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Jesse L Abing

PhD Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Syntax, Semantics, Grammaticalization, Language Variation, Language Change

Photo of Ana Almar-Liante

Ana Almar-Liante

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, Portland State University

Interests: 20th & 21st century Spain, Literature, Cultural studies, Gender and Sexuality, Feminism and Queer theory, Regionalisms and Popular culture

Lucía Aramayo

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Alicia Assini

Assistant Instructor

Luis F. Avilés González

Assistant Instructor

Interests: Indigenous Languages; Language Revitalization; Phonetics and Phonology.

Laura Boria Gonzalez

Assistant Instructor |
BEN 4.100 23a

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Caribbean literatures, cultural memory, digital cultures, virtual communities, diasporas

Wilfredo Burgos Matos

Mentoring Fellow

Interests: Caribbean music, gender and sexualities, masculinities, ethnography, sound studies, space and identity, voice studies, performance studies.

Photo of Kaitlin Burns

Kaitlin Burns

Graduate student

Education: MA, Auburn University

Interests: 20th & 21st Century Latin American Literature, Latin American revolutionary history, Queer Theory, Sexuality and Gender Identity

Vera Burrows

Assistant Instructor

Photo of Ana Cecilia Calle Poveda

Ana Cecilia Calle Poveda

PhD Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Sound Studies, Popular Music, Mass Media and Culture, Digital Humanities, Visual Culture, Recording History, Contemporary Poetry, African and African Diaspora Studies, Southern Cone Literatures, Andean Literatures

Photo of Salvatore Callesano

Salvatore Callesano

Teaching Assistant |
BEN 4.102

Interests: language in U.S. Latin@ communities, sociolinguistics, language perception/attitudes, social psychology of language, language contact, bilingualism and immigration

Jose Ignacio Carvajal Regidor

PhD Candidate

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Ricardo Castro Agudelo

Assistant Instructor

Interests: Narratives of violence. Narrative non-fiction.

Debbie Cifuentes Ramirez

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Central American Literature, Migration Narrative, US Latinx Studies, Transgenerational Trauma

Aris Clemons

Graduate student

Christian Elguera

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Ashley Garcia

Graduate student

Education: MA, Georgetown University

Interests: Conflict and Memory ♦ Mexican Literature and Culture ♦ Violence and Border Studies ♦ Gender Studies ♦Oral History and Crónica

Tania García-Piña

Teaching Assistant

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Christian J Greaser

PhD Candidate

Education: MA, University of Wyoming

Interests: language attitudes and ideologies, language contact, political discourse, border relations

Rafael Jimenez-Baralt

Assistant Instructor

Interests: Language Contact, Bilingualism, Syntax (Minimalist Program) Syntactic variation, Ethnolinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language vitality, endangerment, and revitalization.

Min Suk Kim

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, Kyung Hee University

Interests: Latin American Studies, Cultural Studies, New Orientalism, East Asian identity change, Popular culture, globalization, cultural exchange, post colonialism

Cassandra Knaff

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Anna Lawrence

Graduate student

Interests: Sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, bilingualism, languages in contact, language variation and change, and dialectology.

Patrick Lawrence

Assistant Instructor

Education: MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Thomas Leslie

Thomas Leslie

Assistant Instructor |
BEN 4.102 Desk 17b

Education: M.A., Temple University

Interests: Language variation and change, Sociophonetics, Pidgins and Creoles, Dialectology, Bi-/Multilingualism

Andreana Marchi

Assistant Instructor

Amalia Merino

Graduate student

Interests: Psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, second language acquisition, heritage language

Photo of Ryan Morrison

Ryan Morrison

Graduate student

Education: MA., Villanova University

Interests: Interests: African Diaspora in the Americas; Race and Identity in Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil; Counter-narrative and Oral History; Cultural History

Photo of Sarah Nicholus

Sarah Nicholus

PhD Candidate

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Latin American/Luso-Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies; Gender and Sexuality/LGBTQ Studies; Intersectional Feminism/Queer Theory; Film, Media and Popular Culture; LGBTQ Culture in Contemporary Brazil; Northeastern Brazilian Cultural Studies; Digital Humanities

Daniel Nourry

Assistant Instructor

Alida Perrine

Assistant Instructor

Lauren Peña

Assistant Instructor

Photo of Gabriela Pérez

Gabriela Pérez

Graduate student

Education: MA, Florida State University

Interests: U.S. Latin@ literature, Caribbean literature, queer studies, diaspora studies, contemporary literature

Natalie Rangel

Teaching Assistant

Interests: Sociolinguistics, Language attitudes, Bilingualism, Code-switching, Translation, South Texas/Border Spanish

Adrian R Riccelli

Assistant Instructor |
BEN 4.102; Desk D9b

Education: MA, University of Florida

Interests: Language Contact, Syllable Theory, Sonority, Syntax, Creole Languages, Spanish in the US

Ruth Rubio Rodriguez

Assistant Instructor |
5th Floor Cubicle H42B

Interests: Latin American Literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, Diaspora Chilean Literature, Nostalgia in Post-Dictatorship Latin America, Post-nationalist ideology, Gender and Sexuality, and Queer Theory.

Photo of Jessica Sanchez Flores

Jessica Sanchez Flores

Graduate student |
BEN 4.100

Education: MA, Stanford University

Interests: 0th & 21st centuries Mexico, Indigenous Literatures, Oral Tradition, Race, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Daniela MacGregor Sevilla

PhD Candidate

Interests: 20th Century Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, Intellectuals and Society, Mexico's Public Education Policy and National Culture

Shelly McCraw Smartt

PhD Candidate |

Education: MA, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Interests: Contemporary Peninsular Literature, Historical Novel, Women's and Gender Studies

Photo of Camila Torres Castro

Camila Torres Castro

Teaching Assistant

Interests: Film studies; mass media and popular culture; sound studies; Contemporary Mexico

Pilar Villanueva

Teaching Assistant

Interests: Indigenous Oral and Written Production; Indigenous Women's Narratives; Decolonizing Feminism; Geopolitics & Identities; Indigenous Struggles in Latin America; Mestizaje, Race & Gender.

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