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University of Texas Students

During a challenging time like this, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and other campus resources are available to support you.
Advisors in ISSS are here for you. Please  for any support you may need.


Ukrainian Students at US Universities

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund will rush aid to Ukrainian students in need who are studying at U.S. colleges and universities. Support IIE’s Emergency Student Fund to rush financial assistance to these students.

Ukrainian Students at European Universities

University College London Academic Sanctuary Fellowship Scheme


External List of Resources for Helping Displaced Scholars


Faculty/Staff Recommendations

Mary Neuburger (Professor of History, Director of CREEES)
Craig Campbell (Associate Professor, Anthropology)
Maria Sidorkina (Assistant Professor, Slavic & Eurasian Studies)
Chelsi West Ohueri (Assistant Professor, Slavic & Eurasian Studies)
Agnes Sekowski (Assistant Director of CREEES)
Mary Neuburger
An excellent analysis, by a career military historian, of how weak Russia's position in Ukraine is in the face of Ukraine's coordinated resistance.

Craig Campbell 

Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute. They note: “Russia’s war in Ukraine began in 2014 and has continued for the past eight years. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, initiating a full-scale war and elevating the crisis to a new level. What is motivating Putin’s moves now, and what background do we need to understand why? The resources on this page help explain.”

Bilous, Taras. 2022. “A letter to the Western Left from Kyiv”, Commons, February 25,

Hall, Derek. 2022. “Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Response to David Harvey” February 28, 2022.  [The famous marxist geographer David Harvey recently wrote a post about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The flaws in his argument are eloquently discussed in this post by Derek Hall.  ~Craig Campbell]

Hirsch, Francine. 2022. “Putin’s Memory Laws Set the Stage for His War in Ukraine.Lawfare. February 28, 2022. [I’m a big fan of Hirsch’s historical work, in particular Empire of Nations].

Sorokin, Vladimir. 2022. “Vladimir Putin Sits atop a Crumbling Pyramid of Power.The Guardian, February 27, 2022, sec. Opinion. 

Devlin, Kayleen, and Olga Robinson. 2022. “Ukraine Crisis: Is Russia Waging an Information War?BBC News, February 23, 2022, sec. Reality Check. 

Dunn, Elizabeth Cullen, and Michael S. Bobick. 2014. “The Empire Strikes Back: War without War and Occupation without Occupation in the Russian Sphere of Influence.” American Ethnologist 41 (3): 405–13.

Gessen, Keith. 2022. “Was It Inevitable? A Short History of Russia’s War on Ukraine.” The Guardian, March 11, 2022, sec. World news.

Barbaro, Michael, Mooj Zadie, Rachel Quester, Rachelle Bonja, Rikki Novetsky, Paige Cowett, John Ketchum, Dan Powell, and Chris Wood. 2022. “The Story Behind a Defining War Photo.” The New York Times, March 15, 2022, sec. Podcasts.

Tavernise, Sabrina, Asthaa Chaturvedi, Diana Nguyen, Kaitlin Roberts, Rob Szypko, Michael Simon Johnson, Marc Georges, Lisa Chow, Marion Lozano, and Chris Wood. 2022. “How Russians See the War in Ukraine.” The New York Times, March 14, 2022, sec. Podcasts.

On the Media. n.d. “The Death of Historical Memory in Russia.” Accessed March 16, 2022a.

———. n.d. “The Escape.” Accessed March 16, 2022b.

Maria Sidorkina

Ukraine w/ Volodymyr Ishchenko

An in-depth interview on the historical and political-economic context of the Ukraine crisis with Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko.

Read Volodymyr’s other work: 

Tony Wood on Russia:

Chelsi West Ohueri

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a journalist and scholar who specializes in the subject of race in Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. He is currently based in Ukraine right now and last week was featured on the NPR show 1A. This episode is a bit dated at this point but many may find the roundtable conversation helpful plus Starr’s analyses (including those from his social media accounts) provide nuanced discussions about race. Follow him on Twitter: @terrelljstarr

Agnes Sekowski

Masha Gessen:



UT CREEES YouTube Channel

The following are from CREEES-affiliated faculty and students:


Slavic Connexion Podcast (hosted by CREEES Graduate Students)
Putin's War in Ukraine: The History of the Conflict with David Marples
Putin's War in Ukraine: "Truth will be told" with Alex Kokcharov
This is Democracy Podcast
This is Democracy – Episode 185: Ukraine Invasion by Russia with Jeremi Suri
Essential Geopolitics with CREEES MA Alumnus Matthew Orr



DSES/CREEES Assistant Professor of Instruction Oksana Lutsyshyna
"I'm Lucky My Parents Were Peasants"
Global Disinformation Lab Director and CREEES Assistant Professor Kiril Avramov: 
"How the Letter 'Z' Fits Into the History of Russian Propaganda Efforts"
Professor Jeremi Suri, LBJ School of Public Affairs:
“Ukraine and the Economy will Dominate Biden’s State of the Union Address, Voice of America (28 February 2022).
“What to Expect from Biden’s State of the Union Address,” Courthouse News Service (28 February 2022)
CREEES MA Alumnus Matt Orr:
Biden's Comments on Ukraine Won't Change Russia’s Calculus"
CREEES MA Alumnus Audrius Rickus:
"Baseless claims of ‘denazification’ have underscored Russian aggression since World War II"
History PhD student Rebecca Johnston:
"The Only Russian Official Angrier Than Putin at How Things Are Going in Ukraine"



CREEES Professor Steven Seegel:
"What's at Stake for America as Tensions Soar in Ukraine/Russia Conflict"
Professor Robert Moser and Associate Professor Patrick McDonald (Government):
"UT Austin Experts Break Down Russia/Ukraine Situation"
CREEES MA student Misha Symanovskyy:
"US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine Conflict"
CREEES MA Alumnus Matt Orr:
"Things will continue to get worse: Analyst on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine"



Professor Jeremi Suri, LBJ School of Public Affairs:

25 February 2022, Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio, How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Harms World Order

23 February 2022, Texas Standard, Public Radio on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

25 January 2022, Texas Standard, Public Radio on preventing a Russian invasion of Ukraine 




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