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Plan II Academic Advising - Spring 2022

Advising is available via appointment only. Through the month of April, the only appointments available are 15-minute Registration Advising appointments.

Schedule in-person or Zoom meetings via our Calendly calendars (linked below).


Schedule with Peggy via her calendar.


*Prospective Plan II students are not permitted to meet with a Plan II academic advisor. Please contact Kerry Pasquale, Plan II Admissions Director, with questions at



The SUMMER/FALL 2022 Course Schedule will be published by Tuesday, April 5th, at 5pm. Check your Registration Information Sheet for your registration access time periods.


Course Descriptions
Detailed course descriptions for all Plan II T C (Tutorial Course) and S S (Social Science) classes, and other course offerings from the College of Liberal Arts, can be found here.

Advising Resources

The Advising Resources page on the Plan II website is where you can find approved course lists for Non-US History, Plan II Fine Arts, Degree Checklists (be sure to look at the correct catalog based on your first semester at UT), the Plan II Science Guide, and many other useful planning tools.

Maximum Hours

Students wishing to enroll in over max hours (18+) for the fall 2022 semester will be able to do so during the August add/drop period (graduating seniors may get permission during early registration). At that time, students should meet with a Liberal Arts Student Division Advisor to initiate the process. Plan II Advisors can discuss the merits of this idea and the drawbacks with students, but cannot actually approve them to take additional hours, see the FAQ here for information on the policy/process.

Mode of Instruction Definitions (Click Here)

Junior Seminar (T C 358) Registration Policy
To ensure that students can register for the classes they need to progress in their degree plan, registering for multiple topics of T C 358 (Plan II Junior Seminar course) in the same semester is prohibited. Students who register for more than one section of T C 358 in the same semester will be dropped. Once everyone has had a chance to register for at least one T C 358, if seats remain open students may then attempt to register for an additional course. An announcement will be posted in Plan2News and on the cohort's Canvas website if or when students may register for additional T C 358 courses.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY T C 358 sections fulfill the Junior Seminar requirement. T C courses offered under other numbers DO NOT fulfill the Plan II Junior Seminar requirement.

Detailed course descriptions for all TC 358 sections can be found here.

 Philosophy (PHL 610QA) - Required for all second-year students
Using ancient and modern texts, students usually consider problems in ethics, political theory, metaphysics, and epistemology. These classes are larger than the first-year seminar courses, but still small for UT standards. Three lecture hours and one discussion hour a week for two semesters.

° Students are required to take the full year-long sequence, both the fall (PHL 610QA) and spring (PHL 610QB) semesters, with the same professor/student-cohort.
° Both the fall and spring PHL 610Q courses are worth three credit hours each, six total credit hours for the year-long sequence.
° Students planning a semester away from UT Austin next year (study abroad, etc.) should discuss the timing of the PHL 610Q sequence with a Plan II academic advisor.

Logic and Scientific Reasoning (PHL 313Q, aka Plan II Logic)
PHL 313Q is only offered during the fall semester. This course provides an introduction to formal proofs, semantics, quantifiers, inductive methods, decision theory, and scientific reasoning. There are no prerequisites. This course is a good choice for pre-law students.

A detailed course description for PHL 313Q can be found here.

**NOTE: PHL 313 does NOT fulfill this requirement; students must take PHL 313Q.


Honors Social Science (SS 302) Registration Information

    • Professor Larry Schooler
    • Professor Benjamin Gregg
    • Professor Terrance Chapman

Detailed course descriptions SS 302 courses offered in Fall 2022 can be found here


PHY 321 Plan II Physics  (Physics for Presidents)

**If you are a graduating senior fall 2022 and lack PHY 321 AND your Part I/Part II requirement for the University Core, please contact Plan II Advising at your earliest convenience.

Note: Plan II Physics (PHY 321) will be offered the spring 2023 semester. The instructor of record for that course is TBA. PHY 321 will continue to satisfy the Core Natural Science, Part I and Liberal Arts Natural Science Requirements. If you are a graduating senior spring 2023 and lack PHY 321 AND your Part I/Part II requirement for the University Core, you should plan to take PHY 321 spring 2023 or contact a Plan II Advisor to discuss alternative options.

NTR 365 Plan II Nutrition (Nutritional Biochemistry: Busting Nutrition Myths) 

The approved substitution for Plan II Physics; note that only NTR 365 with the title above satisfies the Plan II requirement. This one-semester substitution will fulfill the Plan II upper division science requirement, but will NOT fulfill UT Core requirements**. This course is approved for the Liberal Arts Natural Science Requirement. 

The course has a prerequisite of credit for BIO 301E, BIO 311C, or BIO 315H, which will be enforced by Plan II Honors rather than the registration system.

See the Fall 2021 syllabus for overview.

M 310P Plan II Math - See Fall 2021 syllabus for overview

Plan II/KIPP Partnership (T C 126 and T C 128K) Registration Information
Mentorship of younger students attending an Austin-area Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) school. Through mentoring and class meetings, students will be deeply immersed in issues related to education reform, (in)equality of educational opportunity, and in promising strategies, such as those used by KIPP, for addressing such issues.

  • TC 126: Reserved enrollment**: students must have applied and be accepted into the year-long course/mentoring program.
  • TC 128K: Reserved enrollment**: students must apply to volunteer as KAL Mentor or PlanTutor to take this course.

**Learn more about KIPP here!

Students who have taken TC 125K (KIPP) are not required to retake the course to continue to volunteer in KIPP schools.

Fall 2022 Thesis (T C 660HA) Registration Instructions

STEP ONE: Thesis Topic Approval by a Plan II Director or Associate Director – By March 11, 2022

STEP TWO: Register for T C 660HA during fall 2022 registration, April 18-29. An approved paper preapproval form is REQUIRED in order to register for the course.

STEP THREESecure a Supervisor and Second Reader - By May 6, 2022


*DEPARTMENTAL THESIS OPTION: Students with approval to register for an honors thesis course with your 2nd major (or 3rd/4th), should complete the Departmental Thesis form (available on the Plan II website) and send to The form does not need to be approved by Plan II. Students enrolled in a departmental thesis course are not required to attend the Tuesday evening meetings for TC 660HA or TC 660HB, but are welcome to if they wish. More details about the departmental thesis option can be found in the Plan II Thesis Manual.

**Thesis required forms, the Thesis Manual, Supervisor guidelines and other links can be found here.

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Questions about COVID-19 Testing? Please refer to this guide and follow the recommended processes.


Plan II Academic Advisor: 

Dr. Peggy Sharp

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