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Alumni + Junior Career Connections Program

During their third year, Plan II students are encouraged to participate in the Alumni + Junior Career Connections Program, a year-long series of milestones designed to prepare students for their next steps after life on the Forty Acres. The program connects students with career-related resources on campus and with those who have been there before - our alumni! 

Career Connections Timeline, 21-22

First Milestone: Create your HookedIn Profile and join the Plan II Honors Program subgroup by October 15

The Alumni + Junior Career Connections Program will use the information in your HookedIn profile to match you with an alumni mentor whose industry and expertise align with your career interests and goals.

You will receive notification of your mentor match via HookedIn by November 1, 2021. Please be sure to join the Plan II subgroup by October 15 if you want to participate for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Note: When you are creating your HookedIn Profile, be sure to check the box that states you are willing to participate in a mentorship program. 


Second Milestone: Introduce yourself to your alumni mentor via HookedIn within one week of receiving your match. 

After you have introduced yourself, make arrangements for your first meeting with your mentor. Meetings can take place via Zoom or in person. Below is a sample email template to guide you on this first outreach.

My name is INSERT NAME. I am a third-year Plan II (INSERT OTHER DEGREES/PURSUITS, IF DESIRED) student and your Plan II mentee. Thank you for volunteering to provide guidance and support to Plan II juniors through the Plan II Alumni + Junior Career Connections Program.
As you know, the next milestone in the program is to conduct a 45-60-minute informational interview before November 22. I am looking forward to learning more about your career path, discussing some of my career goals, and establishing a professional development goal for our second meeting. Please let me know when you are available to meet, and whether you would like to meet virtually or in person. I know you are very busy, so I also wanted to provide some details about my schedule to ensure we find a compatible date: INSERT DETAILS. 
Thank you in advance for your time.
Looking forward,


Third Milestone: Conduct your FIRST MEETING with your mentor by Monday, November 22

Conduct an informational interview with your alumni mentor during this first meeting.

An informational interview is a meeting that allows you (the interviewer) to learn more about a particular job, career path, and/or company. Having these kinds of conversations can help you decide whether a career field is right for you, prepare you for job interviews in the field, grow your personal and professional networks, and explore other career paths you might not have considered.

For instructions on how to prepare, check out this handout from Liberal Arts Career Services.   

At the end of your meeting, set a professional development goal for your second meeting. Recommended goals include:

  • Conduct a resume review (i.e., feedback from your mentor on your current resume)
  • Conduct a mock interview
  • Review a personal statement/statement of purpose for graduate or professional school
  • Discuss tips and tricks of the job search process for a particular field
  • Practice communicating the value of Plan II Honors degree and Senior Thesis project


Fourth Milestone: Prepare for your second meeting by participating in one of the following professional development opportunities. 

Participate in one or more workshops offered by Liberal Arts Career Services, Texas Career Engagement, and Plan II as you work toward the professional development goal set in your first meeting. 
  • Plan II Strengths-Assessment Workshop: Wednesday, October 27 (time TBD)
    Ever been asked what your top strengths are and your mind goes blank? Know what your strengths are but don’t know how to articulate them? Wondering how to improve your resume, cover letter and interview stories for upcoming internship deadlines? This workshop is for you!

    Join us for an interactive workshop that will focus on your unique strengths and how to incorporate them into your resume, cover letter and interviewing stories. In this workshop, you will complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment, a 45-minute web-based assessment that will provide you with detailed descriptions on your top five areas of strength.

    Upon completion of this workshop, you will walk away with:
    • A clearer idea of what your top areas of strength are and how to articulate these strengths clearly with examples.
    • The tools needed to incorporate your strengths into your resume, cover letter and interview stories.
    • Knowledge of your individual strengths as a leader and how you lead.
    • A game plan to continue growing these strengths and how to combat weaknesses.
  • Additional events to be announced in October


Fifth Milestone: Conduct your SECOND MEETING with your mentor by Friday, March 11.

Use this second meeting to discuss or conduct the professional development goal that you set together during your first meeting.


Final Milestone: Send a thank-you note to your mentor by Friday, March 25, and continue to connect informally.

Send a thank-you note to your alumni mentor after your second meeting. After that point, you can continue to engage with your alumni mentor on an informal basis and forge other connections with Plan II alumni via HookedIn.

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