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Dr. Joan Neuberger’s Digital Archive on Best Historical Materials List

Tue, February 5, 2019
Dr. Joan Neuberger’s Digital Archive on Best Historical Materials List

In Spring 2018, graduate students in the Public and Digital History Seminar at UT Austin were tasked with coming up with a way to make UT’s extensive archives accessible to the public. Each student, guided by Dr. Joan Neuberger (History/Slavic) and helped along the way by UT librarians, was responsible for not only gathering/making sense of the documents, but also building their own website to distribute the material and writing lesson plans so that educators could incorporate the archives into their own classrooms. It was a tall order. But the students came through.

The Public Archive on Not Even Past is the result of that quest and, though already an invaluable asset to our community, the archive has the additional honor of having been selected as one of 2018’s Best Historical Materials, as determined by the Historical Materials Committee of the American Library Association’s Reference and User Services Association.

The topics the students covered vary greatly, which brings and even wider audience to the table. Documents relating to cultural fabrics, mercenary monks, food migration, earthquakes, revolts, and Sesame Street can all be found within the archive. The records are supplemented by student-written blog posts, which further decipher their value, and lesson plans with historically relevant activities, which involve everything from studying the justification of violence (undergrad), to making mayonnaise cake (kindergarten).

For more information on Dr. Neuberger’s other contributions to public history, visit:

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