Department of Spanish and Portuguese

PhD Degrees Conferred And Dissertation Titles

Summer 2020

-Debbie Cifuentes Ramírez, Studying That Which Cannot Be Read, Heard, or Seen: Transgenerational Traumas of 1.5 and 2nd Generation Salvadorans and Guatemalans

-Christian Elguera, Traducciones Territoriales: la Defensa de Territorios Indígenas en Perú y en Brazil (1960-2000)

-Joshua Frank, An Experimental Approach to Recomplementation: Evidence from Monolingual and Bilingual Spanish

Spring 2020

-Salvatore Callesano, Perceptual Dialectology, Mediatization, and Idioms: Exploring Communities in Miami

-Lauren Peña, Spatial Politics in Contemporary Cuban Cinema (1987-2016); Clandestinidad, Ostracism, and Confinement

-Gabriela Pérez, Queer Imagined Communities in Diasporic Caribbean Literature

-Alida Louisa Perrine, Black Women’s Cultural Resistance in Brazil: Reading Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century

Fall 2019

-Vivian Flanzer, The Pragmatics of Greetings and Leave-Takings in Brazil and the United States a Cross-Cultural Study

-Natalie Rangel, A Sociolinguistics Study of Social Satisfaction and Language Practices in the South Texas Border Town Laredo, Texas

-Adrian Riccelli, The Subject Domain in Cabo-Verdean Creole: Combining Variationist Sociolinguistics and Formal Approaches

-Ruth Rubio-Gilbertson, Blindness and Literary Representation in the Neoliberal Era: Chile and Mexico (1995-2015)

Spring 2019

- José Ignacio Carvajal Regidor, “RI UTZ’IB’AXIK RI OJER CH’AKATAJIK. The Writings(s) of Reduction: Maya Written Responses to Colonialism in the Guatemalan Highlands During the Early Colonial Period”

-Daniela Cristina Leal Miereles, “Discursos Pan-Americanos e Transbrasilidade nos Seculos XX e XXI”

Fall 2018

-Sarah Elizabeth Nicholus, "Queering Tradition: LGBT + Cultural Production in the Brazilian Northeast"

-Daniela MacGregor Sevilla"Teaching Mexico: The Pedagogy and Prose of el Maestro Rural (1932-1940)"

Summer 2018

-Steven Michael Alcorn, "The Role. Of L2 Experience in L1 Phonotactic Restructuring in Sequential Bilinguals"

-Arno Argueta, "Mapping the Wastelands: Spectacles of Wasting in Neoliberal Brazilian and Mexican Film"

-Célia Martins Cordeiro, "Travessias Luso-Afro-Brasileiras: Mobilidades de Mulheres Portuguesas e a Reinvecao de Espacos Culturais (1950-Present)"

-HyunJee Yoon, "Corrective Feedback and Learner Uptake in Spanish Heritage Speaker-Learner and Learner-Learner Interaction"

Fall 2017

-Sandra Bernal Heredia, "Sonidos e Imágenes Heterogéneas: Presentaciones de Subjetividades Indígenas y Cholas de los Andes en Lima, Perú"

-Jessica Carey-Webb, "Rubber Boom Narratives and the Development of the Amazon"

-Esther Díaz Martín, "Radiophonic Feminisms: The Sounds and Voices of Contemporary Latina Radio Hosts in the U. S. Southwest 1990-2017"

-Samuel Ginsburg, "The Cyborg Caribbean: Bodies, Technology, and The Struggle for (Post)Humanity in 21st-Century Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican Science Fiction"

-Catalina Iannone, "Contemporary Iberian Migrations: discourse, Race, and Urban Space in Lavapiés and Mouraria"

-Diana Norton, "Writing foreign Stardom Under Autrachy: Affect, Nationalism and the Americas in Early Franquista Spanish"

-Valeria Rey de Castro, "Desafiar la Memoria, Iluminar Subjetividades en la Literatura Argentina Contemporánea"

Fall 2017

-Jeffrey Michno, "Nicaragua y ¿Vos, Tú, o Usted? Pronoun use and identity construction in an Area of Recent Linguistic and Cultural Contact"

-Adriano Trovato, "A Sociophonetic Analysis of Contact Spanish in the United States: Labiodentalization and Labial Consonant"

Summer 2017

-Brendan Regan, "The Effect of Dialect Contact and Social Identity of Fricative Demerger"

-Jacqueline Serigos, "Applying Corpus and Computational Methods to Loanword Research: New Approaches to Anglicism in Spanish"

Spring 2017

-Samuel Cannon, "Drawing Crime and Justice in Latin American Crime Comics and Graphic Novels 1970-2015"

-Tyson Echelle, "A Funny Place for Counter-Hegemonic Discourse: Sketch Comedy on Argentinian Television"

-Robyn Wright, "The Madrileño EJKE: A study of the Perception and Production of Velarized /S/ in Madrid"

Fall 2016

-Brian Bobbitt, "Refusing To Be Buried Alive: Burial and African Immigration in Afro-Spanish Literature"

Spring 2016

-Stephanie Malak, "Transcending Immanence: Poetic Reason and Mysticality in Twentieth Century Christian and Jewish Latin American Poetics"

-Sandra Sotelo-Miller, "Hazme un GUAGUIS: The Politics pr Relajo, Humor, Gender and Sexuality in Teatro de Revista, Teatro de Carpa and Cabaret Politico in Mexico"

-James Staig Limidoro, "Cuerpos Resonantes: Sonidos y Voces en la Poesía del Caribe y el Cono Sur 1930-1980"

Summer 2015

-Adam Coon, "IAJKI Estados Onidos/She Went to the U. S.: Nahua Identities in Migration Within Contemporary Nahua Literature, 1985-2014"

-Ashwini Ganeshan, "Case Marking in Spanish Reverse Psychological Verbs: A Lexical Semantic Perspective"

Spring 2015

-René Carrasco, "Grámatica de la redención: Genealogía de las lógicas discursivas del indigenismo en México"

-Mary Margaret Dowdy, "Enchufad@s: Representations of the Internet and New Technologies in Queer Latin American Literatures"

-Ashwini Ganeshan, "Case marking in Spanish reverse psychological verbs: A lexical semantic perspective"

-Matthew Hill, "Intercolonial Currents: Printing Press and Book circulation in the Spanish Philippines, 1571-1821"

-Dorian Lee Jackson, "The Other Side: An alternate Approach to the Narconarratives of Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil"

-Sean Manning, "TECTONICS OF THE POETIC SELF The Formation of Juan Larrea and Lorenzo García Vega"

-Christina McCoy, "The Self as Subject, and the Subjected Self: Networks of Being and Becoming in Miguel de Cervantes and Antonio de Sosa"

-Amy Olen, "Discourse and Identity in Guatemala: Imaginaries of Indigeneity and Luis de Lión’s Decolonial Grito/Llanto"

-Adriana Pacheco, "Retórica católica en el siglo XIX en México.  De 'ángel del hogar' a 'ángel viril'"

-Francis Watlington, "Re-humanizando al sujeto alineado: Extrañamientos de lo masculino en la narrativa existencial cubana"

-Giulianna Zambrano, "Narrativas del confinamiento corporizantes: Justicia inminente en Francisco Matos Paoli, José Revuletas y Reinaldo Arenas"

Fall 2014

-Arthur Herman Wendorf, “El mundo de comida: The Relative Effectiveness of Videogame Feedback and Classroom Feedback in Helping Students Learn Spanish Food Vocabulary on a Videogame"

Spring 2014

-Brandon Baird, "An acoustic analysis of Spanish-K'ichee' (Mayan) bilingual intonation".

-Enrique González-Conty, "Archiving the Revolution: Claiming History in Cuban Literature and Film".

-Eliseo Jacob, "Literatura periférica and Ghetto Fiction: Urban Space and Citizenry in São Paulo and New York".

-Jennifer Lang-Rigal, "El cantito cordobés: a perceptual and experimental phonetic approach to dialect stereotypes".

-Paula Park, "Transcolonial Sounds: Dissonances in Cuban and Filipino Literature".

-Nancy Tille-Victorica, "The Corporeality of Trauma, Memory and Resistance: Writing the Female Body in Contemporary Fiction from Chile and Argentina".

-Cecilia Tocaimaza, "Metatalk and its Effect on Processes of L2 Vocabulary Development".

Fall 2013

-Cuitláhuac Chávez, "The Mythical Figure of Pancho Villa as an Icon of National Identity and Masculinity in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico Border Region".

 -Rodrigo Lopes de Barros, "Cities Under the Sun: Urban Imagery in Cuban and Brazilian Avant-garde Art and Literature".

 -Robert Sauveur, "Emergence of Comprehension of Spanish Second Language Requests".

 -Rachel Showstack, "Ideology and Identity in Heritage Language Classroom Discursive Practices”.

Spring 2013

-Qing Ai, "Nostalgia imperial: Crónicas de viajeros españoles por China (1870-1910)".

-Mark Amengual, "An experimental approach to phonetic transfer in the production and perception of early Spanish-Catalan bilinguals". 

-Regan Boxwell, “Re-centering Central America: Women Writers Undisplaced”

-Joseph Fees, "New Directions in Kharja Studies: Gender, Sexuality and Religion".

-Karla González, “Perspectivas de la Revolución Mexicana en el exilio: el desencanto de los intelectuales en la narrativa mexicoamericana (1926-1935)”

-Juan Carlos López, "Feminine Subjectivity and Discourses of Modernity in the 19th and 20th Centuries in Puerto Rico and Brazil". 

-Jocelly G. Meiners, "Sympathy and Compassion in Spanish and English: Expressing Emotion in the L2".

-José Enrique Navarro, "Global Publishing, Bibliodiversity and Transnational Writing: An Analysis of the Metafictions of Roberto Bolaño and Enrique Vila-Matas". 

-Joseph Pierce, "Writing and Kinship in the Argentine fin de siglo, 1890-1910: La familia Bunge".

-Verónica Ríos, “La compleja tarea de representat héroes costarricenses: la narrativa y la revelación de las aporías del discurso nacional”

-Lorna Torrado, “Urban Dialogues: Rethinking Gender and Race in Contemporary Caribbean Literature and Music”

Fall 2012

-Hye-Yoon Chung, "Two Types of Focus in Castilian Spanish"

-Lydia Huerta, “Affecting Violence: Narratives of Los Feminicidios and Their Ethical and Political Reception"

-Jung Soohyun, "La Nacionalidad en Busca Del Paisaje: Descumbrimiento Del Paisaje Castellano en la Generacion Del 98"

Summer 2012

-Ricardo Gualda, "The Discource of Hugo Chavez In 'Alo Presidente': Establishing the Bolivarian Revolution Through Television Performance"

-Daniel Olson, "Bilingual Language Contexts: Variable Language Switching Costs and Phonetic Production" 

Spring 2012

-Joao Valentino Alfredo, "Imagining Modernity in Antontio de Alcántre Machado's Journalistic Chronicles" 

-Belinda Mora García, "The Aeneid of Brazil: Carmuru (1781)"

-Meredith Gardner Clark, "Warping the World of Weaving the Visual: Textile Aesthetics in the Poetry and the Artwork of Jorge Eduardo Eilson and Cecilia Vicuna"

-Elizabeth García-Guajardo, "The Secularization of the Divine in Fin de Siglo México: Religion and Modernity in Prose Works by Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera, Federico Gamboa, and Amado Nervo"

-Cory Jackson Lyle,"The Co-Emergence od Spanish ass a Second Language and Individual Differences: A Dynamical Systems Theory Perspective"

-Robyn Ingrid,"Rostros del reverse: José Lezama Lima en la encrucijada vanguardista".

-Scott Franklin Spinks, "The Representation of God in Three Thirteenth-Century Spanish Narrative Poems"

-Rebecca Leigh Thompson, "Cusco después de los Zorros: The Legacy of Arguedas in Contemporary Andean Narrative".

-Omar Vargas, "Silogísticas del sobresalto: resonancias científicas en la obra de José Lezama Lima"

-Zambrano, María Alejandra, "Sujetos étnicos e identidad nacional: urdimbre y fracaso del proyecto liberal en Ecuador y Brazil (1865-1926)"

Fall 2011

-María Cavazos,"Trastornos De Genero: Identidad y Fronteras en la Narrativa de Christina Rivera Garza"

-Rocío del Aguila, "Mujer, Nacion e Identidad en la Narrativa de Juana Manuela Gorriti y Clorinda Matto de Turner" 

-Alexandre Lima, "A Condicao Human No Discuro Medico Cientifico da Segunda Metade do Seculo XIX Nas Obras de Alusio Azevedo, Eugenio Cambaceres E Enila Pardo Bazan"

-Karyn Hopper-Rayburn,  "Linguistic Humor Comphrehension In Spanish as a Second Language"

Spring 2011

-Lynn Meierhoffer "Hacia Cervantes. Confluence of the "Byzantine" and the Chivalric Literary Traditions in the Quijote"

-Sadie Nickelson, "The Child's Perspective of War and its Aftermath in Works of Adult Prose and Film in Mexico and Spain"

Fall 2010

-Patxi Lascurain, "Information Structure and Mood Distribution in Spanish Complement Clause" 

-Garret Oleen, "19th Century Plantation Counter-discourses in Juan Francisco Manzano"

Spring 2010

-Michael J. Acuña, "Degree awarded posthumously"
Dr. Madeline Sutherland-Meier

-Sandra Cidrão Alexandrino, "The Role of L1 Influence in the Acquisition of Negative Concord in Adult Second Language Learning"
Dr. Orlando Kelm

-Alanna Mary Breen, "Resistance and Remembrance: 21st Century Spain Reengaging 20th Century Trauma"
Dr. Vance Holloway

-Lori Ann Czerwionka, "Mitigation in Spanish Discourse: Social and Cognitive Motivations, Linguistic Analyses, and Effects on Interaction and Interlocutors"
Dr. Dale Koike

-Jorge Federico García Núñez de Cáceres, "La afectividad como contra-discurso de la poesía comprometida de Daisy Zamora, Otto René Castillo y Roque Dalto"
Dr. Arturo Arias

-Burke Oliver White, "The Brothelization of Gender and Sexuality in Late Twentieth-Century Latin American Narrative and Film"
Dr. Héctor Domínguez Ruvalcaba and Dr. César A. Salgado

Summer 2009

-Stephanie Lain, "Acoustic Correlates of Voice in Two Dialects of Venezuelan Spanish"
Dr. Orlando Kelm

Fall 2009

-María Rebeca Castellanos, "The Foundational Rape Tale in Medieval Iberia"
Dr. Michael Harney

-Gregory Gierhart Helmick, "Archival Dissonance in the Cuban Post-Exile Historical Novel"
Dr. César A. Salgado

-Nicolas Matthew Poppe, "Assembling Place: Buenos Aires in Cultural Production (1920-1935)"
Dr. Nicolas Shumway

Spring 2009

-Emilia Arce, "La institucionalización del rol materno durante gobiernos autoritarios: Respuestas de escritoras argentinas y brasileiras a la construcción patriarcal de género y nación"
Dr. Naomi Lindstrom

-Mario Higa, "No Meio do Caminho: Figurações da Pedra na Moderna Poesia Latino-Americana"
Dr. Ivan Teixeira and Dr. Leo Bernucci

-Filadelfo Martínez-Osorio, "The Poetics of Demonization: The Writings of Juan de Castellanos in the Light of Alonso de Ercilla’s La Araucana"
Dr. James Nicolopulos and Dr. Cory Reed

-Charles P. Patterson, "A Fruitful Bough: The Old Testament Story of Joseph in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature"
Dr. Cory Reed

-Francisco Plata, "La novella de artista: El Kunstlerroman en la literatura española finisecular"
Dr. Lily Litvak and Dr. Enrique Fierro

-Ryan Thomas Schmitz, "Deceit, Disguise, and Identity in Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares"
Dr. Cory Reed

-Médar de la Cruz Serrata, "Epic and Dictatorship in the Dominican Republic: The Struggles of Trujillo’s Intellectuals"
Dr. Jossianna Arroyo Martínez and Dr. César A. Salgado

Fall 2008

-Christine Guedri, "A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Contact of Lebanese Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese in São Paulo"
Dr. Frederick Hensey

-Janie Zackin, "A Jew and His Milieu: Allegory, Polemic, and Jewish Thought in Sem Tob’s Proverbios morales and Ma’aseh ha Rav"
Dr. Matthew Bailey

Summer 2008

-Melissa Murphy, "The Role of Typological Drift in the Development of the Romance Subjunctive: A Study in Word Order Change, Grammaticalization and Synthesis"
Dr. Frederick Hensey and Dr. Brigitte Bauer

-Anna María Nogar, "La monja azul: The Political and Cultural Ramifications of a 17th-Century Mystical Transatlantic Journey"
Dr. César A. Salgado and Dr. José Limón

Spring 2008

-Gloria del Carmen Díaz, "José Lezama Lima’s Paradiso: Knowledge and the Labyrinth"
Dr. César A. Salgado

-María Ángeles Fernández, "Tradición e innovación en las Novelas a Marcia Leonarda de Lope de Vega"
Dr. Stanislav Zimic

-Alfonso Abad Mancheno, "A Study of the Effect of Study Abroad and the Homestay on the Development of Linguistic and Interactional Practices by Spanish L2 Learners"
Dr. Dale A. Koike

-Danny Méndez, "In Zones of Contact (Combat): Dominican Narratives of Migration and Displacements in the United States and Puerto Rico"
Dr. Jossianna Arroyo Martínez

-Erin Hilda Redmond, "Square Pegs: The Political Function of Ambiguous Gender and Sexuality in Three Novels from the Southern Cone"
Dr. Naomi Lindstrom

-Miguel Ángel Santana, "Homometrías: Representaciones de deseo homosexual en la literatura del siglo de oro español"
Dr. Cory A. Reed

-Diego Trelles Paz, "La novela policial alternativa en Hispanoamérica: Detectives perdidos, asesinos ausentes y enigmas sin respuesta"
Dr. Naomi Lindstrom

Fall 2007

-Fernanda V. Bueno, "The Myth of Camila O’Gorman in the Works of Juana Manuela Gorriti, María Luisa Bemberg and Enrique Molina"
Dr. Enrique Fierro

-Amy Denise Schreiber, "The Structural and Thematic Integrity of Diego de San Pedro’s Cárcel de amor"
Dr. Stanislav Zimic

-Federico R. Schweizer, "Cristobal Lozano’s Ideology in Soledades de la vida y desengaños del mundo"
Dr. Stanislav Zimic

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