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PLAN2NEWS - 5/4/2018

Edited by Kat Taylor  

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1. Plan II Thesis Advising & Registration - Fall 2018*
2. Summer or Fall 2018 Graduates
3. All Graduates
4. Plan II Spring Graduation Ceremony Information

1. Black Women in the Age of #MeToo Symposium*
2. Register for Lavender Graduation*
3. COLA’s Declassified Internship Survival Guide
4. Recurring Events at the Gender and Sexuality Center 
5. Latinx Voices: A Supportive Group for Latinx Students

1. Schwarzman Scholars
2. Genesis Program Startup Funding 

1. Donate Books to Room to Read at UT
2. Become a Volunteer Note Taker for a Student with a Disability
3. Become a UPrep Volunteer
4. Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance

1. Plan II Queer Student Association (P2QSA)

1. UT Austin Passport Services

1. Plan II Receptionists
2. Liberal Arts Dean's Office - now hiring peer advisors
3. Opportunity for Active Student Leaders: Texas Civic Ambassadors Program
4. The Daily Texan is hiring for the Summer*
5. INSPIRE: Empowering Texas Women
6. Apply to be a Colin Allred for Congress Summer Fellow
7. Internship at Popshots
8. World Class Global Business Services hiring Special Assistant to the CEO
9. Policy Internship Posting
10. US Department of State Consular Fellows Program
11. IE Pre-Graduate School Internships
12. Pre-Law Internship: TWDB seeking Intern for General Counsel’s Office

1. SURE Walk - hours change
2. UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)
3. Free Rides from Campus with SURE Ride
4. Interpersonal Violence Peer Support & Confidential Advocates


1. Plan II Thesis Advising & Registration - Fall 2018
STEP ONE: Thesis Topic Approval - Come in for individual advising meeting with Plan II Associate Director Janet Davis or Assistant Director Richard Reddick to discuss thesis topic ideas. Complete Part One of the Thesis Registration Form prior to this meeting and bring it to the meeting. Students must get Part One approved by Dr. Davis or Dr. Reddick to be able to register for the Plan II thesis course (TC 660HA); this form cannot be dropped off at the Plan II front desk without their approval.
Office Hours: Check the Plan II Website & Sign-up for Available Appointment Times

STEP TWO: Register for TC 660HA during fall 2018 registration, April 16-27. An approved and signed Part One form must be submitted to the Plan II office before the registration system will allow students to register for the course.

STEP THREE: Secure a Supervisor and Second Reader - Students should make arrangements to meet with appropriate faculty members based on the approved topic during their office hours. Bring Part Two of the Thesis Registration form to these meetings. If the faculty member agrees to help with the project during the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters, ask them to sign the Part Two form. Submit the completed Part Two form to the Plan II office by the deadline with a resume and abstract attached—failure to do so will result in being dropped from the thesis course.

*DEPARTMENTAL THESIS OPTION: Students with approval to register for an honors thesis course with your 2nd major, should complete the Departmental Thesis form (available on the Plan II website) and turn it into the Plan II office; the form does not need to be approved by Dr. Davis or Dr. Reddick. Students enrolled in a departmental thesis course are not required to attend the Tuesday evening meetings for TC 660HA or TC 660HB, but are welcome to if they wish. More details about the departmental thesis option can be found in the Plan II Thesis Manual.

Required forms, the Thesis Manual, Supervisor guidelines and other links can be found here.

2. SUMMER or FALL 2018 Graduates
Seniors who plan to graduate in August 2018 or December 2018 should schedule a FINAL DEGREE CHECK with a Student Division advisor this semester. Degree checks are intended to complement, rather than replace, regular semester-by-semester meetings with your departmental academic advisor(s); we expect you to do both. Degree checks serve as an opportunity to discuss graduation matters as well as to confirm any remaining requirements. Please call the Student Division at (512) 471-4271 or visit us in GEB 2.200 to schedule an appointment.
3. All Graduates 
If you have not created a Liberal Arts Career Services Beyond the Tower (BTT) Gateway account, we strongly encourage you to do so now. Registering will allow you access to career and pre-law advisors, online job and internship postings, on-campus interviewing, and employer resume referrals. 

4. Plan II Spring Graduation Ceremony Information
Graduates - If you are a Spring 2018 graduate & have not yet applied to graduate with the College of Liberal Arts (in addition to any other college you might be in), now is the time to do so - the deadline to apply online is April 2nd. If you are not graduating until the Summer or Fall 2018 semester but wish to walk in the Spring 2018 Plan II ceremony (there are no summer or fall ceremonies), you only need to sign up for guest tickets at the Plan II front desk in order to be added to the program (instructions follow). If you have a major/s in addition to Plan II and also want to participate in those ceremonies, you need to speak to your other major/college office for their policies regarding walking.

**Ticket information for Plan II Graduation**
Who needs a ticket, and why?
Graduating Plan II Honors seniors do NOT need a ticket for the Plan II Honors Graduation ceremony. However, because seating is limited, all GUESTS must have a ticket to enter the Hogg Memorial Auditorium.
How many tickets may I have?
Each graduating senior may pick up SIX (6) tickets for family and guests.
Why only six tickets?
Because seating is limited, we will not have more tickets than available seats. Therefore, we expect that seniors will not pick up more tickets than they intend to use. Please do not pick up six tickets if you know you will only have 4 or 5 guests!
May I have more than six tickets?
If you really intend to use them (see above), but only after all seniors have had a chance to get their tickets (see below).
When may I pick up my tickets?
From MONDAY, APRIL 23 THROUGH FRIDAY, MAY 4, at the Plan II Honors Program office front desk (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
How do I get my tickets?
Each senior will be asked to sign for the number of tickets they are picking up. NOTE: This is also the time to check the spelling of your name for the program, and your other major(s) and/or degree(s) for your name card.
May I ask a friend (or another graduate) to pick up my tickets for me?
Each Plan II graduating senior should claim only the number of tickets he/she needs for their own family members. We have always had enough tickets for everyone who needs extra tickets, precisely because those who need fewer tickets only pick up the number of tickets that they actually need.
What if I miss the deadline?
Tickets will not be reserved for seniors who do not pick up tickets on or before May 4th.
How can I get more than six tickets?
BEGINNING ON MONDAY, MAY 7, at 8 a.m., all remaining Plan II Honors Graduation tickets will be released on a ''first-come, first-served'' basis to those who expect more than 6 guests. Seating is limited, so remember to pick up what you need a.s.a.p. We will not reserve extra tickets for you; you must come pick them up.

**Plan II Ceremony Information**
Where do I get my cap and gown for the ceremony?
The University Co-op sells regalia for commencement; the Liberal Arts stole and tassel color is white. You must place your order with the Co-op by May 13th. If purchasing regalia presents a financial hardship for you, please let your Plan II academic advisor know.
Where and when do I have to be on the day of Graduation?
SENIORS MUST ARRIVE at FAC 21 at 8:00 a.m. (EIGHT O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!) on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Really - 8 a.m.
Where is FAC 21?
FAC 21 is the auditorium at ground level of the Flawn Academic Center on the Texas Union side. You may enter through the glass doors off the Union patio (across from Wendy's) or from the 1st floor lobby of the FAC (at entrance to Undergraduate Library) by going down the stairs at the east end (Union-side end) of the lobby.
Where and when should my family gather?
Your family should gather outside of Hogg Auditorium. The doors will not open until 8:30 a.m. Seating is ''first-come, first-seated.'' THERE IS NO RESERVED GUEST SEATING. Disregard ''balcony'' or ''orchestra'' designation on tickets. We will make accommodations for family members in wheelchairs.
Give your family/guests their tickets BEFORE SATURDAY! You will not be with them for at least one hour prior to the ceremony.
What should I bring with me to the ceremony?
Your cap and gown! It’s also ok to bring breakfast with you to the FAC room, just please dispose of all your trash before we leave for the ceremony. It's more about what NOT to bring with you. Do not bring any items that will not fit in your pockets or a small purse that you can tuck under your gown. There is NO place to leave items during the ceremony – FAC 21 will not be "manned" or locked and you will NOT return to this room after commencement. Do not bring items for your guests/family members: you will not see each other before the ceremony. Also, please note that all commencement venues will be enforcing a restriction on any bags bigger than 12x12” - please inform your guests ahead of time.
How long will the ceremony last?
Typically the ceremony lasts for about two hours. The reception in the Texas Union Ballroom is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.
What if my family or I have special needs?
Special services are available to accommodate needs for individuals with disabilities through prior arrangements. If a family member or you require accommodations or adaptive equipment, please contact me by May 14th. Campus resources and a map with details of accessibility on campus are available at
Graduates needing accommodations should also work with the Services for Students with Disabilities office (512 471-6259; TTY 512 471-4641).
Will there be parking available?
The closest free University Parking Garage is the San Antonio Garage at 24th and San Antonio. A list of free parking garages for Commencement can be found here:
What about disabled parking?
There will be limited Disabled Parking in front of the Hogg Memorial Auditorium for persons with state-issued handicapped permits. Guests with mobility impairment may also be dropped off at the front of Hogg Memorial Auditorium.
Where and when is the reception being held?
Immediately following the ceremony (approximately 11 a.m.), a reception will be held in the Texas Union Ballroom, right next door to Hogg Auditorium. This is an informal gathering. No tickets are required, and attendance is optional. Light refreshments will be on hand.


1. Black Women in the Age of #MeToo Symposium happening May 3rd & 4th
The symposium addresses the unique and complex challenges Black women face with multiple forms of violence--from intimate to state--in our global world. The symposium will engage participants in campus and community wide dialogue that promotes mental health, social justice, and interpersonal violence prevention. We hope that you’ll help us share details about the symposium to students, faculty and staff who hold identities as Black women, women-identified and gender non-conforming people, or to those who work closely with these communities.

In addition to the keynote by Tarana Burke (Friday May 4th 4pm at LBJ Auditorium), social justice advocate and founder of the ‘metoo’ movement, the symposium will also feature an Intra-Community Conversation on Violence and Collective Healing (Thursday, May 3rd 6-8 pm), an opportunity to participate in a focus group (Friday, May 4th 1-3 pm).

To register for the Keynote, sign up here. To register for the Intra-Community Conversation, sign up here. To register for the Focus Group, email or call (512) 471-8770. The Facebook pages for the symposium, intra-community conversation and focus groups might also be helpful resources to distribute through social media.

The symposium is free and open to the public.

2. Register for Lavender Graduation!
Registration Deadline: 5/4
Registration: click here
Lavender Graduation is a special graduation ceremony that honors the achievements of graduating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally students on campus. Everyone is welcome to attend!
Please register by May 4th to be in the program, and be guaranteed a rainbow tassel and certificate day of the event.
Do you want to show your support even though you are not graduating? Students, staff and faculty are welcome to help make this a successful event by providing assistance with event set up and clean up. Email us to learn how you can help, if you have questions, or if you need accommodations at!
Keynote: Sebastián J. Colón-Otero, LCSW Diversity Coordinator-Latinx Community Liaison, Counseling and Mental Health Center
Lavender Graduation is co-hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Center, The Queer & Trans Students Alliance (QTSA) and the Queer Graduate Student Alliance (QGSA).

3. COLA’s Declassified Internship Survival Guide
The Liberal Arts Council’s New Member Class for Spring 2018 will be hosting COLA’s Declassified Internship Survival Guide, an event to address questions undergraduate students may have regarding the process of acquiring an internship, different options to proceed through the university once you’ve acquired the internship (i.e. scholarships, class credit, stipends, etc.), and other questions students may have regarding the internship experience.

In order to better focus our efforts, the LAC New Member class has created this survey that would be extremely beneficial if you filled out! If you have any questions feel free to contact Praveena Javvadi at her email:

4. Recurring Events at the Gender and Sexuality Center
Finding Our Voice: A Women of Color Discussion Group
Mondays, 12 PM - 1:30 PM
@SAC 2.112
This discussion group meets weekly in the GSC throughout the semester. They are not therapy groups but rather opportunities for students to connect and engage in authentic, respectful exploration of topics relevant to their experiences as women of color on UT’s campus. Your privacy will be respected. Interested students can drop in at any meeting. Contact the group facilitators with questions or to receive reminder emails.

HIV/HEP C Testing with C.A.R.E.
Tuesdays, 11 AM-2 PM
@SAC 2.112B

Queer Voices Discussion Group
Wednesdays , 12 PM - 1:30 PM
@SAC 2.112
This discussion group meets weekly in the GSC throughout the semester. They are not therapy groups but rather opportunities for students to connect and engage in authentic, respectful exploration of topics relevant to their experiences as queer students on UT’s campus. Your privacy will be respected. Interested students can drop in at any meeting. Contact the group facilitators with questions or to receive reminder emails.

Feminist Friday!
Fridays, 1 PM - 2 PM
@SAC 2.112
This weekly event is a space to put theory into practice. Open discussion is engaged around a specific theme each week. Also, it’s a great way to connect with other feminists on campus. Some past topics include: Music Videos, “the b word,” Gamergate, Street Harassment, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Politics of Black Women’s Hair, Getting Called Out, Men’s Role in Feminism, Not Seeing the Ocean for All the “Waves”: Reframing Mainstream Feminist Herstory, Feminism and Information: Access, Archives, and Activism in Today’s Digital Age, and panels on intersectionality, graduate school, and other topics. Join us every Friday from 1-2pm in the GSC.

5. Latinx Voices: A Supportive Group for Latinx Students
Tuesdays, 2pm - 3:45pm, GWB 1.130
Latinx Voices: A Supportive Group for Latinx Students meets weekly to engage in safe, inviting, and authentic discussion around students' experiences as Latinx graduate and undergraduate students on the UT campus. Students are welcome to discuss any and all topics that are relevant to their experiences (e.g., race relations, sociopolitical issues, immigration status or conditions, socioeconomic conditions, intersectionalities, political conditions/issues, academics, career development, gender, sexuality and dating, etc.)
There are no limits to what is discussed, and your privacy will be respected. You are welcome to join and bring a friend.
Please note that Latinx Voices Discussion Group is intended to offer a safe space for Latinx and Latinx -American identified students. The group is open to all Latinx identified students, regardless of identities, nationality or racial/ethnic background and/or immigration status. To ensure that the group offers a safe space, leaders will invite the group to explore their realities in the context of a discussion that affirms the existence of and psychosocial impact of all forms of marginalization and systemic oppression.
Willingness to engage in respectful conversation and to honor each other's privacy is the only requirement to attend.
Join us—students are not required to participate each week or for the entire discussion - drop in at your convenience. All groups are free of cost.
For more information, please contact Sebastian J Colón-Otero, LCSW, Diversity Coordinator from UT's Counseling and Mental Health Center or Natasha V. Saldaña Senior Academic Program Coordinator, Mexican American Latina/o Studies. 


1. Schwarzman Scholars
Schwarzman Scholars Info Session presented by Outreach and Selection Officer, Arlie Slonim, Wednesday, March 7th, 4:00pm, Room CLA 0.128, Register here

Schwarzman Scholars: Overview
Schwarzman Scholars is a highly-selective, fully-funded scholarship program, based at the distinguished Tsinghua University in Beijing, designed to ensure that the next generation of business, political and civil society leaders around the world can effectively serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world. We aim to achieve this by (1) recruiting promising young leaders from around the world, people who have the ambition and talent to take on executive roles in government, civil society, or business and who have a commitment to building understanding among people with differing perspectives; (2) educating them about China’s global role via a one-year Master’s in global affairs at Tsinghua and (3) linking them to senior mentors in their field in China and to their peers among China’s rising young leaders. You may also find it helpful to view this video introduction, this profile in the New York Times, and/or to download the program’s full brochure.

Application Opens in April 2018
Applications for the 2019-2020 class open April 2018, with selections made in November 2018. (Applicants with Chinese passports apply by May 2018, with selections made in September 2018).

Scholars will hone their leadership skills through a curriculum designed by leading academics from around the globe and frequent interactions with distinguished guest lecturers. Additionally, Scholars will spend considerable time outside the classroom developing firsthand exposure to China and its people through thematic study tours, a mentoring program and internships with key employers in Beijing. All classes will be taught in English, and students will have the opportunity to study Mandarin. Schwarzman Scholars will recruit an internationally diverse cohort each year, people who have the ambition and talent to take on executive roles in government, civil society, or business and who have a commitment to building understanding among people with differing perspectives, welcoming applicants up to age 28.

The program has been built with the support of donors from around the world and a distinguished Advisory Board consisting of important leaders including Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Tung Chee Hwa, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hank Paulson, Bob Rubin, Jim Wolfensohn, Richard Haas, Richard Levin, Sir Colin Lucas, Richard Brodhead, Nobel Laureate Chen Ning Yang, John Thornton, Yo-Yo Ma, and Bob Dudley. 

2. Genesis Program Startup Funding
On behalf of the Genesis Program, I'd like to encourage you to keep working on your big dreams. Anything worth something takes time, sweat, and tears. When you need funding to get over the next milestone, apply to the Genesis Program for pre-seed capital up to $5,000.

If you have questions or would like to look at some examples of awesome student startups, we just funded five incredible startups last semester:
• Cervelio is revolutionizing the way we listen to music. 
• Mudra is developing a low-cost prosthetic hand.
• RapidDiligence is making due diligence for website buyers easier.
• Automow automates lawn care.
• Health Monitor monitors your environment for optimal health.
Working on something awesome? Let us know by applying now or by meeting us at the 3rd UT Entrepreneurship Meetup--date and time TBA. 
Please email Katherine Allen, Director of Impact, at if you’re interested or have any questions.


1. Donate books to Room to Read at UT
Attention all Plan II-ers! Still have old books from your World Lit class? Trying to clear out some space on your book shelf? Just want to help the cause of girls' education and children's literacy both here in Austin and abroad?

If so, donate your books to Room to Read at UT! Poetry collections, novels, non-fiction, short-story collections, children's books, young adult literature... all are welcome! College-level books will be sold back to UT students as part of a "Blind Date With a Book" event, and books for younger children will be donated to underserved school libraries in Austin.

Every book makes a difference! Please place donations in the Room to Read box under the TV in the Plan II office. Alternatively, contact for a Room to Read member to collect your book(s) from you at your convenience. Feel free to contact for more information.

2. Become a Volunteer Note Taker for a Student with a Disability
Volunteer note takers provide an important service by ensuring students with a disability have full access to the material and information presented in class. Being a volunteer note taker requires no extra time or effort- you just share the notes you are already taking in class!

Being a volunteer note taker requires consistent class attendance and a willingness to share your notes after every class if there is a student with a disability who needs your notes. If your services are needed you will be eligible for service hours for the time you spend taking notes. SSD will provide verification of service hours at the end of the semester.

Complete the Volunteer Notetaker Application if you’re interested. Thanks for helping to make UT an accessible and inclusive environment for students with disabilities!
3. Become a UPrep Volunteer
UPrep is an outreach program with the purpose of promoting continuation in education among students in need. The college application process is often among the most difficult and most important tasks undertaken by high school students, and students in low-income homes are often at a significant disadvantage throughout the process due to a lack of assistance and resources.
Volunteers make weekly visits to Austin target high schools during lunch and after-school hours to offer assistance throughout the application process. Methods of assistance include providing financial aid and scholarship guidance, editing college essays, tutoring students for SAT/ACT admission tests, organization of materials, and general advice and mentorship.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email and include name, major, year and availability in the body of the email. More info: 

4. Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance
Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance is opening up applications for Fall 2018-Spring 2019. Both the positions of Volunteer Coordinator (2) and Outreach and Development. LARA is a service oriented organization that works with refugees in the area, and information about these positions are located in the application. Our next meeting is this Thursday 4/12 at 7 pm in WAG 308, if you're interested in learning more about our work or these positions please stop by or email


1. Plan II Queer Student Association (P2QSA)
Plan II students are starting a Plan 2 Queer Student Association (P2QSA). The intention and mission is broad - this organization seeks to build a community and network that supports and empowers Queer Plan II students. P2QSA recognizes that the best way to accomplish this is certainly open to interpretation. Therefore, P2QSA is meeting soon to share ideas and get the organization started. For those that are interested and want to receive more information, please fill out the following google interest form.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to

*Students are encouraged to research all study abroad opportunities and if possible speak to past student participants about their experience abroad before deciding on what program is the best fit for their academic goals and interests.* 

1. UT Austin International Office - Passport Services 
This is a reminder that the UT Austin International Office has a Full-Service Passport Acceptance Facility. Walk-in services are available for first time and passport renewal application assistance and passport/visa photos. Standard Processing is 4 to 6 weeks from the date you apply and Expedited processing is 2 to 3 weeks.  We are located at 2400 Nueces St, Second Floor-located in the UT International Office. Office Hours M,T,W 8-5 and Th,F 8-12 1-4 

For more information:
(512) 232-5899


1. Plan II Receptionists
Receptionists needed for the fall semester! Nine hours per week, ~$9 per hour, fixed schedule, access to Plan II cookies and the amazing P2 office staff! Learn more about the best job on campus by emailing Elsie Rebolloso at

2. Liberal Arts Dean’s Office - Now hiring peer advisors
The Student Division in the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office is now hiring Peer Advisors, to begin soon after school starts and paying $10/hr. This is not a work-study position. Interested students can find the detailed job posting on Hire a Longhorn under Job ID 70514. 

3.Opportunity for Active Student Leaders: Texas Civic Ambassadors Program
The Texas Civic Ambassador (TCA) program seeks to identify and cultivate student leaders around the state who will work to combat apathy and encourage more young people to get involved in civic life.

Texas Civic Ambassadors will receive:
Educational opportunities that will deepen their understanding of our democracy and the current state of civic life.
Training on tools and political skills required for a successful career in politics, civic engagement and community leadership.
Guidance for developing effective communication and outreach plans and programs; hosting nonpartisan/ bipartisan dialogues and events; research; writing; presentations; and innovative methods for audience engagement.
Mentorship from active political professionals or public servants.

Deadline is July 1, 2018.

4. The Daily Texan is hiring for the Summer
The Daily Texan is one of the oldest and most award-winning college newspapers in the country, serving the UT Austin community since 1900. The Texan is currently seeking staffers to work in all departments this summer: Opinion, News, Science&Tech, Life&Arts, Sports, Social Media, Podcast, Copy, Design, Photo, Video and Web. We will send more information to those indicating interest on this short form. Applicants are recommended to indicate interest by the May 6th to give enough time to complete the tryout process. However hiring decisions are made on a rolling basis, so the earlier the better.

Potential applicants and curious onlookers alike are encouraged to fill out the interest form, where we can answer any questions you might have about the application process or the Texan as a whole. For further details, contact Liza Anderson at

5. INSPIRE: Empowering Texas Women
The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies invites freshman women to apply to this leadership program! INSPIRE is a three-year program (sophomore to senior) that encourages undergraduates to think not only about their own future, but also about the future of their communities and what tools are necessary for social change. It provides community service, mentorship, internship, and leadership opportunities.

Application deadline is May 8, see the website for more information.

6. Apply to be a Colin Allred for Congress Summer Fellow
Help former NFL linebacker and civil rights attorney Colin Allred turn TX-32 blue! The Allred Campaign is looking for committed individuals who are passionate about politics and are willing to work hard to help get Colin elected. Summer Fellows work closely with the campaign sta . Potential fellows have the opportunity to apply for a full-time fellowship (40 hours per week), or a part-time fellowship (15 hours per week). The fellowship begins June 1 and runs until August 15, though participants will be admitted to the program on a rolling basis.

Applications should be sent to Cara at and include a resume and a brief explanation (<250 words) of why you want to join Team Colin.

7. Internship at Popspots
Popspots is a digital out-of-home advertising network that currently serves millions of ads per day and is set to grow substantially through 2018.

We are looking for a student with a passion for business development that can help us develop our brand and agency accounts. You will work directly with our CEO on a wide range of projects including industry research, account development, and sales strategy.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

- Managing brand advertising campaigns (Pepsi, 5 Hour, Red Bull, etc.) and communicating results to the associated accounts
- Developing market maps of advertising agencies and media buyers
- Leading outreach efforts for new accounts
- Writing and publishing content for our marketing website and industry publications

The job qualifications are:

- Interest in the advertising industry
- Business development skills
- Personal skills to create and foster relationships with small businesses
- Scrappiness and adaptability to handle the daily challenges of a small and rapidly growing start-up
- Strong writing and communication skills
- Fluent in both oral and written Spanish (not required, but very helpful)

See more information at HireUTexas or email Marlow Nickell at

8. World Class Global Business Services hiring Special Assistant to the CEO
The purpose of the role is to make the CEO better, faster, stronger and more effective by creating capacity for him to focus on the most important things. The best candidate will have the drive and dedication it takes to put the mission first and work diligently behind the scenes to make every single day a success. The ideal individual is highly ambitious in his/her pursuit of growth and achieving excellence but is also humble enough to do any task needing to be done. We are seeking someone who understands that their #1 priority is the CEO. Your job is to help the CEO be successful. Make him successful and you will be successful.
Log into your BTT Gateway account to see more about this position: LACS Job posting ID: 13825

9. Policy Internship Posting
TexPIRG is proud to begin receiving applications for semester-long unpaid internships during the spring and summer of 2018. As an intern with TexPIRG, you’ll help us educate and engage people on issues like solar energy, consumer rights, the democratic process, and Wall Street reform, all in an effort to enact policies that benefit the public. Whether it’s by getting the issue into the media, helping to grow our coalitions, or organizing events, you’ll be helping us build the public support it takes to win.
We are looking for people who are organized, responsible, have good written and verbal communication skills, and are able to take initiative on projects. The ideal candidate will be working toward a degree in political science, or related field, or have some campaign training or experience. Passion for the cause of combating powerful special interests is also weighed strongly.
To Apply, email with your resume and a short note about why you want the position. Rolling admissions.

10. US Department of State Consular Fellows Program
The Consular Fellows Program is a unique public service opportunity to represent America and contribute to making the world a better place, while serving in the role of a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State. You will use your proficiency in Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, or Spanish to promote America’s interests by assisting U.S. citizens abroad, fostering economic growth at home, and contributing to U.S. national security.

The Consular Fellows Program is a temporary appointment of up to five years that offers a competitive salary, paid housing for you and your family while overseas, and the opportunity to receive a recruitment bonus and participate in the Student Loan Repayment Plan (SLRP). Learn more about the Consular Fellows Program by visiting

11. IE Pre-Graduate School Internships
If you’re thinking about Graduate School consider enrolling in a Pre-Graduate School Internship. It’s an opportunity for bright UT students in ALL colleges and schools to work closely with a graduate student mentor. Discover the unique aspects of graduate study that make it distinct from the undergraduate experience and decide if graduate school is for you!

You’ll attend monthly workshops and meetings with other interns to discuss your experiences, plus you’ll get the opportunity to interact with faculty and graduate student panels. In addition, you and your graduate student mentor determine your projects and assignments for the semester collaboratively.

To find out more about the program and about how to enroll, please visit us here or contact Dr. Rick Cherwitz at:

12. Pre-Law Internship: TWDB seeking Intern for General Counsel’s Office
The Texas Water Development Board is proud to offer an unpaid internship program aimed at providing students with real-world training and skill development. The goal is to provide current college students or recent graduates with useful skills to complement their education and help them gain future employment opportunities. Beyond providing on-the-job experience in their desired field, internships at the TWDB give students both an inside look at state government and the opportunity to see first-hand how our important work has a direct impact on the citizens of Texas. Interns are afforded opportunities to interact with and learn from agency management while working closely with subject-matter-experts in their intended field.

Primary duties:
• Performs support work for division program areas
• Provides project assistance
• Conducts research as requested for various projects
• Prepares correspondence, reports, studies, forms and documents
• May research, compose, design, or edit agency publications, forms manuals and charts
• Assists with special projects
We accept applications for volunteer interns year around. We request that interns make a 3-month commitment, volunteering for a minimum of 10 hours a week. Start dates are flexible and typically coincide with school calendars such as:
• SUMMER: June - August
• FALL: September - December
• SPRING: January - May
Internships are available in the following office:
• General Counsel
How to Apply:
All volunteer intern applicants are required to submit the following either in person, by mail, facsimile or email.

• Internship Application
• Cover Letter of Interest
• Current Resume
• Copy of Transcript (unofficial)
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In Person: 1700 N. Congress Avenue, Suite 670 in Austin, Texas.
Fax: (512) 463-7644
Mail: Texas Water Development Board, HR Division, P.O. Box 13231, Austin, Texas 78711-3231
, Email:
If you have questions about the TWDB internship program, please contact HR at (512) 475-2142.
The Texas Water Development Board’s (TWDB) mission is to provide leadership, planning, financial assistance, information, and education for the conservation and responsible development of water for Texas. Our mission is a vital part of Texas’ overall vision and its mission and goals which relate to maintaining the viability of the state’s natural resources, health and economic development. To accomplish its goals of planning for the state’s water resources and for providing affordable water and wastewater services, the TWDB provides water planning, data collection and dissemination, financial assistance and technical assistance services to the citizens of Texas. 


1. SURE Walk
SURE Walk a jointly run program between Student Government and Parking and Transportation Services that utilizes student employees and volunteers to provide walking, cart, and automobile transportation options to fellow students, faculty, and staff in order to provide safe passage from campus to dorms, other academic buildings, and apartments within the SURE Walk boundary. 

You can request a SURE Walk seven days a week from 8:30 pm to 2 am. In order to request a SURE Walk, please call 512-232-9255 or email the SURE Walk team at  and two SURE Walk representatives located at Jester Dorm will meet you and accompany you to your destination.
This program is open to all students, faculty, and staff of The University of Texas at Austin. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of all members of the university community -- please join us in our commitment to enhancing campus safety and security and don’t forget to contact SURE Walk. We would be glad to tag along, provide great conversation, and ultimately keep you safe.
For more information visit:
Be Safe!

**follow SURE Walk on twitter @texassurewalk**

HOURS CHANGE: SURE Walk operating hours will be changing due to Daylight Saving Time. The spring hours of operation will be 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. This will take effect on March 12th. SURE Walk will be operating during spring break.
If you are on campus late and have concerns about your safety getting home, all students, faculty, and staff can request SURE Walkers to accompany them. Two SURE Walkers may accompany you on your walk home or provide a complimentary cart or car ride, depending on service area. To request a walk or ride, please call 512-232-9255 or follow the link to request a SURE Walk

2. UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)
The CMHC provides counseling, psychiatric, consultation, and prevention services that facilitate students’ academic and life goals and enhance their personal growth and well-being.  CMHC is a FANTASTIC resource for students, we STRONGLY encourage you to take advantage of their support services each semester. 
College of Liberal Arts CARE Counselor, Aaron Evans, LPC: Aaron Evans (pronouns: she/her) is a Therapist in the Counselors in Academic Residence (CARE) Program, a program that provides mental health services in academic offices to facilitate students' academic and life goals. Aaron provides individual, group and crisis counseling for students in the College of Liberal Arts. Aaron is also available to provide consultation to staff and prevention services.  Professional interests include how the body stores trauma, challenges in adjustment, family dynamics, mindfulness, and practicing compassion and acceptance toward self.   
How to connect with Aaron: (stop by during Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 1-2pm in GEB 2.214 no appointment needed, or via phone (512) 471-4003 please leave a message)

The CMHC Crisis Line is available 24/7 at 512-471-2255. 

Groups and Classes: All UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) groups are free and confidential.
For many concerns that college students face – like overwhelming emotions, difficult relationships and adjustments, academic problems – a group context is the best option for getting support. In fact, groups are often even more beneficial than 1-on-1 counseling. Groups, classes, and workshops offer a unique opportunity in which peer interactions facilitate self-improvement and the alleviation of suffering. Participants often find that they feel less alone in their struggles and that the group provides a sense of community.

At CMHC, we offer a wide variety of therapy groups, therapeutic classes, and skill-building workshops that address a range of student needs. Although some students are initially hesitant to consider participating in a group, those who join consistently find this form of support to be a very beneficial and positive experience. Click here to view the full list of groups available this fall:

New groups form each semester. Most therapy and support groups consist of about 5 to 10 members. Classes and workshops, which incorporate more education and skill-building, may be a bit larger. Most groups begin a few weeks into the semester and last 8 to 10 weeks (concluding before finals), though some may be shorter. In most cases, you have an opportunity to meet with the facilitator(s) to discuss your interest, while other groups can be attended on a drop-in basis.

If the group you’re interested in is full, you may wish to call (512) 471-3515 or come by CMHC Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm to discuss your needs.

If you have any questions about our groups, please contact Dr. Kate Czar, who oversees the group program, at (512) 471-3515.

Self-Care Activities/Resources: College can be really exciting, but it can also at times be stressful. Practicing self-care can help you manage the ups and downs of college life. Self-care refers to activities and practices that can help you to reduce your stress and enhance your overall well-being: essentially, proactively taking care of yourself. Self-care is essential in order to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.  Self-care is more than an occasional treat, but a way of living each day that incorporates practices and behaviors that help you feel refreshed, re-energized, and rested. Self-care helps you deal with the daily stresses in your life—from academic pressures, to interpersonal relationships, to future plans, and others. Everyone deals with stress differently, and everyone’s preference for practicing self-care is different as well.  Check out the interactive Thrive app, visit a MindBody Lab, and learn more about self-care here.

3. Free Rides from Campus with SURE Ride
Students, have you heard the good news? Every member of the UT Austin community can get free rides on LYFT through the new Parking and Transportation Services program called SURE Ride. Registered participants can request a ride from main campus to residential locations only including: homes, apartments, condos, and private dorms located in certain areas off campus, between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am, seven days per week. See list below for areas served.

How to Opt In:
If you would like to participate in the free SURE Ride program from PTS and Lyft, please opt-in with the email address you listed in the university directory here and you’ll receive an invitation. If it is not the same email address as you listed in the directory, you will not be able to use SURE Ride.
Once you Opt-In, you will receive an invitation from Lyft within 24 hours. Follow the prompts to get started.
Rides must be in "Personal Mode" AND Lyft Line for Promo to apply.
Where can SURE Ride take me?
Rides will be provided to residential areas that are served by following shuttle bus routes: West Campus (642), Lake Austin (663), Crossing Place (670), North Riverside (671), Lake Shore (672), Red River (653), Intramural Fields (656), and Far West (661).
This initiative is part of the Lyft Ride program and you may share your ride with others in the university community.
ADA accommodations coming soon!

4. Interpersonal Violence Peer Support & Confidential Advocates
UT Austin provides two free and confidential services for UT Austin students who have been impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination. We empower students by providing information, tools, and resources and by allowing students to determine the course of action that best fits their needs. We are trained to listen and work with students respectfully in whatever decision they make. When meeting with a confidential support person, students may share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. Services include, but are not limited to:

- Offering a safe and confidential setting to discuss questions, concerns, and experiences regarding an incident of interpersonal violence
- Engaging in respectful, active listening and emotional support
- Providing information about students’ rights and options regarding the Title IX reporting and investigation process
- Exploring academic, housing, medical, and/or financial accommodations and remedies
- Referrals for on and off campus resources

The Interpersonal Violence Peer Support program at UT Austin is a group of expertly trained undergraduate and graduate students who offer confidential, peer-based support to students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. Peer Supporters are available by appointment only. To schedule a meeting, students can email ( ), call (512) 471-6147 or complete an online appointment request form.

The Confidential Advocates at UT Austin are trained professional staff who provide individual support to students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. To schedule a non-urgent appointment with a Confidential Advocate, students can email ( ), call (512) 471-5017 or complete an online appointment request form.

The Interpersonal Violence Peer Support program is managed by Student Emergency Services in the Office of the Dean of Students, with a partnership between the Title IX Office and Voices Against Violence at the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

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