College of Liberal Arts

Performing Blackness Series Presents Hip-Hop Theater Performance by Angela Kariotis

Friday Nov 6, 2009 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM | F. Loren Winship Drama Building (WIN), room 2.180

The John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies presents Streeetch Marks by Angela Kariotis, as part of the Performing Blackness Series.

Sreeetch Marks is about being born, the circumstances of our birth, what we are born into, and the legacies we inherit. Ancestral lineage, familial ties, blood bonds, and surpassing the summation of our factual information like name, sex, race, and address. Remix a fetal heartbeat and bust an amniotic flow, this is a play that jams not on the ancient Greek philosopher's favorite cerebral cipher question, "What is the meaning of life?", but instead politics, "What does it mean to be alive, anyway?" The work is written in character monologues, poetry, drama, and dialogue and is performed with the movement of waackin', vogueing, and mime. This is hip hop theater. It's serious and seriously funny.

Since 2002, Angela Kariotis has been performing across hyphens as a  community-based, hip-hop, Greek-American, writer-performer-activist from urban New Jersey. 


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