Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology


Graduate admissions process
. The lack of oversight of the graduate admissions process has resulted in a lack of consistency in how graduate applications are evaluated and the experience of prospective students during their visit to the department.  In Fall 2020, a more structured admissions process was implemented.  Within this process, recruiting faculty were explicitly asked to consider diversity as a priority and to highlight concerns about use of the GRE in graduate student applications.

Now that this first step (having a more standardized admission process) has been established, it will be important to move forward with additional efforts, which will include:

 1) Providing recruiting faculty with training on identifying biases that prevent effective evaluation and recruitment of minority candidates

2) Moving the graduate application deadline to November 15th(currently December 1st) to provide faculty more time to engage in a holistic evaluation of applications, consider diversity more thoroughly, and to reduce reliance on numeric based predictors of academic potential

3) Apply to eliminate the GRE as a requirement for admissions to the graduate program. This involves a lengthy process through the Graduate School that will be initiated in Fall 2020.


Graduate recruitment visit. In Fall 2020, a single graduate student visit day was implemented to create a sense of community for current and prospective students.  Now that this visit structure is in place, we would like to create opportunities for anti-racism, diversity, inclusivity programming into the visit day.  This programming will be developed in collaboration with the Department of Psychology Student Diversity Committee, the Psychology Graduate Student Association and the OIE. Within this visit structure, prospective students were allotted funds to cover travel expenses.  We will now evaluate the total costs to students to ensure that all travel costs are covered and visiting does not result in financial hardship.

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