Department of Spanish and Portuguese

PhD Luso-Brazilian Cultural and Media Studies

Drawing from the expertise of five tenured faculty within the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, dozens of specialists in related fields within the University of Texas at Austin, and one of the world's leading collections of relevant archival resources, a PhD specialization in Luso-Brazilian Cultural and Media studies trains students in a range of areas of vital relevance to global studies and the humanities. 

In addition to providing students with the cultural capital and critical thinking skills crucial to a better understanding of Brazil, Portugal, and Lusophone Africa and Asia, this specialization provides ample opportunities for focused scholarly training in the following areas:    


  • Brazilian film and media studies
  • Luso-Afro-Brazilian literary and cultural studies
  • Brazilian media and performance studies
  • Racialization, blackness, and identities
  • Gender and sexuality in the Lusophone world
  • Brazilian popular music and sound studies
  • Diaspora dynamics, globalization, and migration studies

The entering student must hold a bachelor's degree in a relevant field with demonstrated written and spoken fluency in Portuguese.  In addition, all students must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or another language. This requirement may be fulfilled by exam, previous credit, or additional coursework.


  • Luso-Afro-Brazilian Migrations
  • Brazilian Cultural Theory
  • Brazilian Urban Studies
  • Race and Servitude in Brazil
  • Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian Media and Diasporas
  • Cinema and Sound in Brazil and the Americas


Lorraine Leu

  • Brazilian film
  • Brazilian music
  • Urban geography and social space
  • Racial and ethnic studies
  • Brazilian cultural theories

Sônia Roncador

  • Luso-Afro-Brazilian literatures and cultures
  • Domestic servitude and race in Brazil
  • Theories of Immigration and Imperialism 
  • Trans-Atlantic cultural studies

Jossianna Arroyo-Martínez

  • Latin American and Caribbean studies
  • Luso-Brazilian & Afro-Diasporic literatures & cultures
  • Race, gender & sexuality in colonial & postcolonial societies
  • Media and performance studies
  • Critical race theory

Jason Borge

  • Brazilian and Spanish American film studies
  • Transnational American Studies
  • Popular music and sound studies
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Pan-Americanism
  • Brazilian and Spanish American Jewish writers
  • Prophetic and apocalyptic narrative and poetry in Latin America
  • Gender and feminist theory
  • Poetics of translation of literary texts


Orlando Kelm

Dale Koike


  • University teaching and research
  • Library science and information technology
  • Journalism, the Internet and new media
  • International development and management
  • International relations and foreign service
  • International business and marketing
  • Performance and entertainment industries


  • Boston University
  • Howard University
  • University of Oregon
  • Roger Williams University
  • Middlebury College



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