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Lucía Aramayo

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Richard Ardila

Richard Ardila

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Saint Louis University

Interests: 20th and 21st century Spanish literature, graphic novel, short stories, and cinema

Photo of Irene Arias Quintero

Irene Arias Quintero

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A. in Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of Salamanca

Interests: Language contact, language variation and change, comparative studies between Spanish from Spain and Latin America, Psycholinguistics, Spanish as a second language, bilingualism, and morphology and syntax

Photo of Luis Felipe Avilés González

Luis Felipe Avilés González

Doctoral Candidate / Assistant Instructor |
512-471-4271 |
BEN 5.H34A

Education: M.A., The University of Texas, Austin

Interests: Spanish in the U.S. * Language Variation and Change * Sociophonetics * Spanish as a Heritage Language * Corpus Linguistics

Photo of Mackenzie Bailey

Mackenzie Bailey

Doctoral Student |
BEN 5.H45B

Education: B.A. Spanish/Portuguese & Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Language for Specific Purposes; Community Service Learning; Second Language Acquisition; Applied Linguistics/Language Pedagogy

Photo of Kelsey Bergeson

Kelsey Bergeson

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Middlebury College

Interests: contact linguistics, language variation and change, indigenous languages and bilingualism

Photo of Luke Bishop

Luke Bishop

Graduate student

Education: MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Language attitudes, language ideologies, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, Galician language, Mayan languages, language contact

Teresa Blumenthal

Graduate student

Photo of Laura Marina Boria Gonzalez

Laura Marina Boria Gonzalez

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, contemporary literature and performance art, new materialisms in the arts and culture, body, space and meaning-making, critical studies of race, gender and sexuality

Larissa Bougleux Pena Ribeiro de Carvalho

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Interests: Racial Geographies, Gender Geopolitics, Global South, 19th and 20th century Latin American Cultural Production, Brazilian Studies

Wilfredo José Burgos Matos

Doctoral Candidate

Interests: Caribbean/Dominican music, sound studies, race and blackness, language and diaspora, and Spanish for mental health

Vera P. Estrada Burrows

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., UCLA

Ricardo Castro Agudelo

Doctoral Student

Interests: Narratives of violence. Narrative non-fiction.

Vitor Cerqueira Dassie

Doctoral Student

Interests: Brazilian cinema, Media and Culture studies, popular culture, global media

Photo of Drew Colcher

Drew Colcher

Doctoral Candidate

Interests: Applied sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, Spanish in the U.S., language ideologies

Ellis Davenport

Graduate student

Hans Frex

Doctoral Student

Education: MA, Universidad de Chile

Interests: Decolonialism, Latin American Literature, Indigenous Studies, Critical Border Studies

Ashley Garcia

Doctoral Student

Education: MA, Georgetown University

Interests: Conflict and Memory ♦ Mexican Literature and Culture ♦ Violence and Border Studies ♦ Gender Studies ♦Oral History and Crónica

Photo of Fidel García Reyes

Fidel García Reyes

Graduate student

Education: Master’s in Gender Studies, El Colegio de México

Tania García-Piña

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Víctor Garre-León

Víctor Garre-León

Ph.D. Candidate |
BEN 5.H38a

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Second Language Acquisition, L2 Pragmatics, Interaction and Discourse Studies, Heritage Languages, Computer-Mediated Discourse

Photo of Eduardo Henrique Gorobets Martins

Eduardo Henrique Gorobets Martins

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Universidade de São Paulo

Interests: Colonial Mexico History; Nahuatl Studies; Labor Studies; Mesoamerican Culture; Indigenous Rights

Isabel Ibáñez

Doctoral Student

Education: MFA, New York University

Interests: Religion in popular culture, ultra-right populisms, 21st century Mexican and Colombian Literature and Film, Creative writing

Photo of Rafael Jimenez-Baralt

Rafael Jimenez-Baralt

Doctoral Student

Interests: Language Contact, Bilingualism, Syntax (Minimalist Program) Syntactic variation, Ethnolinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language vitality, endangerment, and revitalization.

Cassandra Knaff

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Anna Lawrence

Doctoral Student

Interests: Sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, bilingualism, languages in contact, language variation and change, and dialectology.

Photo of Thomas Leslie

Thomas Leslie

Doctoral Student |
BEN 5 Desk 51b

Education: M.A., Temple University

Interests: Language variation and change, Sociophonetics, Pidgins and Creoles, Dialectology, Bi-/Multilingualism

Photo of Arisbel Lopez Andraca

Arisbel Lopez Andraca

Doctoral Student

Interests: Studies of the African diaspora, blackness, race and racism, religious processes and segregation in the Caribbean, popular religious practices in public spaces, Cuban religions of African origin, translocal religious families and genealogies, and religious themes in literature and visual arts.

Cristina Maymí González

Doctoral Student

Education: MA in Linguistics, Universidad de Puerto Rico / MA in Lexicography, Universidad de León

Interests: Sociolinguistics, Caribbean Spanish, Language and Dialect Contact, Sociophonetics

Photo of Amalia Merino

Amalia Merino

Ph.D. Candidate |
BEN 5.100

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Bilingualism, Heritage Languages, Language Variation and Change, Code-switching, South Texas/Border Spanish, Spanish in the U.S.

Photo of Ryan B. Morrison

Ryan B. Morrison

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.A., Villanova University

Interests: Interests: African Diaspora in the Americas; Race and Identity in Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil; Counter-narrative and Oral History; Cultural History, Southern Brazil and the Rio de la Plata, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory and Masculinity Studies, Frontier and Border Studies, Cultural Activism

Keturah Nichols

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., University of Alabama

Gabriel Mateo Noriega Ormaza

Doctoral student

Education: BA in Sciences Politiques, MA in Sciences Sociales: "Théories et pratiques du Langage et des Arts", Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

Interests: non-fictional languages, documentary filmmaking, mestizaje, populismos republicanos

Photo of Daniel Nourry

Daniel Nourry

Ph.D. Candidate

Photo of Gabriela O'Connor

Gabriela O'Connor

Doctoral Student

Interests: Spanish linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual advantage, computational linguistics, and cognitive science

Photo of Jermani Ojeda-Ludena

Jermani Ojeda-Ludena

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Interests: Andean cultures, state and community development politics, indigenous politics, indigenous radio and media, indigenous education, Quechua language pedagogy and linguistic revitalization

Photo of Kaitlin Passafiume

Kaitlin Passafiume

Doctoral Student

Education: MA, Auburn University

Interests: 20th & 21st Century Latin American Literature, Latin American revolutionary history, Queer Theory, Sexuality and Gender Identity

Derrek Powell

Doctoral student

Education: BA in Spanish and Dance, MA in Hispanic Linguistics with graduate certificates in College Teaching and Culture, Language and Social Practice, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, University of Colorado at Boulder

Interests: Caribbean Spanish, Identity Performance, Variationist Sociolinguistics (sociophonetics), Usage-based Phonology, Raciolinguistics, Language and Gender, Language Ideologies, Ethnomusicology, Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism and Code-Switching, Language Contact and Change

Photo of Mariana Sabino-Salazar

Mariana Sabino-Salazar

Ph.D. Candidate |
BEN 4.102

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Romani Studies in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, Mexican and Brazilian Visual Culture, Migration Narratives, Stereotypes and Prejudice, Gender and Nationalism, Modern Mexican Cultural History.

Kélyn Salazar

Doctoral Student

Education: MA, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Interests: Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Language Contact, Language Attitudes

Photo of Jessica L. Sánchez Flores

Jessica L. Sánchez Flores

Doctoral Student |
BEN 4.100

Education: MA, Stanford University

Interests: Theatre & Performance, Critical Indigenous Studies, Art and Territory, Critical and Cultural Archive, Gender & Sexuality in 20th-21st century México & the Borderlands.

Photo of Camila Torres Castro

Camila Torres Castro

Ph.D. Candidate

Interests: Film studies; mass media and popular culture; sound studies; Contemporary Mexico

Photo of Yoel Villahermosa

Yoel Villahermosa

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., West Virginia University

Interests: Videogames, graphic novel, TV and film, music, XXI Spanish Literature and Digital Humanities

Photo of Pilar Villanueva-Martínez

Pilar Villanueva-Martínez

Doctoral Student

Interests: Sound Studies; Women's Movements and Feminism; Colonialism and Decolonizing Methodologies; Oral Histories and Traditions; Studies of Violence; Race, Gender and Sexuality

Photo of Piero Visconte

Piero Visconte

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Università del Salento

Interests: Sociolinguistics; Contact linguistics; Afro-Latino Vernaculars of the Americas (ALVAs); Pidgins and Creoles; Caribbean Spanish; Language variation and change; Sociophonetics; Romance Linguistics.

Alexander Voisine

Doctoral Student

Education: MA, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Interests: queer migration, exile and diaspora in the Americas, border studies, feminism and queer theory, 20th and 21st century Mexico, postcolonial and decolonial studies

Photo of Haleigh Wallace

Haleigh Wallace

Doctoral Student

Education: M.A., Middlebury College

Interests: Sociolinguistics, language and gender, feminism and queer theory, and the role of language in forming community- and also in excluding people from community.

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