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Spring 2021 Symposium

Every spring, seniors in the Plan II Honors Program present their original thesis research in a series of oral presentations. The Senior Thesis Symposium offers sessions covering a wide range of interdisciplinary topics including literature, science, history, creative writing, music, health care, engineering, philosophy, business, and politics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senior Thesis Symposium was held virtually by Zoom in partnership with the Thompson Conference Center.


View the Spring 2021 Plan II Thesis Symposium schedule here.

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Some recordings have been altered to remove student presentations per their request.

***Indicates recordings are not available due to technical difficulties during the presentation.


Thursday, April 15 | 5:00 - 9:30 pm

Speech: The Power of Rhetoric 

Jake Wade, Zach Epstein, Derek Yu


Madeline Hawkins, Morgan Thompson, Ashna Kumar, Angelica Garza

Geopolitics and Progressivism

Rachel Read, James Dodson, JP Reppeto, Saamia Imtiaz

Ethics and Politics in Texas: Contemporary Challenges

Joe Levin, Ryan Hurt, Rahul Das, Anuraga Justin

By The Book: Reading Identities

Madison Schulz, Joseph Carver, Annie Diamond, Nima Rahman

Women and the Politics of Resistance

Samantha Walker, Brittney Colbath, Adam Trevino, Olivia Cardenas


Louis Cohen, Carlyn Crow, Reilly Gsanger


Friday, April 16 | 3:30 - 9:30 pm

Sports, Leadership, and Activism

Liam Baskin, Zoe Meneghetti, Duncan Guinn, Daniel Chenng-Ying

Finance, Economics, and Markets

Francisca Guerrero Jurado, Nolan Pitts, Morgan Grosch, James Green

The Future of Art and Apparel

Huong 'Katie" Truong, Connor O'Neill, Helena Sampayo, Louise McCartney

Foreign Policies, Past and Present

Dhruv Desai, Shoumik Dabir, Katie Lee, Drew Benedikt

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Lilly Andersen, Nicole Roy, Terrill Baskin, Matthew Aufiero

Culture and Politics of Business

Eren Baysal, Charles Bender, Benita Lee, Emil Shabanov

The Impact of Change

Saagar Pateder, Megan McKenzie, Billy Li

Social and Economic Issues

Aashna Lal, Walton Cory, Robert San Soucie, Hannah George


Ellen Alley, Sarah Muir, Isabelle Paine, Daisy Johnston

American Policy and Law

Cara Day, Will Whitlock, Kirthi Dronamraju, Parth Gupta

Science and the Senses

Taylor Malooly, Abby Evans, Andrew Park, Christina Archer


Saturday, April 17 | 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Social Work and Government

Kylie Northham, Thanvi Thodati, Devika Kumar, Jannelly Areche

Cultural and Economic Impacts of Gender

Caroline Garcia, Danielle Nwosa, Ella Pettichord, Brooke Reaves

American Politics and Global Perspectives

Anthony Douglas, Apurva Gunturu, Amanda Hua, Allison White

Academic Achievement, Adjustment, and Anxiety***

Amy Cox, Praveena Javvadi, Erica Lee, Abbey Rank


Lauren Do, Prerna Pamar, Kathryn Robles, Jessica Shu


Parker Haydon, Avery Leake, Ellison Smith, Helen Williams

Diasporic Experiences

Irene Ameena, Jay Anand, Mark Csoros, Ethan Masucol

Global Perspective in History

Cole Deutch, Max Edwards, Taylor Haydon, Michael Regan

Environmental Engagement

Hailey Howe, Lauren Johnson, Case Lowry, Dev Talukdar

Politics and/of Identity

Audrey Balliette, Ananya Bashyam, Juan Pablo Flanagan, Alizeh Hussain

Dialogic Performances

Libby Carr, Varun Rajaram, Telesmar Sanchez, Brendan Walsh

Health: Practical and Political Practices

Haven Erengil, Catherine Holley, Parker Spradley, Jina Zhou

In Short: Stories

Vanessa Aguirre, Jacob Chmielecki, Anne Chow, Abigail Horne

Innovation, Economics, and Impact in Texas

Spencer Buckner, Ashley Deutser, Rylan Maksoud, Celesia Smith

Global Perspectives: Weathering Change

Abbey Bartz, Sara Flinn, Caroline Garnett, Anna Robertson

AI and Digital Modernity

Alexander Davis, Jordan Hilder, Darong Qi, Aiden Snasdell

Scientific Innovation

Alisha Ahmed, Maanasa Nathan, Nila Selvaraj, Carmen Urban

Creative Expressions***

Arianna Flores, Cate Gillham, Sofia Mock, Grace Leake

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