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Dean's Circle

The College of Liberal Arts is proud to recognize alumni and friends who have committed to making an impact through annual gifts. Through their sustained generosity, donors create invaluable opportunities for innovative researchers and deserving students. 

College of Liberal Arts

Patton Hall

The Dean’s Circle is a group of donors who provide critical support that allows the college to seize opportunities as it strives toward its goal of excellence in Liberal Arts. All members will be invited to an annual Dean’s Circle event year. In addition, members are recognized on the Liberal Arts website and will receive periodic updates from the Dean.

The college continues to expand to benefit students, and has grown increasingly competitive on the national and international stages. To foster programs, scholarships, and research that shape the leaders of tomorrow, the college relies on the generosity of its donors.

Join us as we continue a tradition of excellence in the Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Become a part of this community that is changing the world.

  • Electronic updates from the college
  • Website recognition
  • Invitation to annual Dean’s Circle Event 
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  • Gold Level Donors ($20,000+)

    Joe Abel, M.D. Abel Co.

    Frederick Aldama

    David and Ellen Berman

    Mrs. Laura A. Beuerlein and Mr. Stephan D. Beuerlein

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Mrs. Judy Bloomquist

    Dr. Marvin Bloomquist

    Mary Braunagel-Brown, Ph.D.

    Dr. S. Bruce Brown

    Mr. Robert K. Conklin

    Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis Foundation

    Dr. Carolyn H. Denham and Mr. Robert E. Denham

    Mr. Martin W. Dies III

    David L. and Adrienne S. Draper

    Dr. Richard and Mrs. Carole Elledge

    Embrey Family Foundation

    Dr. Susan M. Escudier, M.D.

    Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Faulkner

    Drs. David G. Genecov and Lisa W. Genecov

    Mr. Michael and Mrs. Courtney Grigsby

    H. Malcom Macdonald Charitable Trust

    Dr. Charles R. Hale and Dr. Melissa C. Smith

    Dr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Hemphill

    Dr. Homer and Lucy Holt

    Garret C. House and Kimberly B. House

    Stephen H. Houston

    Sylvia Jabour and David Jabour

    The Joan & Keys A. Curry Foundation

    Mrs. Patricia H. Kelso

    James Everett and Betty Wilson Key

    Jeanne and Michael Klein

    Laura and John Arnold Foundation

    Joan D. Lewis, Ph.D.

    Mr. W. Austin Ligon

    Mr. Joe R. Long

    Dr. Fernando Macias-Garza and Dr. Adriana M. Pacheco Roldan

    Dr. Yi Mao, Atsec Information Security Corporation

    Roger J. Marrero

    Mr. Craig Massey

    Mr. J. Mark Metts

    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Mulva

    Dr. Mary R. Rose and Dr. Marc A. Musick

    Mr. and Mrs. D. Dudley Oldham

    Drs. James R. Yates and Alba A. Ortiz

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Patton, Jr.

    The Pearlman Family Foundation

    Ms. Jana Edwards and Mr. Frederick H. Poppe, Jr.

    Vasu Raja and Maureen Milligan

    Ms. Julia S. Tucker and Mr. Nicholas R. Rasmussen

    Robin Rather

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Reasoner

    Roberta Wright Reeves Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Robertson III

    Mr. J. Brett Robertson and Mrs. Jennifer Brow

    Scurlock Foundation

    Mrs. Claire Shia

    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Stedman and The Stedman West Foundation

    Eric B. Stumberg and Keri D. Giambrone-Stumberg

    The Bernard & Audre Rapoport Foundation

    The Dedman Foundation

    Mr. Robert C. Vaughn and Mrs. Fallon B. Vaughn

    Mrs. Marilyn M. White

    Ms. Kathleen S. Williams and Dr. Rebecca A. Lane
    Jay Williams and Dena Williams

    The Woodlands Endowment for Lifelong Learning (The WELL Fund)

    David Woodruff and Colleen Hobbs

    Gregg and Mariko Zeitlin

    Silver Level Donors ($10,000-19,999)

    Ellen Berman and David Berman

    Ms. Mary Dell Harrington Berning and Mr. Melvin J. Berning, Jr.

    Bill and Katie Weaver Charitable Trust

    Ms. Elizabeth Bucy

    Mr. Frank Bucy

    Matt Bucy

    Megan Bucy

    H.L. Burns and Maria Burns

    Dr. William R. Childs and Mrs. M. Suzanne Childs

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric O. English

    Mr. William P. Frisbie II

    Dr. Stephanie L. Kodack and Dr. David A. Garza

    Jo A. Giese and Edward W. Warren

    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hanna

    Dr. Jerald L. Head

    Ms. Meta B. Hunt

    Mr. Nomaan Husain

    Mrs. Emily Jacobson

    Mr. and Mrs. Campbell C. Lewis

    Mr. Glenn Lowenstein

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. McFarland

    Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Myers

    National Philanthropic Trust

    Once Upon a Time

    James and Ruth Pennebaker

    Mr. Donald Phillips

    Mr. and Mrs. Barrett H. Reasoner

    Scott and Marina Ring

    Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Joyce Sandweiss

    John and Page Schreck

    Reagan Silber

    The Marcus Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Walker

    Bill and Katie Weaver Charitable Trust and The Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation

    Mr. W. Thomas Weir

    Dr. Andrew B. White, Jr. and Mrs. Judith W. White

    Bronze Level Donors ($2,500-9,999)

    Kenneth Aboussie and Kamela Aboussie

    Mr. and Mrs. Fields Alexander

    Mr. Thomas Anthony Andreoli

    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Appleman

    Donald P. Atkins, M.D.

    Mr. Michael W. Barker

    Jon and Lou Bauman

    Mr. and Mrs. Bjorn Billhardt

    Phil and Sherri Bishop

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Blake, Jr.

    Curt Bludworth

    Ms. Carla A. Blumberg

    Ms. Marian L. Brancaccio

    Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Bresk

    James R. Brown

    John W. Caldwell, Jr.

    Ms. Shirley Ying Chan

    Dr. Stephen L. Chew and Dr. Daisy Y. Wong

    Quinn Connally

    Mr. Michael L. Cooper

    Baird J. Craft

    Mr. Morris S. Crim

    Mr. Paul DeCleva, Jr.

    Ms. Jessica DeLeon

    Yvon and Carol Delville

    Mrs. Wendy Denham

    Mr. Jim Derryberry

    Al and Julie Tindall DeVincentis

    Randy and Mary Diehl

    Dr. Wilson Dolman

    Dr. Juan M. Dominguez, Ph.D.

    Mr. Robert Dransfield

    Mr. & Mrs. William Clayborne Duvall, Jr.

    Mrs. Christine C. Egan

    Mrs. Cynthia Eigen

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Ellis, Jr.

    Mr. John Fainter

    Dr. Richard H. Finnell and Mrs. Susanna Finnell

    Mrs. Sara Friedman

    Mr. F. John Garza

    Ms. Pamela M. Giblin

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gilmer III

    Stephen and Meggie Gilstrap

    Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Goldberg

    Ms. Carolyn Holt Goldston

    Mr. Sanford Gottesman

    Mrs. Elena Goyanes

    Griffith Family Foundation

    Ms. Erika Griffith

    Judye and John Hartman

    Mr. John S. and Mrs. Judye G. Hartman

    Mr. Christopher L. Hartwell

    Dr. Mark D. Hayward and Ms. Linda S. Abbey

    Ms. Joyce Anne Hendy

    Ms. Mary Hickok

    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hicks

    Kathleen M. Higgins, Ph.D.

    Mr. Paul Humphreys

    Ms. Kathryn Blackbird and Mr. Craig Hurwitz

    Dr. Jane Joyce

    Mr. Spencer Kerr

    Mr. John Kilgore

    Mrs. Judy Koehl

    Mr. Michael Kuhn

    Ms. Julie C. Kyse

    Mr. Ryan L. Latham

    Ms. Virginia Lebermann and the Lebermann Foundation

    Dr. James Lehmann

    Rebecca Leibinger

    Mr. Bradley S. Lewis and Ms. Lori Wittlin

    Mr. Gregory O. Lipscomb

    Mr. Mark Lloyd

    Mr. E. James Lowrey, Sr.

    Erik Lawrence Ludtke

    Drs. David and Jane Malin

    Dr. Arthur Markman and Ms. Leora Orent

    Mr. Zal Masani

    Mr. Tal McAlister

    Mr. James W. McBride

    Dr. Melinda McFarland

    Mr. Richard McGaughy

    Mr. Cody McGregor

    Dr. Byron McKnight

    Mr. Jason McMinn

    Ms. Gloria Jeanette McWilliams

    Maggie and Steve Megaw

    Drs. Richard Meier and Madeline C. Sutherland-Meier

    Ms. Davida Mirin

    Mr. Benjamin J. Nale

    Mr. John O'Leary

    Dr. J. Olivelle

    Mr. Thomas Oliver

    Ms. Susan G. Palombo

    Drs. Lorraine S. and Thomas L. Pangle

    Mr. Richard Perkins

    Mrs. Carrie Phaneuf

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phaneuf

    Cyrena N. Pondrom, Ph.D.

    Mr. Russell S. Post

    Dr. and Mrs. Hervey A. Priddy

    Bethel and Jonathan Quander

    Roger C. Rabalais

    Mr. Mohan Rajagopalan

    Mr. Satish Rao

    Mr. Kevin S. Reed

    William and Teresa Reynolds

    Ms. Caitlin E. Rhodes

    Mrs. Janet Richter

    Mr. and Mrs. Whit Roberts

    Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson

    Mr. Sean P. Rodriguez

    Dr. Howard and Mrs. Melanie Rubin

    Ms. Maidie Ryan

    Mr. Bryson Santaguida

    Ms. Stefanie Scott

    Ms. Diane Selken

    Mr. Steven Seltzer

    Ms. Leslie Shaunty and Mr. Robert M. Topp

    Celeste Sheppard, M.D.

    David A. and Susan D. Sheppard

    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron P. Simpson

    Mr. and Mrs. Will Snyder

    Dr. Michael B. Stoff and Ms. Raquel Schuster

    Mr. William F. Stutts, Jr. and Ms. Susan P. Campbell

    Subhani Foundation

    Sam and Catherine Susser

    Mr. Michael A. Swartzendruber

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Temple

    Dr. Thomas Van Hoose

    Victor X. Villarreal

    Mr. Jeffrey Wade

    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Wagner

    Christopher Wagner and Keri Wagner

    Mr. Harlan Wakoff

    Ms. Diana Walters

    Mr. J. Thomas Ward

    Warren Skaaren Charitable Trust

    Patrick Williams and Stephanie Williams

    Mr. Tracy Wolstencroft

    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wombwell

    Mr. Adam J. Zaner and Mrs. Karin M. Zaner

    Friend Level Donors ($500-2,499)

    Chris Abbott

    Ms. Lynn Abell

    Mrs. Leticia Acosta

    Alan J. Alexander

    Ms. Asha Allam

    Mr. James Alsup

    Ms. Mena Amin

    Ms. Andrea Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Appleman

    Ms. Julia Ardery

    Dr. Kathleen M. Aronson

    Margaret and Wayne Arrington

    C. Ates

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Atkinson

    Dr. James Ayres

    Dr. Samuel Baker and Ms. Abby Rapoport-Baker

    Susan C. Baker, Ph.D.

    Mr. Vivek Bakshi

    Dr. Peter Balash and Beth Ane Jackson

    Mr. Stanley F. Baldwin

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Balz

    Dr. Kathleen S. Banks and Mr. Ben L. Banks

    Mr. Barry Barnett

    Dr. Franklin Barrera

    Mrs. Carol Querolo Bartz

    Ms. Karen Bates

    Dr. and Mrs. John M. Beall

    Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Bechtol

    Mr. and Mrs. John T. Beliveau

    Mr. Philip F. Benson

    Mr. Todd C. Benson

    Mr. and Ms. Steven Berger

    Dr. Daina Berry

    Barbara and Bill Binder

    Mr. Douglas A. Black

    Ms. Allison F. Bloom and Mr. Gabriel Rutman

    Mrs. Theodora Boehm

    Mr. Jeffrey Bonham

    Vice Admiral Raquel Bono

    Mr. James Boone

    Mrs. Anne Boyd

    Mr. Emir Boydag

    Mr. Alfred Brady

    Nancy Shelton Bratic

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bray IV

    Miss Michelle K. Brock

    Dr. Donald Brode and Susan Terrell

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brode

    Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Browder, Jr.

    Cynthia and Jay W. Brown

    Ms. Lisa A. Brown and Mr. Scott A. Durfee

    Mr. Alan M. Buie

    Mr. Keith Buker

    Ms. Helen Burge

    Dr. Thomas and Lori Burnham

    Mrs. Brenda Burt

    Mr. Shelby and Dr. Nell Bush

    Mr. Stephen Robert Butter, Jr.

    Ivan and Rachelle Calil

    Mr. Larry A. Campagna

    Mr. W. Ralph Canada, Jr.

    Mr. David A. Cantu

    Ms. Elizabeth Carey

    Ms. Leslie Carruth

    Dr. Daniela Bini and Dr. Joseph C. Carter, Jr

    Mr. Jason Cassady

    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Catterall

    Mr. Ruben Cavazos and Ms. Roxanna Ramirez

    Dr. Beth A. Chambers & Mr. James M. Chambers

    Monica G. Chartier

    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Chatham

    Ms. Christine L. Chemell

    Chien-Yu Chen and Ya-Ting Shieh

    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Chenoweth

    Dr. Young-Tae Cho

    Mr. Martin Chodorow

    Derrick Chubbs

    Ms. Jin Chun

    Mrs. Lisa W. Clawson

    Paul B. Clayton, Jr., Ph.D.

    Dr. Peter S. and Dorothy Cleaves

    Mr. Richard L. Cofer II

    Margaret Coleman

    Ms. Mary M. Collins

    Ms. Jody Conradt

    Mr. Jim F. Cook

    Mr. George Copeland

    Mr. Michael Corley

    Ms. Dawn Coronado and The Honorable Santiago Sybert Coronado

    Mr. John Corrigan

    Mr. Ira Coveler

    Mr. Jason Cox

    Dr. Jason Craft

    Dr. Judith M. Craig

    Mr. Eric Craven

    Mr. Robert Crawford

    Mr. R. Caven Crosnoe and Mrs. Sue Y. Crosnoe

    Elizabeth B. Cullingford, Ph.D.

    Dr. Mary Cunningham-Kruppa and Dr. Joseph E. Kruppa

    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Curtis

    Mr. Todd Curtis

    Mr. Peter D'Apice

    Mr. and Mrs. Josiah M. Daniel III

    Mr. Steven Hoang Dao

    Mr. Charles Dark

    Ms. Cheryl J. Cahoy and Mr. Barry I. Dauber

    Mr. David Davies

    Mr. Roderick Davis

    Mr. Victor de la Garza, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Nell de la Garza

    Dr. Jeremy S. Dean and Ms. Karin Akre

    Mr. Russell Deason and Mrs. Linda S. Deason

    Mr. Richard C. DeBerry and Mrs. Kelly E. DeBerry

    Mr. Thomas B. DeBesse

    David Deleon

    Dr. Manuel R. Diaz, Jr.

    Ms. Anne H. Dibble

    Mr. Patrick Martin Dies

    Sue and Earl Dittman

    Richard Donoghue and Erin E. Williams

    Mr. David A. Donohoe, Jr.

    Dr. William E. Doolittle

    Ms. Stacey Dore

    Dr. Tommy Douglas and Ms. Linda Shead

    Mr. Ross E. Dowling

    Ms. Jordan T. Downs

    Juliette Draper

    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Drumm

    Jeffrey M. Duban

    Marianne Dwight and Ed Dwight

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Egan

    Lawson F. Ellinor and Michelle S. Ellinor

    Mr. Billie J. Ellis

    Dr. Donald G. England

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Ennis, Jr.

    Dr. Edmund L. Erde and Mrs. Judy Erde

    Mrs. Chandra Erickson-Alger and Mr. Christopher Alger

    Paul F. Eschenfelder and Ann M. Eschenfelder

    Dr. Oloruntoyin O. Falola

    Ms. Parisa Fatehi-Weeks and Mr. Bryan Weeks

    William F. Feather and Sharon S. Feather

    John T. Fenoglio

    Marialice and Dillon Ferguson

    Richard P. Finney

    Ms. Susan S. Fisk

    Ms. Maria Luisa Flores and Mr. Scott M. Hendler

    Mr. Richard Flores

    Nancy S. Footer

    Chad W. Forsberg and Suzanne M. Forsberg

    Michael Fowler and Cynthia Fowler

    Chris Fox

    Ms. Shaleiah Fox

    Mr. Brandon W. Freeman

    Ms. Hilary Frisbie

    Karl Galinsky, Ph.D.

    Terry L. Galloway and Donna M. Nudd

    Elizabeth and Eric Gambrell

    Dr. Trinidad Garcia-Nava

    Juliet and Oscar Garcia

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Garrison

    Jeanne H. Gatoura

    Jeff and Lisa Genecov

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Geshwiler

    Deborah Gill and Jeff Gill

    Carl Glaze and Dixon Glaze

    Mary Dant & Gary Gleb

    Mr. and Mrs. Julius Glickman

    D.G. Goff

    Catherine C. Goode

    Stephanie Goodman and David Goodman

    John and Kristin Goodwin

    Charles Goss and Stephanie Goss

    Everardo Goyanes

    Jerry R. Grammer, Ph.D.

    Mr. Charles and Mrs. Jeanne Graves

    Mr. Andrew J. Gray IV

    Mrs. Carol Grant Gray and Mr. Ernest D. Gray

    Joy Green

    Mr. Rudolph H. Green and Ms. Joyce K. Christi

    Jenny Horan Greer & Jim Greer

    Mr. John Greytok

    Dr. Xinchen Gu

    Mr. Kent Guida

    Mrs. Manuela Gutt

    Janice Haaken

    Mr. Thomas Hagan

    Dr. Warren Joseph Hahn and Loraine Hahn

    Dr. Michael Hall

    Ms. Anne-Marie Happe

    Ms. Jennifer Hardy

    Ms. Paula Harris

    Mr. David Hartmann

    Ms. Mary W. Harwood

    Mr. Charles Hasenbank

    Mr. Todd L. Hasie

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hatfield

    Mrs. Suzette Hatfield

    Mr. William Hausle

    Robert Hawk

    The Honorable Albert Hawkins

    Mr. and Mrs. Derek R. Hawkins

    Ms. Jane Jachimczyk Hayman

    Ms. Kimberly Haynes

    Mr. Patrick Healy

    Ms. Kim L. Heilbrun

    Mrs. Brenda Hemphill

    Laura Hensley and Harold Hensley

    Mr. Jerry Hernandez

    Ms. Alyssa Hiarker

    Michael V. Hidalgo

    David Highland and Patricia Highland

    Mr. Charles F. Hinger

    Emily L. Hirsh, M.D.

    Mrs. Cynthia P. Hollenbeck and Paul H. Hollenbeck

    Mr. Harris Holley

    Ms. Linda Horn

    Dr. Russell Hoverman and Dr. Isabel Hoverman

    Diana Howard and Steve Pully

    The Honorable and Mrs. Harry L. Hudspeth

    Ms. Erica Huerta

    Mr. James Hughey

    Mr. Phillip Hunt

    Kitty and Robert Hunter

    Dr. Amy Hyne-Sutherland

    Katherine Icenhauer-Ramirez

    Michael Icenhauer

    Mrs. Melinda N. Jackson

    Mr. Vinit Jagdish

    John Jersin

    Dr. Jacqueline Jones and Professor Jeffrey B. Abramson

    Margaret and Mickey Jones

    Mrs. Mary Jones

    William E. Joor III and Rose Ann Medlin

    Ms. Lisa Karpos and Dr. Philip Karpos

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Kaska, Jr.

    Robert James Kavanagh, Jr., M.D.

    Ms. Arleas Kea

    Debi Kechely

    Dr. Royce Keilers and Dr. Elva Keilers

    Mr. Layton Keith

    Frank Keller

    Ms. Marsha Kelman

    Mr. Robert Kendrick

    Dr. Kirsten Kern

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kerr

    Mr. Barron U. Kidd

    Dr. Shannon Kilgore

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kilpatrick

    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kinney

    Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis-Kirk

    Ms. Sally S. Kleberg

    Dr. Anna Klis

    The Honorable Nancy Koenig

    Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C. Koenig

    Mr. Nathan Kracklauer

    Mr. Satish Krishnan

    Truett Kueck

    Mrs. Kitako Kureyama

    Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. LaChance

    Nina Lambright

    Mr. Jason S. Lamin

    Mr. and Mrs. N. John Lancaster, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lapeyre, Jr.

    Mr. Jeffrey Mark Larsen

    Mr. Michael Larson

    Dr. Mark Laussade

    Mr. Sergio Leal

    Mr. and Mrs. Hunter P. Lee

    Mrs. Lorraine Leftwich

    Mr. Edwin Lentz

    Mr. William L. Atkins and Ms. Myra L. Leo

    Dr. Lillian Liao

    Drs. Bernth O. and Judith W. Lindfors

    Ms. Laura Linhart-Kistner

    Ms. Lindsay Linhart

    Mr. Jeffrey Livarchik

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Livingston

    Dr. and Mrs. James N. Loehlin

    Mr. George Loughran

    Mr. Jeffrey Lowther

    Ms. Eleanor Luke

    Mr. Robert Lyon

    Mr. Paul Mackzum

    Ms. Taline Manassian

    Dr. Mollie Marchione and Dr. Barbara L. Jones

    Catherine Jurgensmeyer Martin

    Mr. Steven B. Martin

    Joy and Thomas Marvin

    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson K. Mason

    Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Mason

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Warren Matthews

    Dr. Laura E. Mayhall

    Mr. Paul McCarty

    Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. McClenon

    Mr. William McClintock

    Mrs. Rosa McCormick

    Dr. James T. McCracken

    Mr. Neil McDougall

    Dr. Dennis McFadden and Mrs. Nancy McFadden

    Mr. Michael McGinity

    Scott McHaney

    John and Virginia McIntyre

    Dr. and Mrs. Mick McKeown

    Ms. Kassandra McLaughlin

    Ms. Claire McLaurin

    Mr. Scott Mellon

    Elizabeth Mendoza

    Ms. Rachel Mersey

    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Methenitis

    Drs. Christie Jo Little and Bruce A. Meyer

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Meyer

    Michael Meyer

    Ronald and Jo Meyerson

    Mr. Justin Michalka

    Mr. Benjamin Miller

    Dr. Beth W. Miller

    Mr. Christopher Miller

    Gary and Joyce Mink

    Dawn Mirran and Salar Mirran

    Mr. Reza K. Mojtabaee-Zamani

    Mr. John Molinar

    Dr. Lisa L. Moore and Ms. Madge Darlington

    Ms. Joan Morgenstern

    Rosemary Morrow, Ph.D.

    Ms. Lauren Moser

    Matt Mueller and Cara Mueller

    Dr. Rashmi Mullur

    Dr. Jan E. Mutchler

    Mrs. Kathleen G. Myers

    Paul A. and Marcia Inger Navratil

    Ms. Wendy Nemer

    Dr. Jason S. Nethercut

    Ms. Casey Taylor Nice

    Dr. Neil B. Niman

    Linda Noble

    Dr. Charles North

    Ms. Rachel Northup

    Ms. Brenda Notermann

    Mr. Jan A. Notzon

    Dr. Turid S. & Philip Nybro

    Ms. Sarah O'Dell

    Mr. Carter L. and Mrs. Heather E. Olson

    Renee Ordeneaux

    Mr. Terry Orr

    Mrs. Andrea F. Otte

    Mrs. Georgia Paine

    Mr. and Mrs. Justin T. Painter

    Raymund A. Paredes, Ph.D.

    Mr. Christopher R. Parry

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Paslay

    Lauren Pate

    Gary W. Pearson

    Mr. William Peeler

    Mr. Robert H. Pees

    Dr. Bobby J. Perales

    Mr. Paul Perea

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Perkins

    Ms. Susan Pohl

    Ms. Jennifer Poppe

    Jeral Poskey and Sharon Chen

    Mrs. Karen Boyd Pou and Mr. Robert L. Pou

    Eric J. Pulaski Philanthropic Fund

    Ms. Lalana Pundisto

    Mr. Titus K. Purdy

    Nancy Quinn

    Ms. Arthi Rabbane

    Esther L. Raizen, Ph.D.

    Dr. Ruthine Raley

    Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Ramirez

    Drs. Chaula J. Rana and Robert A. Zajac

    Dr. Eileen Donohue and Mr. John N. Rando

    Erik Rasmussen

    The Honorable Julia Rathgeber

    Mrs. Courtney Raymond

    Mr. Alan Raynor

    Ms. Janet G. Redeker

    Ms. Mary Reed

    Mr. James Reeder

    Lara and Eric Reichle

    Ms. L'Tanya Richardson

    Mr. Matt R. Ridewood

    Mr. Jason A. Rios

    Amy & Charles Robinson, Robinson Value Management

    Mr. Diego Rodriguez

    Mr. Michael L. Rogers

    Mr. Scot M. Rogerson

    George Rosemond

    Barbara K. Rothschild and David P. Allen

    Ethan Russo

    The Honorable Frank Rynd

    Sonia Sahai and Adesh Ramchandran

    Dr. Maria Salinas

    Mr. Robert Sansom

    Mr. Gregory Sapire

    Ms. Archana Sastry

    Ms. Kellie R. Sauls

    Miles R. Sawyer-Wicker

    Ms. Kelsey Sawyer

    Ms. Joann Saylors

    Ms. Dee Schedler

    Mr. Steven Schleier

    Dr. David Schnyer

    Dr. Frank Schubert

    Dr. Christopher B. Schulze

    Mr. Michael Schwartz

    Mr. William Schwartz

    Ms. Jennifer Schwarz

    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Schweinfurth

    Mr. Curtis Seidlits

    Mrs. Jan Seiler

    Dr. Henry Selby

    Sellstrom/Muniz Family

    Mrs. Michelle Appelrouth Seltzer

    Mr. Scott Sharp

    Dr. Vikron Shenoy

    Drs. Dina M. and Joel F. Sherzer

    Ya-Ting Shieh

    Ms. Kelly Shield

    John Shockley

    Ms. Cristal Simon

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Sims

    Margaret Siu

    Dr. Cherise Smith and Mr. Geoffrey B. Sorrick

    Delana Smith

    Mr. Garrick Smith

    Mr. Jim Smith

    Mr. Robert Smith

    Dr. Shanna Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Julien R. Smythe

    Mrs. Sandra E. Snyder

    Dr. Patricia A. Somers

    Stuart Spechler and Cynthia Spechler

    Mr. Randall G. Speer

    Tara Terneny Speer

    Mr. Bradley Staats

    Mrs. Valerie Standifer

    John Steen and Ida Steen

    Mr. Daniel A. Steinhauser

    Dr. Joy Stevenson

    Dwight and Yvette Steward

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Stodghill

    Dr. Mary Suell

    Robert W. Sugerman, M.D.

    Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Sullivan

    Mr. James Summitt, Jr.

    Dr. Steven A. Sutton and Barbara T. Sutton

    Ms. Kristi Swartz

    Ms. Carter Tatum

    Ms. LeeAnn Tatum

    Mr. Chad Taylor

    Dr. Rabun Taylor

    Katherine Tedrick

    Mr. and Mrs. Li Ray Teng

    Mr. Len Tesoro

    Mr. James Thomas

    The Thompson Family

    Mrs. Nancy Thompson

    Mr. Ryan Thompson

    Lucas Thornton

    Mr. Richard Thorsten

    Basil Tilmon

    Peyton Townsend

    Mr. David Tritter

    Anne Truetzel

    Mr. and Mrs. David Truetzel

    Drs. Van N. and Thomas M. Truskett

    Dr. Jeffrey Tulis

    Dr. William Tully

    Alejandro Urbina

    Dr. James Versalovic

    Dr. Thomas Vetter

    Mr. Stuart Vogt

    Dr. Mariah Wade

    Ms. Maria Wagner

    Ms. Wendy L. Walker-Moore

    Lisa & Barron Wallace

    Lisa & Barron Wallace

    Mr. and Mrs. W. David Walter

    Mr. Donald Walters

    Denton Walthall

    Mrs. Patricia Waskowiak

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Watkins

    Mr. David Webb

    Mrs. Nancy Weeks

    Dr. Cole Wehrle

    Mr. David Weiser and Ms. Mary Crouter

    Dr. Brian Marks and Dr. Allison Welch

    Arlene Westover

    Mr. John Whatley

    Mr. Thomas L. Whatley

    Ms. Sarah H. Wieser

    Ms. Louise D. Actkinson

    Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilkenfeld

    John Wilkes and Vasilia T. Wilkes

    Kathy S. Williams, Ph.D.

    Donna F. Wilson, Ph.D.

    Jim and Lela Windham

    Ms. Sarah B. Wolfe

    Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Woodruff

    Elizabeth Wueste

    Don Charles Wukasch

    Dr. M. Charles Wukasch II and Mrs. Beata Backo-Wukasch

    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wynne III

    Mr. Stephen Yoch

    Mr. Evan Young

    Ms. Kristina H. Yu and Mr. Raimund McClain

    Dr. Susan Zane

    Alex Zaras

    Mr. Mark Zeidman

    Mr. Danchen Zhao

    This list represents members whose gifts were received between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your name was omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and notify us so we may correct the error. 

  • For questions regarding the Dean's Circle, email

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