Department of Rhetoric & Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Declaring Major & Degree Plan

You should declare a major by the time you have completed 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework. You can officially declare a major by meeting with the Rhetoric and Writing Academic Advisor, Mitchell Ridsdale ( To schedule an appointment, call 512-471-5736 or stop by PAR 114.

Rhetoric & Writing Degree Plan

Major requirements for students following the 2016-2018, 2014-2016, and 2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalogs:

Major: Twenty-seven semester hours of coursework in rhetoric and writing, including at least eighteen hours of upper-division work.


  • Rhetoric and Writing 306, Rhetoric & Writing.
  • Rhetoric and Writing 321, Principles of Rhetoric.
  • Each of the following courses (any topic):
    a. Rhetoric and Writing 330C, Advanced Studies in Digital Rhetoric.
    b. Rhetoric and Writing 330D, History of Rhetoric.
    c. Rhetoric and Writing 330E, Rhetorical Theory and Analysis.
  • Three hours chosen from Rhetoric and Writing 310, 325M, 328 (any topic), 368C, and 368E.
  • Nine additional semester hours in rhetoric and writing, including six hours of upper-division coursework.

Major requirements for students following the 2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog:

  • 3 hours specified Rhetoric & Writing: RHE 306 Rhetoric & Writing
  • 3 hours specified upper-division Rhetoric & Writing: RHE 321 Principles of Rhetoric
  • 9 hours specified upper-division RHE (3 hours in each): RHE 330C Advanced Studies in Digital Rhetoric, RHE 330D History of Rhetoric, RHE 330E Rhetorical Theory & Analysis
  • 12 additional elective hours (including 6 upper-division) in Rhetoric and Writing