Slavic and Eurasian Studies

CZ 412L • Second-Year Czech II

43220 • Hilchey, Christian
Meets MW 11:00AM-12:00PM CBA 4.336
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Second Year Czech continues in developing communicative, reading, and writing skills.

Prerequisites: First Year Czech.

Readings: Susan Kresin, Czech for Fun (Cestina hrou).

Grading: Midterm 20%, Final Exam 20%, Participation, Quizzes, Presentations, Short Essays 60%.

CZ 507 • First-Year Czech II

43215 • Hilchey, Christian
Meets MW 10:00AM-11:00AM BUR 231
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The course is the second semester of an introduction to the Czech language with an emphasis on speaking, listening, and reading. In addition to the textbook, videos will be used not only to increase comprehension, but also to expose the student to Czech culture.

Attendance and active participation, while important to any course, are vital to foreign language study. Students are thus urged and expected to ask questions and contact the instructor in cases of uncertainty—whether regarding course content, assignments or any other aspect of the class. The instructor, in turn, will make every effort to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to student questions or concerns.

Grading: Short tests: 35%, Final exam: 15%, Homework: 15%, Quizzes: 10%, Attendance/participation: 15%, Portfolio: 10%

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