Slavic and Eurasian Studies

New Seminar Series:

Balkan Circle

The Balkan Circle is a weekly seminar where lectures, presentations, exhibits, or open interactive dialogues will focus on any (and all) aspects of historical, political, economic, social and cultural phenomena in the (so-called) Balkans. The seminar is free and open to the public and will be held every Friday from 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm in BUR 231, starting from the second week of the fall semester. 

Our seminar schedule covers a wide spectrum of intriguing topics, which range from the paranormal, as a cultural, historical and political phenomenon to archeology, anthropology and identity along the Danube.


September 13   

Dr. Mary Neuburger

Opening of the seminar series: Vanga and Liudmila: Power and the Paranormal in Socialist Bulgaria 


September 20

Dr. Kiril Avramov

Conspiracies in Action: Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Conspiratorial Cascades on Pro-Russian Vigilante Militias in Bulgaria and Serbia


September 27

Keith Wagner

Subject Positions in Martha Bibescu's Multilingual Epistolarity


October 4

Aleksej Demjanski

European Discourse on Press Freedom: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, & Italy


October 11

Dr. Vladislav Beronja 

Archive and Outrage: The Holocaust Fictions of Daša Drndić


October 18

Dr. Chelsi West Ohueri

Collective Shame and the Tension of "Race Talk" in Albania


October 25

Deirdre Smith

“The conditions of work were very difficult...”: The Yugoslav Art World as a Frame for Studying Self-Management


November 1

Dr. Adam Rabinowitz

The Histria Multiscalar Archaeological Project: Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, and Identity along the Danube


November 8

Dr. Amy Liu

Incorporating the Chinese in the Balkans: Migrant Networks in Comparative Perspective


November 15

Frane Karabatic

Language and Culture: Developing Open Access Online Materials for Teaching Elementary Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Through Performance-Based Culture-Centered Instruction


November 22

Mehmet Celik

Muslim Conversion to Bulgarian Orthodoxy in Early Post-Ottoman Bulgaria


December 6

Mirta Baselovic

EU failures in the Western Balkans


We'll be back in the spring with a whole new lineup!

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