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Photo of Paul Adams

Paul Adams

Master's candidate |

Education: MFA in Literature and Creative Writing, Texas State University

Interests: Literature and Culture of Southeastern Europe, (Mis)use of Ancient and Medieval History in Constructing Modern Ethnic Identities, Ethnic and Group Identity in Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Ottoman Southeastern Europe, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian language(s)

Photo of Cullan Bendig

Cullan Bendig

Master's candidate |
BUR 584

Education: B.A. in History and Political Science, University of Vermont

Interests: 19th and 20th century Central European history | Czech history | National identity | Persistence of cultural and economic institutions across regime changes | Imperialism | Public History

Photo of Jacob Bennett

Jacob Bennett

Graduate student

Interests: Russian history, Great Power politics, Russia-China relations

Photo of Samantha Farmer

Samantha Farmer

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A., History and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, minors in Comparative Literature and Women's/Gender Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Balkans, Central/Eastern Europe, Serbo-Croatian, 20th/21st century literature, literary theory, postcritique, translation studies, queer studies, postsocialism

Photo of Nicole Farrell

Nicole Farrell

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A. in History, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A. in History, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: WWII-era Poland, Jewish identity in Poland (historical and contemporary), urban and museum studies in Warsaw, far-right/nationalist politics in Poland

Photo of Alexandra Ni Guerrero

Alexandra Ni Guerrero

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. in Psychology and Russian Studies, UCLA

Interests: National Security | U.S. - Russia politics | Central Asia

Photo of Adam Hanzel

Adam Hanzel

Master's Candidate |

Education: B.A. in Russian, E European & Eurasian Studies; B.A. in Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Russian Far Right Ideation | Russian Orthodox Church Socio-Political Ideology | Propaganda Analysis | Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Federation Symphonia | Russian Orthodox Church Missions | Old Believers | Computational Linguistics | Sentiment Analysis | Deep Learning and Neural Networks | natural language processing | discourse and pragmatics | NLP in social contexts.

Photo of Lindsay Hodge

Lindsay Hodge

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A. International Studies and Russian Language; Minor: Economics, University of South Alabama

Interests: International Trade and Finance, US-Russia Relations

Photo of Zachary Johnson

Zachary Johnson

Graduate student |

Interests: Russian Language, Russian Geopolitics, Soviet History, Khrushchev Era/de-Stalinization , US-Russia Relations & Diplomacy in the Age of Putin , American Business interests in Eastern Europe

Photo of Alexandra Jovanovic

Alexandra Jovanovic

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. in International Security Studies, University of Oklahoma

Interests: International Security, Nuclear Policy, Energy & Security, U.S.-Russia Relations

Photo of Michael Jurkovic

Michael Jurkovic

Master's candidate

Education: BA, History and Language Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Interests: Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnian Croatian Serbian languages, Russia, Russian language, Russian and Soviet History, ethnic identity, nationalism, Cold War, Eastern European film

Photo of Michael Kiel

Michael Kiel

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A. in German and Geography, Vassar College

Interests: Russian; German; Geography; Central Asia; Balkans; Caucuses; International Development; Democracy Promotion; Cities

Photo of Nicholas Laznovsky

Nicholas Laznovsky

Masters Candidate

Education: B.A. in Modern Language Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio

Interests: Chechen Identity History, Russia's relationship with Chechnya, Contemporary Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Digital Ethnographic Studies of virtual phenomenons.

Photo of Matthew Orr

Matthew Orr

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. in Russian Language and Literature, The George Washington University

Interests: Civic Education in Russia, Democratization in the Post-Soviet Space, Contemporary Russian Literature, US-Russian Relations

Photo of Terry Orr

Terry Orr

Master's Candidate |
512 304 0909

Education: BA Classical Archaeology, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Romanian culture, language, and political transformation since overthrow of Communist regime.  Romanian Orthodox Church iconography.

Photo of Thomas Rehnquist

Thomas Rehnquist

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. History, Bowdoin College

Interests: Russian and Soviet History, Soviet Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, Film, Basketball

Photo of Kaitlin Scott

Kaitlin Scott

Graduate student

Education: B.A. International Relations and Global Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Russian Language, Art & Literature, Culture, History, Diplomacy/Relations, Democracy, Cuisine | American-Russian Relations | American Diplomacy | International Security | Cyberterrorism | Counterterrorism

Photo of Lera Toropin

Lera Toropin

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A. in Japanese, minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Penn State University

Interests: Post-Soviet Russia, Putinism, grassroots cultural exchange programs, U.S.-Russia relations, foreign diplomacy, national security, relationship between Russia's government and its citizens, Russian political protests

Photo of Sarah Van Hoose

Sarah Van Hoose

Graduate student

Education: B.A. History, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Czech language, Military History, First World War, Russian Revolution, Czechoslovak Legion, Memory Studies

Photo of Neal Vogel

Neal Vogel

Master’s Candidate |

Education: BA History, Baylor University

Interests: Russian Cultural History, History of Identities, Slavic Literature

Photo of Theodore Warner

Theodore Warner

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Texas State University

Interests: Diplomacy, National Security, Russia-United States Relations, Russian Political Culture

Photo of Lucia Winkeler

Lucia Winkeler

Master's candidate

Education: B.A. of International Studies (Politics and Diplomacy focus) and Modern Languages (Russian), Texas A&M University

Interests: U.S. foreign policy; U.S.-Russian relations; Russian relations to its near abroad; South Caucasus region; international security

Photo of Kathryn Yegorov-Crate

Kathryn Yegorov-Crate

Master's Candidate

Education: B.A. International Studies, B.A. Slavic Languages & Literatures with a focus in Russian, minor in Anthropology, Indiana University Bloomington

Interests: Indigeneity, Indigenous peoples of the Circumpolar North, ethnic minorities in Russia, non-Slavic Russians, decolonization, climate change, environmental racism

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