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Commonly Asked:

What are cross-listed courses?
All courses have a home department. When professors believe the subject matter of their courses should not be limited to their own department, the course can be cross-listed with other departments. The most common department for cross listing in Spanish and Portuguese is Latin American Studies (LAS). A cross-listed course will only count once towards your degree, regardless of which department you take it under.

Where can I get information language placement exams?
Contact UT Testing and Evaluation Services 

Can I audit a course?
No. The department does not allow auditors in Spanish or Portuguese language classes. The only exception is made for UT faculty who must register as an official auditor.

Can I take a course Pass/Fail?
Any Spanish or Portuguese class taken on a pass/fail basis WILL NOT serve as the preprequiste for future langauge courses. Language course must be taken for a letter grade in order to move on to more advanced language courework.  In lower-division langauge courses, a letter grade of C or higher is required to advance on to the next level.

I want to study in Spain, Latin America, or Brazil. Where can I get information on schools and/or financial aid
The Department offers several summer study abroad opportunities. You can meet with the Department Academic Advisors or visit the Education Abroad website.

Do I have to meet the prerequisite before registering for a class?
Our department enforces prerequisites as listed by the course schedule.  The registration system will prevent you from registering for a Spanish or Portuguese class if you have not met, or are not currently enrolled in (at UT) the required prerequisites.  You must have proof of the completed prerequisites (unofficial transcript or grade report) and you must have ordered an official transcript to be sent to UT before we can waive the prerequisite.
I don’t meet the prerequisite. Can I get the instructor’s permission to take the class?
No. Prerequisites are enforced across the board in all of our Spanish and Portuguese courses and an instructor cannot waive them.

Which variety of Portuguese is taught at UT Austin?
Brazilian Portuguese.

What is the difference between POR 601D and POR 610S?
POR 601D is a beginners’ course designed for non-Spanish speakers, while POR 610S is a beginners’ course designed for students who already speak Spanish. POR 610S is an accelerated course and corresponds to both POR 601D + POR 610D combined.

How do I know if POR 610S is appropriate for me?
This course is designed for beginning-level students or students who have never studied Portuguese, and who are either heritage speakers of Portuguese OR fluent Spanish speakers (if you grew up speaking Spanish or can communicate fluently in Spanish). If you have any questions regarding placement, please contact our advisors.

Does the department offer Portuguese classes in the summer?
Portuguese language courses are currently not offered during the summer.

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