Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

306. Rhetoric and Writing
An introductory writing course that includes instruction in practical reasoning and the principles of rhetoric.

306Q. Rhetoric and Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English
An introductory writing course that includes instruction in practical reasoning and the principles of rhetoric, as well as grammar and mechanics of Standard American English.

309K. Topics in Writing (TOPICS COURSE)
A writing course focused on studying and practicing methods of rhetorical analysis within the contexts of disputed issues of academic, political, or cultural significance. May be repeated once for credit when the topics vary.

309S. Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing
A writing course designed to teach advanced rhetorical analysis and advocacy on public issues.

310. Intermediate Expository Writing (formerly RHE 309L)
Intensive writing workshop, focusing on style and readability.

312. Writing in Digital Environments (formerly RHE 309M)
A writing course focusing on using, interpreting, and analyzing traditional and emerging technologies. Taught using networked computers.

315. Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
A writing course designed to teach students to analyze and produce visual and non-verbal forms of rhetoric.

321. Principles of Rhetoric
Examine major terms, issues, and approaches in the discipline of rhetoric and writing. Practice analysis and application.

325M. Advanced Writing
An advanced course designed to improve and refine writing.

328. Professional and Technical Writing for Liberal Arts Majors (TOPICS COURSE)
Examine genres, processes, contexts, and practices of technical and professional communication.

330C. Advanced Studies in Digital Rhetoric (TOPICS COURSE)
Examine the role of information technologies in communication and culture.

330D. History of Rhetoric (TOPICS COURSE)
Geographically and/or historically situates and examines figures, movements, traditions, and/or productions in rhetoric and public argument.

330E. Rhetorical Theory and Analysis (TOPICS COURSE)
Critically explores contemporary rhetorical theories and their analytical applications.

360M. Rhetoric and Writing for Teachers of English
An advanced course that examines theories of writing and writing pedagogy.

366. Internship in Rhetoric and Writing
Research and staff experience working in an appropriate non-profit, public-, or private-sector entity.

367R. Conference Course in Rhetoric and Writing
Supervised work on specific projects in rhetoric and writing.

368C. Writing Center Internship
Intensive reading, writing, and discussion in writing center theory and philosophy, tutoring methods, and writing pedagogy. Includes an introduction to sociolinguistics and a review of Standard American English usage and mechanics. Followed by a supervised apprenticeship as a peer consultant in the University Writing Center.

368E. Editing for Publication (TOPICS COURSE)
Advanced instruction in revising and editing for publication.

379C. Advanced Topics in Rhetoric and Writing
An advanced course focused on specific theories or practices of rhetoric and writing.

679HA and 679HB. Honors Tutorial Course
Research and development of a thesis/project topic and proposal followed by the writing and defense of an honors thesis or development and defense of an honors project. The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for two semesters. 
Prerequisite: For 679HA, upper-division standing, completion of at least six hours of upper-division rhetoric and writing courses, admission to the Rhetoric and Writing Honors Program, and consent of the honors adviser; for 679HB, credit for 679HA.