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The Departmental Honors Program

An Opportunity for Students of Psychology to Engage in Original Research

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Students interested in perhaps pursuing their own lines of inquiry may want to apply for the Departmental Honors Program. The program consists of four courses — PSY 458, PSY 359H, PSY 379H and PSY 158H — which are usually completed in a two-to-three semester sequence during your final semesters at UT. These courses would allow a student to complete an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member in the department.

Typically, students will find support and assistance with faculty whose interests are most closely aligned with the research topic. While PSY 359H, 379H and 158H are restricted to students admitted to the honors program, PSY 458 Experimental Psychology is open to all students meeting the GPA requirement (minimum 3.25 GPA in psychology). Taking this course prior to starting an honors project may help you to decide whether to apply to the program and could also become a pilot for whatever experiment you want to conduct through the honors program.


  • Two-Semester Sequence
  • Three Honors Courses
  • Original Research Project and Honors Thesis


The Honors Program in Psychology is designed to give outstanding students who plan a career in Psychology a unique opportunity to learn about and engage in original research. The program involves seminar and research practicum courses and requires the completion of an original research project, resulting in an Honors Thesis.

To Apply

* Admisson to the Psychology Honors Program is by application only

Eligibility Requirements

  • Psychology major
  • Overall UT GPA of at least 3.25
  • PSY GPA at least 3.5
  • Upper division standing
  • Completion of:
    • 6 hours of upper division PSY courses
       (not including PSY 357 or PSY 359)
    • PSY 301 and PSY 418

Additional Information

  • PSY 458 Experimental Psychology is also required of all honors students. It is recommended as a prerequisite for PSY 359H, but can be taken concurrently if necessary.
  • The application process also includes an interview with the Honors Advisor.
  • Participation in PSY 357 Undergraduate Research is highly recommended for all applicants.

To Graduate with Special Honors in Psychology

Fulfill the regular degree requirements for the BA/BS in Psychology plus three additional hours in the major, which includes the following coursework:

  • PSY 301
  • PSY 418
  • PSY 458
  • PSY 359H
  • PSY 379H
  • PSY 158H
  • 8 additional hours of upper division PSY courses in the areas designated by the degree plan
  • 5 additional hours of upper or lower division PSY courses

In addition to the above coursework, students who wish to graduate with Special Honors in Psychology must:

  • Maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.25
  • Maintain a PSY GPA of at least 3.5
  • Complete each PSY honors course with a 'B' or better
  • Complete at least 60 hours in residence at UT toward the BA degree

Course Descriptions

PSY 359H: A seminar course designed to give honors students the opportunity to discuss current issues in psychology research, to develop more advanced research skills, and to begin preparation for their individual honors research project. Students conduct a survey of research in their area of interest, and write an integrative literature review paper.

PSY 379H: A seminar course with an associated lab designed to give honors students the opportunity to continue their research review, discuss their findings, and receive feedback on their individual research projects.

PSY 158H: An individual instruction course in which honors students conduct and write up an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member.

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