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  • Broccoli ProjectPlan II student-run theatre troupe specializing in guerilla tactics. Contact: Who Ray,
  • Little P's: The Plan II first-year students' association: Little P’s is a P2 organization dedicated to the freshmen class. The purpose behind Little P’s is to encourage Plan II freshmen to become leaders in Plan II, the University and the Austin community. Every month, we try to have a social of some sort (in the past, we’ve gone to Amy’s Ice Cream and Slices & Ices and we’ve played Dodgeball, we’ve also gone to see the bats under the bridge!) that encourages freshmen to get to know each other as well as other P2ers. We are also the group responsible for the Plan II tradition of the Mx. Plan II contest that was searching for the sexiest, savviest, smartest person in Plan II.  Contacts: Madeline Graham & Ilanit Turner
  • Plan II Pre-Law Society: If you intend to pursue law, have an interest in the implications of the legal practice on society, or are merely wondering if law is your calling, P2PLS is the organization for you! Our bimonthly meetings have featured words of wisdom from the Dean of the UT Law School, a panel discussion by prominent leaders of the Texas legal community, various presentations discussing the practice of law applied to particular industries,and, of course, hallmarks of Plan II: dynamic group discussions and insightful mentoring from UT law professors.
  • Plan II Premedical Society: The Plan II Premedical society exists to be a resource and guide for Plan II pre-meds. Plan II Pre-Med will host guest speakers who work in the health field and will help connect Plan II pre-meds with shadowing opportunities with local doctors.  We will discuss the medical profession, class selection as a Plan II premed, medical school admissions, MCAT prep and med school interviews.  We are organizing group volunteering activities to get freshmen involved in health-related volunteer activities. Contact:
  • Society of Plan II Engineers (SP2E): The goal of the Society of Plan II Engineers (SP2E; pronounced spitooee) is to help Plan II/Engineers bridge the gap between their engineering and liberal arts education by learning from people that have created a career involving both the sciences and the arts. To this end we hold dinners with distinguished guests each semester and fireside chats with distinguished UT professors. In the past we have hosted former Governor Ann Richards, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former Austin Mayor Will Wynn, and Mark Strama. At our firesides we have hosted Dr. Hans Mark, Professor Larry Speck and Dr. Michael Webber. We also provide guidance to our members to help them navigate the demanding Plan II/Engineering curriculum at advising coffees each semester.
  • The Nocturnal: The Plan II Literary Journal. A place for students to share works of fiction prose, nonfiction prose, poetry, and design. 
  • Plan II Book Club: For the love of books.
  • PlanTutoring: A student-led outgrowth of the Plan II/KIPP Partnership, PlanTutoring organizes tutoring opportunities for students in the Austin KIPP school.

Student Organizations with Plan II leaders/affiliations:

  • Black Honors Students Association: The Black Honors Students Association is a social organization that strives to create a network and community through discussion about the minority experience and social activities, while seeking service opportunities and providing helpful information.

Propose a new group if you see a need. Get started with the steps to Register a New Student Organization through the Dean of Students Office, then contact Plan II academic advisor, Katie O'Donnell.


Currently Inactive Groups: 

(If you're interested in any of these, get the group going again!)
  • Plan II Debate Society: seeks to provide a forum for debating advocacy groups and other students on current political issues. The organization is non-partisan and will seek to advocate and challenge views across the political spectrum. In the past, the organization has hosted and debated the Manager of Political and Legislative Activities from the National Rifle Association. We are now seeking to host and engage in debates against other advocacy groups on other issues as well as in an intramural setting against other students.  
  • Plan II Art Club: If Plan II isn’t artistic relief enough from your scholastic goals, we at the P2 Art Club have plenty of outlets for your creative plugs!  We organize group activities and outings to plays (Broccoli Project!), museums, and other shows about 3 times a semester.  Our main event, though, is hosting the Plan II Art Show in the Spring – an open exhibit of all Plan II artistic expression. 
  • Plan II Poetry Society: The Plan II Poetry Society aims to introduce new and diverse types of poetry to all poetry aficionados. The Society holds regular thematic meetings and peer group writing workshops. We also bring in guest poets and literary speakers to host workshops and perform readings. And, as always, this isn't restricted to just P2ers so bring your friends. 
  • PLAN2Business: PLAN2B is the Plan II Business group and an organization for every Plan II student with an interest in business, the corporate world, money, etc. PLAN2B will be a forum to discuss relevant issues and listen to informative speakers, a social unit, a hub of networking possibilities, and the magic 8-ball to answer age-old questions, like how do you tie a double-English knot in your tie. PLAN2B: business experience distinctly flavored with Plan II. 
  • Plan II Chamber Music Society: Do you play an instrument or sing? Are you looking for fun and relaxing opportunities to perform chamber music? Look no further than the Plan II Chamber Music Society! Members form into small chamber groups of like-minded, compatible students and rehearse independently throughout the semester. Groups have the opportunity to perform in a recital at the end of each semester. Other activities include masterclasses and coaching sessions with UT Butler School of Music faculty or students, attending concerts and musicals as a group, performing for community service, and sight-reading parties with desserts on the side. It's a great opportunity to enjoy and perform music in a laid-back, close-knit group!
  • Plan II Christian Fellowship: The P2CF meets informally about once a month to pray together, eat together, and encourage one another.  Plan II students from all religious backgrounds are welcome.  We want to help students to connect with a church and find hope in the gospel.
  • The Common Lamppost: Open mic and print anthology of student works.
    The Common Lamppost is the phoenix that has risen from the ashes of the Offerings to the Void. (The former artistic magazine of the Plan II Honor's Program.) The Common Lamppost combines monthly open-mic shows with a once-a- semester print anthology of student work, in an effort to allow students to have access to one another's creative works.The Common Lamppost is open to everyone and invites all manner of performances, from poetry to music to stand-up comed
  • The Good Society: The Good Society's mission is to create an atmosphere and structure that is conducive to personal growth through discussion of societal problems and community solutions. There is no required commitment to be a member, but we are always looking for new ideas for projects.
  • The Great Outdoors Project (the other GOP!): Do you like to climb? Hike? Frolic around outside? Never done it but want to give it a try? GOP members love the outdoors and all that Austin and its surrounding areas have to offer. We focus on conservation and recreation. Past projects have included fundraising, volunteer cleanups, climbs and hiking trips in Austin and area parks. Everyone is welcome to come to activities (non-Plan II and non-members).
  • Plan II Film Club
  • Soma - Soma is the Plan II Dance Ensemble, founded in January 1999. We perform a range of styles, primarily focusing on modern, lyrical, ballet, and jazz. Our members choreograph all our dances and then teach them to the rest of the group at our weekly rehearsals. Soma is principally a performance ensemble and has performed at Texas Revue, the Plan II Talent Show, and our own annual Spring Shows. We hold auditions in September.
  • The Undecided - Plan II Students' Blog: The Undecided is the official blog/electronic newspaper of the P2SA and provides a forum for P2 students to write articles and submit creative work.

Visit the UT Dean of Students Website or HornsLink to view the 1000+ other UT registered student organizations.

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