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Department of Psychology



The Department of Psychology at UT Austin needs to support a departmental culture that 1) demonstrates intolerance of racism through encouragement and support of reporting of racism, 2) fosters strong, bidirectional communication between faculty and students, and 3) provides resources and skills training to students to support their success in the graduate program and beyond.  


  1. Acknowledging and reporting experience of racism. All students and faculty will be encouraged to use The Office for Inclusion and Equity (OIE) reporting mechanism to report experiences of racism.

  2. Department of Psychology Graduate Program Bootcamp. In discussions with the Graduate Student Advisory Committee regarding how to better support a diverse incoming graduate student cohort, the idea of a bootcamp – an immersive educational and training experience that has become an essential tool in academia - was developed.  The goal of the bootcamp will be to develop a sense of community, core skillsets and resources to help students thrive in the graduate program.  In Fall 2020, the department is providing financial support for all incoming graduate students to participate in a week-long bootcamp prior to the new student orientation sessions.  Finalization of the bootcamp program will incorporate the feedback of the Department of Psychology Student Diversity Committee and the Psychology Graduate Student Association.  This bootcamp will explicitly discuss the topic of racism (in addition to inclusivity and diversity) and these themes will also be reinforced throughout the bootcamp program.

  3. A voice for student committees. The department plans to create an infrastructure for increased student input in planning efforts related to hiring, training, admissions and diversity initiatives.  This infrastructure will involve more formalized coordination between the Department of Psychology Student Diversity Committee, the Psychology Graduate Student Association, the Department of Psychology Faculty Diversity Committee and the Executive Committee.

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