College of Liberal Arts

MooovIn Hospitality Welcomes New Students

Friday Aug 20, 2010 | Participating residence halls

Warm welcomes from volunteers offering assistance will greet new and returning students and their parents moving in to residence halls at The University of Texas at Austin Aug.20-21.

Mooov-In 2010 will occur in and around the 15 residence halls here on the Forty Acres. The Division of Housing & Food Service is looking for volunteers to contribute in a number of ways:  giving directions, answering questions, handing out water or helping students find their new room. This is a great opportunity for you to show just how much our campus community cares for our students!

This campus-wide event helps establish the university as an institution genuinely interested in its students, and it promotes a wonderful sense of community on our campus.  However, Mooov-In cannot succeed without the help of our talented faculty and staff. You may volunteer for as many two-and-one-half hour shifts during either of the two days as you like.   Visit this website to register to volunteer.

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