards, includes the board of Seton Family of Hospitals. The Austin Chamber of Commerce recognized Lee as their 1998 Austinite of the Year.  In 2000 Lee was a founder of Envision Central Texas.  In 2004, Lee received the Texas Nature Conservancy Lifetime Achievement award. In 2006 Lee and his wife Jennifer Vickers received the AFP’s Outstanding Philanthropists of the year. 

Spring 2019 Thesis (TC 660HA) Registration Instructions

If you are a Plan II senior/junior who (a) plans to start your senior thesis Spring 2019 or a Plan II Junior who (b) plans to study abroad next spring and start your thesis Fall 2019, please read the following registration instructions carefully:

  1. Prepare: Read through the Plan II Thesis Manual and carefully consider your thesis topic ideas. Talk to your professors. Consult the model theses in the Plan II office for ideas and inspiration. Think about questions and issues you have studied in previous courses that you find intriguing and exciting.
  2. Topic Approval & Registration: Bring the Thesis Registration Form Part One to an in-person meeting with either Associate Director Janet Davis or Assistant Director Richard Reddick. Sign-up to meet with Dr.  Davis or Dr. Reddick during their office hours using this Google Form.
  • To register for TC 660HA course during the spring 2019 registration period, October 29 - November 9, you must have this step completed and submitted to Plan II no later than October 26. If you are not able to meet with Dr. Davis or Dr. Reddick before October 26, please work to meet with them as soon as possible as you will not be able to register for the class without their approval.
  1. Find Your Thesis Advisors: Once your topic idea is approved, begin scheduling meetings with potential faculty Supervisors and Second Readers to discuss your thesis and if they would be a good fit to work with you. Bring the Thesis Registration Form Part Two with you to these meetings.  If they agree to work with you, have them sign the form.  Once you have signatures from two professors, attach a brief description of your thesis topic and a copy of your resume. 
  • Submit the completed Part Two form to the Plan II office no later than December 7.
  • Failure to turn in a completed Part Two form will result in being dropped from the thesis course, TC 660HA.

Completing a Departmental Thesis? If you will be completing your senior thesis through courses offered by your second major, your only requirement is to complete the Departmental Thesis Form and turn it into the Plan II office.  See the "Departmental Thesis" section of the Plan II Thesis Manual for more details.

Studying Abroad this Spring? Most Juniors will complete these steps next semester, in order to start their thesis Fall 2019; however, we STRONGLY advise juniors who will be abroad next spring to come in this fall to complete these three steps for a Fall 2019 start. It is much easier to communicate your ideas in person rather than by email while you are abroad.

Questions? Concerns? Check out the Thesis section of the Plan II website and come on by to talk!

Additional Course Opportunities for Spring 2019

Information on Conflict Mediation Ethics and Leadership Course – Spring 2019 

Awesome upper-division Ethics flagged course for spring 2019!  Practicum in Conflict Mediation, or CMS 371K. This course provides hands-on training and practice in conflict intervention techniques, including various forms of mediation, facilitation and dialogue. Students will receive a certificate that they have completed the 40-Hour Basic Mediation Course and 40 more hours of Advanced Mediation Training typically offered by centers in the state at a cost of over $2000. The 40-hour Basic Mediation Course is the entry certificate level for professional mediators. Students will also learn to facilitate groups and earn a Basic Facilitation Training Certificate and may have the opportunity to provide actual intervention services in the UT Conflict Resolution Center. You can find the course overview on the course schedule here. This course is open to all students and staff, and counts for the Bridging Disciplines Program on Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies.

Maximum Hours

Students wishing to enroll in over max hours (17) for the spring 2019 semester will not be approved to do so until January after fall grades have come in, at that point they will need to visit the Collage of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office in GEB 2.200. The exception is spring 2019 graduating seniors who can get the approval now, but still need to do so in GEB. Plan II Advisors can discuss the merits of this idea and the drawbacks with students, but cannot actually approve them to take additional hours, here is information on the policy/process: 

Spring 2019 Graduates

Students who plan to graduate in May 2019 should schedule an official degree check with a Student Division advisor as soon as possible. These meetings complement, rather than replace, advising in your major and allow us to confirm remaining degree requirements and discuss graduation procedures and deadlines. Please call the Student Division at (512) 471-4271 or visit GEB 2.200 to schedule an appointment.


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Plan II Academic Advisors:

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Melissa Ossian, Academic Advising Coordinator

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