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‘Age of Globalization’ Now an E-book

Mon, Jan 27, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas — More than 1 million students worldwide have registered for MOOC courses on edX, and Prof. John Hoberman’s Age of Globalization was the first to be offered by UT Austin last fall. The course proved to be a popular choice with students of all ages hoping to learn more about the workings of our global society. 

For those who want to experience Age of Globalization for the first time or revisit it as a refresher, an enhanced e-book version of the course is now available for purchase on multiple platforms.

The new e-book from UTAustinX presents globalization as a fascinating spectacle that can be understood as global systems of competition and connectivity. It features all of Hoberman's lecture transcripts—edited and expanded—and includes video, audio, and graphic images that help bring the phenomenon of globalization to life.

According to Hoberman, a professor in the Department of Germanic Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, these man-made systems provide transport, communication, governance, and entertainment on a global scale.

“This course will help you understand the various players of this drama we call globalization,” says Hoberman. “This is a course for anyone—students, businesspersons, teachers—in the public or private sector who is interested in enhancing skills and knowledge, who wants to learn how to identify and analyze global systems and better understand how the world works.” 

The Age of Globalization e-book is available in the following platforms:

• Web-based ebook:

• Amazon Kindle ebook:

• Google Play ebook:

Hoberman also hopes to continue connecting those who are interested in the systems of globalization by connecting through these social media outlets:

Facebook page:

Twitter: @AgeofGlobal #ageofglobalization

Age of Globalization Daily:


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