Slavic and Eurasian Studies

The Future of the Past: Ten Years after Yugoslavia

APRIL 14-16, 2000

Goldsmith Hall Auditorium (3.120)


7:30          Welcome and Film Screening:    

Dusan Makavejev, Reminiscence and Prediction
Discussion with film maker follows screening


9:00          Murder, Guilt, Redemption

Moderator: Jasminka Udovicki

Zelimir Zilnik
"Yugoslavia did not Die, did not Fall Apart: it was Murdered: Towards the Clarification of a Murder"

Drinka Gojkovic
"The Future of the Region and the Question of Guilt"

Stojan Cerovic
"Debalkanization of the Balkans: The Road to Rehabilitation"

General Jovan Divjak
"The Future of the Future: The Road to Europe"

Alija Hodzic
"Possibilities of Stabilization in the Balkans"

1:30          Media, Democracy, Civil Society

Moderator: Peter Jelavich

Veran Matic
"The Independent Media in Serbia: Between Globalization and Isolation"

Dasa Silovic
"Civil Society Response to the Wars in Former Yugoslavia: Focus on Women's Groups"

Dusan Makavejev
"Serbia all the way to Tokyo"

Bogdan Denitch
"Prospects for Democratization in former Yugoslavia after the Elections in Croatia"

Naile Petrit-Imami
"Lessons of the past-Challenges of the Future"

5:00          Screening & Commentary:

Zelimir Zilnik
Tito for the Second Time Among the Serbs and new footage--working title: The New Berlin Wall



9:00          Language, Identity, Authenticity

Moderator: Andrew Wachtel

Juan Fernandez Eloriaga
"Yugoslavia: 'Total Recall' "

Velimir Viskovic
"Possibilities of Communication Between Cultures of the Former Yugoslav Republics: A Personal View."

Nikola Petkovic
"In my Father's Mobile Home: Identity Search, 'Bad Authenticity' and Limits of Essentialism"

Nenad Miscevic
"Interculturalism and the South-Slavic Territories"

Predrag Dojcinovic
"Marginalia on the Abolition of "Our" i.e. the Serbocroatian Language."

1:30          Exile and Return

Moderator: Bogdan Denitch

Ivo Slavnic
"Triumph of Hope over Experience"

Salim Kovacevic
President of the Council of Refugees in Slovenia and of the Committee for the Return to Bosnia-Herzegovina
"Ten Years of Separation from our Land: Ten Years of Suffering, Sadness and Pain"

Andrew Wachtel
"Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary ex-Yugoslav Literature"

Dita Dauti

4:00          Screening

Mitko Panov, rough cut of new documentary


The Future of the Past

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